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September 11, 2019
Next in line......... from Exuberant Color

Yesterday morning I helped a friend with several projects and then we went to lunch.  I spent the afternoon deep cleaning my living room.  The dining room will be today's project.  Last night I chose 3 more fabrics to cut for my solids with prints series of quilts.  This is the first line of Charley Harper fabrics.  I have another line which is sea creatures and the prints are smaller so they will probably be the next group to cut.
This beautiful cluster of 6 tomatoes ripened on the vine without a squirrel having one bite.  Amazing!  I think ...

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September 8, 2019
Sew-in Fun! from Heart Desire Creations

Last week I had the good fortune to spend four days in South Carolina with a group of talented and fun quilters! Everyone brought their own projects and worked away all day and into the night. Mostly we had hot sunny days and were able to enjoy the outdoor pool.


These hat pin cushions were made and gifted to each of us by Judy. I absolutely love mine and am so thankful for her thoughtfulness and efforts.


Here’s Laurie with her very impressive bin full of 1 1/2″ solid scraps.¬† She’s turning them into the now popular ...

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August 17, 2019
Fabric therapy................. from Exuberant Color

This is the season where Kaffe just recolored some of his older prints but Philip and Brandon came out with some new designs.  The 2 black and white are Brandon's and the one on the right is called onion rings.  These designs are huge!
Philip Jacobs Geodes and Brandon Mably onion rings.

These are Cactus Flower by Philip Jacobs and I think it is 2 new colors of an older print.

I got some small pieces of Kaffe's recoloring of Spot and paper fans.

And here is the second Zinnia to bloom.

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It's officially finished!! lots of photos from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

I said to myself - I'm not posting again until Danielle's quilt is finished because you would all be sick of getting updates showing so little progress.  Well, it is done and dusted and as I type it is winging its way up to Danielle in Te Awamutu.  Our youngest son and his family are going up to visit his siblings up that way, so he is loaded down with the quilt and five beanies for delivery!!!

I'm sure most of you think I have fallen off the planet as I didn't realise it had been quite ...

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August 11, 2019
Miscellany.......... from Exuberant Color

This is the die that I was trying out to figure out where the error is.  It is the very first die I bought 10 years ago when I bought my Accuquilt Studio die cutter.  I made a flannel quilt with this die about 5 or 6 years ago and I thought there might be an error in the size of one of the pieces.  When I made this block about a week ago I thought it was the triangle (too small) but now I think it might be the square corners (too big).  I'll have to do another ...

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August 9, 2019
First finish for August 2019.........and more.......... from Exuberant Color

I finished the binding before noon yesterday and then went to the basement for the photo shoot.  This quilt is 44" x 68".  I used a pattern "Keep Out" by Maple Island but I made changes to the border

I mentioned a couple days ago that the backing was 57" wide so I could use as is without piecing.  The backing fabric is a little heavier and stiffer than usual so this one needs to be washed right away to see if it will soften.

Here is another WIP that I need to finish.  I didn't have enough of ...

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August 5, 2019
Thrifting Fabric from Needle and Foot

About a week ago, our local guild sent out an email to members stating a seamstress in town was retiring and having a sale. She wanted to clear out her fabric and supplies as she planned to downsize to a smaller home. I am sure you knew I would be sure to go check it out. The woman was both a garment maker as well as a quilter. Her shop was large and there was tons and tons of fabric.

By the time I got there much of the quilt fabric had been sold. But I was not really interested ...

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July 29, 2019
getting stitchy . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Last week was a lovely, stitchy week!  On Sunday I remembered the sets of embroidery stencils I got while my shoulder was out of service for National Quilting Day (see that post here).  I pulled them all out and picked one that looked like fun to stitch . . .
I worked on it Sunday and finished it up on Tuesday. Todd and I drove six hours, round trip, for a work conference.  Well, he drove and I stitched!
I adore how this turned out!  I will finish it up this week and gift it later.  :)

I didn't skip Monday ... I road-tripped ...

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July 17, 2019
Fun with fabric........... from Exuberant Color

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day so last night I just took 2 stacks of fabrics off the shelves and sorted through them and re-stacked them in a different order.  This is one of my favorite cute prints.  You can see the date on the selvage, 22 years old.  I still remember the day I bought it.
This one is 19 years old and by Kona Bay fabrics.  The leaves are quite large and I haven't used any of this piece yet.

Then 14 years later (5 years ago) they came out with a very similar ...

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July 6, 2019
Pressing mat............ from Exuberant Color

I have seen these wool pressing mats all over the internet and wanted one but they are so expensive.  I finally decided to get a small one for my main floor studio since I'm usually just pressing small seams there.  This one is 8.5" square and if I have a seam longer than that I can press it on the diagonal of the mat.
Since my little blocks are 8 squares across the blocks measure 8.5" so it is perfect for pressing this.  Half of a block fits on the mat, press and swing it around and ...

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July 2, 2019
Let it go................... from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

An interesting thing happened a couple of weeks ago. I was trolling the internet.

I know - that isn't interesting at all. I do it every day, many times a day. However, I found something interesting. We have all given quilts away - right? And some of us have found that the recipient has kept the quilt in plastic in the closet - the excuse is that the quilt is too precious to be used. You may have found the quilt being used as a dog bed. Well, better a dog bed than in the closet. Let's just hope that it ...

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June 29, 2019
SHEEP ARE JUMPING from The Proficient Needle

Before I stopped working last night, I played with the layout of the sheep quilt.

Please excuse the lighting...... My design wall is in a narrow hallway, next to the stairs, and it has an overhead light that causes glare!  Once I get it stitched together, I'll have to hunt in my stash for border fabric.  I have a cute pink flannel for the back with more sheep!

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June 20, 2019
A New Basket Project and The Fabric Stash from Quilty Folk

Perusing all of the previously made basket quilts made me think a lot about the obvious, making basket quilts.  And I started wondering. Why haven't I ever made the 'Patchwork Garden' quilt? It's a pattern that I absolutely drooled over and finally relented and bought the pattern many, many years ago. Jan Patek is that good. Her patterns can resonate for years!

A new project
I think there was too many cuts of fabric that needed 22" length or something? and I normally tend to buy fat quarters. Plus, making from pattern directions has not ever been my ...

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June 16, 2019
Stash Additions from Stitchin at Home

I'm working on a couple projects that I can't show you. But that didn't stop me from adding to my stash, this after I was going to try and use more of my stash. Temptation. All I can say is I caved.

First up from Quilt Junction in Waterford. They were having a 40% off sale of batiks.

Northcott batiks, the back piece is 3 meters

Next up four one yard pieces at $9 a yard. I just couldn't resist. These are from Caroline Quilts, she was a vendor at my guild's quilt show last ...

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June 12, 2019
The Mermaid from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 3

This is going to be so many parts. I'm still working through my collection of batik fabrics. I didn't expect the hair to read as red as it does in this image but I really like it.
Building up the layers from the bottom.
I finished up the hair. 
I don't know if I would have picked these fabrics at the fabric store, but when you shop your collection of fabric you make do. 
The applique is finished. Next up will be the quilting. I'm going to let her hang so I can think ...

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June 5, 2019
Not So Deep Thoughts from 120 Blocks

Here it is Wednesday, and I just have a couple of thoughts. Not Deep Thoughts, mind you. Just thoughts. I’m starting to feel the itch to start a project. Given that I’ve been finishing some projects, maybe it is about … Continue reading

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June 4, 2019
An inspiring blog to visit........... from Exuberant Color

Have you ever visitied Lynn Dykstra's blog Klein Meisje Quilts?  I love the series of quilts she has been making for several years.  If you go to her label list and click on solids on prints series you will find a large group of quilts made with print and solid in every block.  She generously shares the cutting and sewing directions for all of them.  This one is called framed 9 patch and is from Dec. 2016.  I have never seen a 9 patch I didn't like but I REALLY like this one.  I think the reason I ...

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June 3, 2019
The Mermaid from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 2

It's been a month since I first shared this project with you. You can read the May 1st post here. I finally decided it was time trace the design onto my background fabric and start gluing pieces in place. I use Elmer's Liquid School Glue to attache the applique pieces. Full list of supplies at the bottom of the post. 
I wanted to break up the tail into several sections and work through several colors. 
Here is the tail cut and laid out before gluing. 
I would pick the one pieces I wanted to be in ...

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May 31, 2019
no decision yet.......... from Exuberant Color

Thanks to all who voiced an opinion about border choices for my quilt yesterday.  That was fun!  I had the crazy idea last night to try that tiny triangle print as a first border with the grape fabric.  Interesting!  My 2 friends are coming over to sew  today so we will have some discussion about the choices and hopefully I will get the borders sewn on for another finished quilt top for May.

I planted my porch pots yesterday morning (photos in a couple days) and went with my granddaughter to her wedding dress fitting yesterday afternoon.  It was a ...

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May 30, 2019
border auditions..................... from Exuberant Color

I was busy with lots of things yesterday so it was late before I tried a few more fabrics for borders for this small quilt.  The reason for bordering is to make it big enough for an adult small throw quilt.

Photo one - three choices

Photo 2 - 2 new choices, one the same as in photo 1.

Photo 3, narrow border added before grape fabric plus 2 new choices.

Any opinons?

The little white star flowers are everywhere in the back garden.  When they are done the grass (leaves) will die back.  It is a real pain to dig out ...

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