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April 20, 2024
First Quarter Check-in from Quilting & Learning

Hi, I was catching up on my blog reading when I found Yvonne's Quilting Jetgirl's First Quarter Check in party and post. It's been such a whirlwind of activity here that I thought that it would be nice to actually see what I said that I would do, and what actually happened so far! Thanks Yvonne!

January to March 2024


In my Quilts section, I got distracted and chased a squirrel! I ended up not participating in this year's SAHRR (Stay At Home Round Robin) but instead signed up for Joanne's at Canuck Quilting ...

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April 9, 2024
March Table Scraps Challenge finish and April's OMG from Quilting & Learning

Hi and welcome

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March 24, 2024
Scrappy Play on Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

February 6, 2024
Green Improv Placemat for the January Table Scraps Challenge from Quilting & Learning

Allô and welcome

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January 22, 2024
Confused on Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to week 565 of Free Motion Mavericks. I managed to totally forget about having to post last night or even this morning! I hope that you got to see my Project Quilting 15.1 - Bird House. If not, you can check it out in Related links below.

Playing with scraps

Last week I played with green scraps. I managed to piece together a green placemat for hubby. I think that it'll look good! This is for the Table Scraps Challenge, hosted by the Joyful Quilter. It's only due at the end of the month so that's ...

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October 2, 2023
A Scrappy Improv Runner Reveal at Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to week 449 of Free Motion Mavericks. Today is the reveal of the happy, scrappy improv runner that I made for my brother. It was a lovely party and he really liked his new runner.

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July 7, 2023
Little Library and Table Scraps Challenges from Quilting & Learning

Hi! June was almost over when I started this post and it's now over! I'm not sure where the time goes

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February 25, 2023
SAHRR, a lap quilt and an extended Free Motion Mavericks party from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to week 421 of Free Motion Mavericks. I have a lot to share and the linking party will be on for three weeks while I'm on a travelling adventure.

Square within a Square for SAHRR

This week's instructions for the Stay at Home Round Robbin (SAHRR) is a square within a square block, recommended by Emily at The Darling Dagwood. She will be appliquéing flowers in the middle square, but I wanted to keep it fast and easy. A quick search bought me to 10 Ways to Make a Square-in-a-square block (see Related links below). I followed ...

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September 17, 2022
Blue Wonky Star Mat from Quilting & Learning

I had originally planned to just read today but then I went down the rabbit hole of quilting blogs

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June 3, 2022
May's Table Scraps potholders from Quilting & Learning

I made several scrappy potholders for the May Table Scraps Challenge. The colours were hunter green and sage and the theme was squares.

Finding the perfect pattern

On Mondays, I usually link up my latest post to Beth's Monday Making linking party. Last week, I fell in love with her Chevron Potholders. I watched her video and then decided that I would make a couple of them in green. 

These are my first two. There is lots of green in them, and some of those greens are sage or forest

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March 29, 2022
A little yellow and floral runner from Quilting & Learning

No matter how busy I get, I love to do something unexpected and fun. This week I made a runner for The Joyful Quilter's March TABLE SCRAPS Challenge. The themes were yellow/gold and floral. It was good to play with simple blocks and a thrill to free motion quilt (FMQ) it.

TABLE SCRAPS challenge

As you may know, I try not to get too involved in challenges because I have so much going on....but every once in a while, I let go of that guideline and go for it. Also, since I didn't tell anyone that ...

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January 8, 2022
Mabern from Sew Preeti Quilts

Happy New Year to you! Hope you are staying warm, safe and sane.  Hey, two out of three ain't bad :-D

Looks beautiful, feels horrible

I have a new finish!

First finish of 2022.

Meet my first finish of 2022 - Mabern, a combination of Mari and Bernie :-) 

Paul, the model

Mermaids Backing

Sunny Day

Mabern is so named because all the background fabric came from Mari and several of the focus fabrics came from Bernie.  Mabern finished at 40" by 48".
I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 

Walking Foot ...

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December 28, 2021
A Quiet Christmas from Needle and Foot

Happy Holidays everyone! For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope the day was lovely. I think this is probably the smallest gathering we have had for Christmas but you know what? It was great. Julia, Ray and I were together and we enjoyed it very much.

Knowing it was supposed to snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we invited my parents over for cookies and coffee on the 23rd. Mom and Dad live at a higher elevation than us and thus get quite a bit of snow. Once it snows, their part of the highway is often impassable. They ...

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December 17, 2021
Community Service Quilt Finish from Needle and Foot

As I mentioned the other day, I came across a quilt top from my guild’s Community Service team. Nothing like an impending move to get me going on this top. It took no time at all to get it basted and stippled.

Colorful Chaos!

This scrappy quilt is one crazy flurry of color. Most of the prints are from the 1980’s and 1990’s as far as I can tell. Lots and lots of novelty fabrics were used. The person who pieced it alternated rows of seven inch squares with rows of 3 1/2″ squares and rectangles ...

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December 15, 2021
It is Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas from Needle and Foot

It snowed this week!! Years ago, it seemed like we got a snowfall every year. The kids would get the day off of school and it was a treat for all of us. With climate change, we rarely see snow. But this week we got about two inches and it was wonderful. Prior to this we got rain, a lot of rain. Living with drought and fires like we do, nothing is better than rain. Anyway, we are enjoying this wintry weather up here in Northern California.

Taken after the snow started to melt off, this is a peek at ...

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September 30, 2021
WIPs Be Gone 2021 from Needle and Foot

I am in good company as I join in with Leanne at Devoted Quilter for the 100 Day Challenge, WIPs Be Gone 2021. Her thought was we should all gather together and use the last 100 days of 2021 to finish up some projects that have been languishing for whatever reason. I have plenty of these so it makes perfect sense to use this as a way to get some momentum going. Technically this challenge started on September 23rd but I am just now writing a post about it.

This is my list of unfinished items I will try to ...

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June 25, 2021
Shipping Orders, Sewing, and Cute Kid Pics from Needle and Foot

Hello there! Life is still quite busy here. The fabric sale continues and customers are keeping me busy. I am happy to say the stack of empty bolts is still growing and the shelves of bolted fabric are shrinking. Thank you all for supporting me as I clear out the shop in anticipation of closing it.

In between shipping orders, we have had a lot going on. I haven’t been able to get a ton of quilting done but I do get to the machine now and then.

I am working on my blocks for the Positivity QAL. The ...

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May 28, 2021
Coin Quilt Finish from Needle and Foot

Today I want to share the finish of this pretty coin quilt. This quilt started out on a whim one day a couple of months ago. I was cleaning my sewing room and attacked a pile of scraps, cutting them into rectangles measuring 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″. I decided to concentrate on specific colors and then use the rectangles at a later date for a coin quilt. Green, yellow, pink and blue were the colors I selected.

Yes, the quilt has a bit of an Easter egg vibe but who doesn’t love Easter eggs? I chose ...

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April 30, 2021
Rainbow Scrap Updates and a Panel Challenge from Needle and Foot

It is the end of the month and I scrambled to get a few things done for April. Seems the April came to a close much sooner than it was supposed to as I wasn’t really ready.

Yesterday was a housecleaning day. The obscure chores just get pushed back until finally the oven stinks whenever it is heating up and there is no choice but to clean it. That was not a fun chore but it is done and the oven is all ready to go again! I also had to give some of my houseplants a bath. The ...

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April 9, 2021
Coin Quilt is a Flimsy from Needle and Foot

I think this is the first coin quilt I have made and I love it. It is simple, pretty, and has lovely color. This project consumed a nice pile of scraps, most of which were given to me by my sister.

In January I spent some time cutting pink, green, blue and yellow scraps into strips measuring 2 1/2″ x 5″. Then I made myself put them away and finish a few other projects before playing with these. When I was ready to sew the coin quilt, it was great to just pull the bag of strips off the ...

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