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November 19, 2021
Triple Play! Pieced Sashing from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Pieced Sashing Triple Play with Natalie, Jenny, and Misty.

It started like any other Triple Play tutorial.

Jenny, Misty, and Natalie were each asked to design a quilt with pieced sashing. Simple, right?

Natalie’s Pieced Sashing

Pieced Sashing Triple Play with Natalie, Jenny, and Misty.

Natalie created a cute arrow sashing with strip sets and hourglass blocks.

Misty’s Pieced Sashing

Pieced Sashing Triple Play with Natalie, Jenny, and Misty.

Misty used a traditional Seminole technique to sash her quilt with diamonds. And then, there was Jenny. (Oh, Jenny!)

Jenny’s Pieced Sashing

Pieced Sashing Triple Play with Natalie, Jenny, and Misty.

First, Jenny stitched stacks and stacks (and STACKS!) of half-square triangles. Then the sashing began. 

She made pinwheel, chevron, and herringbone sashing. She made flying geese, square-in-a-square, and sawtooth. And then…she kept ...

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November 11, 2021
It’s Time for Sashing! from QUilting By-You

I bet you thought that we forgot about our ever-so-patiently-waiting Jacob’s Ladder blocks. It is time to do something with them!

When last we left them we had our 3 trouble maker blocks flagged so we knew what we were dealing with. Now is the time to make the decisions for what to do with these blocks. The end goal for this quilt is to have a bit of a sampler at the shop to showcase some different quilting ideas to show customers when talking about how to quilt their quilt (either by us or by them). With 15 ...

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October 25, 2021
Ann’s Album 73, 74 from Virtual Quilter

Pretty and interesting!

Love the second one!

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July 8, 2021
one monthly goal from Making A Lather

 I am a little late setting my goals for July. 

I really want to keep sewing my sea swept sashing blocks - I hope to finish them this month.

I am sneaking in one of my ufo quilts - Aunt Eliza's star -- on to the longarm. I really want to get it quilted this month.

I haven't been spending much time sewing lately. I need to make a list of the next steps needed on my works in progress, and then, I won't just stare at the mess and not know what to do. A list is much more ...

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June 28, 2021
progress from Making A Lather

This seems like a small accomplishment for my sea swept quilt, but, I have made a decision to cut new blocks for the sashings and trim down to the right size. These 2 blocks were made using the exact measurements. They are not bad but a little small. I need 56 of these blocks for the quilt I am making.

Our guild had an open sew and charity quilt workshop Saturday. I took my accuquilt and tumbler die for cutting through donation fabrics. Somehow my die was broken and we had to suspend the cutting. sigh... I've never had ...

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March 19, 2021
Super Sashing OP 20, 21, 22 from Virtual Quilter

Who needs fancy blocks when you have fancy sashing?

Well a few fancy blocks helps fill some of the spaces in a design.

Some of the sashing in the last design for today is pretty simple, but the red one more than makes up for the simple black lines.

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February 22, 2021
The Block Trade Blocks Part 2! from QUilting By-You

Here are the blocks in a layout!

Here they are again, the Jacob’s Ladder blocks.

They are arranged a little differently than last week. I tried to mix them up a little bit making the brights a little more interspersed with the reproduction fabrics. It feels a little more balanced than it did before. I also opted to have them all facing the same direction. Since there will be some sashing separating the blocks, they won’t be able to form any kind of secondary design so it felt like it would be distracting if they were turned different ...

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February 6, 2021
Virtual Challenge for February 2021 from Virtual Quilter

Welcome to this months challenge, which is about using sashing not just to frame each and every block, but to be a big part of the overall design of a quilt.

Open a new project file, select a straight setting of 5 x 5 12inch blocks with a 1 inch sashing.

Add a strong contrast colour to the sashing squares, and the light background colour to the rest.

Select a mixture of blocks and start designing. Use a light background fabric in all the blocks, pieced or applique.

When you have a design you like,  recolour some of the sashing ...

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January 21, 2021
It's Elementary Quilt from Quiltnotes All Blogs

I finished this quilt top today. The fabrics are from the It's Elementary collection by American Jane for Moda Fabrics.

It uses this It's Elementary ABC Panel.

I cut out each picture 1/4" from the outer edge of the frame, shown in green here.

Next I took strips from the It's Elementary Honey Bun and framed each picture. First on the sides...

Then on the top and bottom.

A Honey Bun is like a Jelly Roll only the strips are 1-1/2" wide x WOF. 

There are 26 ...

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October 29, 2020
Kaffe Fassett Nine-Patch from TheEclecticAbuela

 I know someone who loves lavender!

Kaffe Fassett Nine-Patch 98" x 98"

Kaffe Fassett Nine-Patch (detail)

Kaffe Fassett Nine-Patch (back and binding detail)

I combined lavender and purple with a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll (and a little extra from a KF layer cake) to make this quilt. Setting the blocks on point with sashings and cornerstones gives it a look different than the standard nine-patch.

I had never used a jelly roll (2.5" x WoF) before. I liked the variety of fabrics; the roll was cut accurately (without pinking!); and the fabric was excellent quality and very soft. That ...

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September 21, 2020
And Another! from TheEclecticAbuela

 This is another quilt I made with the scrap QST blocks.

QST Quilt--78" x 78"

QST Quilt (backing and binding detail)

You can see the previous quilt I made with these blocks HERE.

I used a straight setting, neutral sashing, and charcoal grey cornerstones with this one (the first one was on-point).

Sometimes, simple blocks are the best.

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July 11, 2020
Stars of Solace from Sew Preeti Quilts

Audition Block

Ready to Piece

Just Playing with HSTs

Mom was exasperated.
Can I have just one room that is clean and uncluttered?  One room where I can seat a guest?
Is that too much to ask?

Design Wall

Two Rows = Half Done

Yay for the Flimsy!!!

Mom is an early riser and by early afternoon she needs a nap. If mom was taking a nap in the bedroom, we girls would take our toys in the drawing room and play as quietly as possible. And although we kept the noise level to a minimum the clutter and the mess ...

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June 8, 2020
old world mystery progress from Making A Lather

I needed to make the sashing units for the old world mystery quilt from quilted twins, before I could start sewing blocks together. I needed another batch of 1 1/2 inch strip sets, sub cut into 1 1/2 inch strips. We made half in a previous clue. 

After combining the pieced parts and the solid piece, We had made sashings for the quilt. With all the fiddly pieces, I was worried it would not turn out as well as it did. And, I like it. What a fun way to have a sashing. I have found this mystery ...

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June 3, 2020
more 9 patch from Making A Lather

And then, there were more. I enjoy working on these in the evening while we are watching Tv.

I talked about racing my daughter using 2 1/2 inch strips here. I think I am still ahead of her. But, neither of us is tipping our hand. I decided to throw a few red into the mix. It seems to go quickly when each set makes 2 blocks. I think I am aiming for 42 blocks for a 6 x 7 layout. That would be the equivalent of 63 jelly roll strips. I think Katie let slip, she is using ...

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May 13, 2020
shirt rows from Making A Lather

I started putting all the pieces and parts together for Show off quilt, and, it went very quickly. I have all the rows together. This pattern calls for 9 1/2 inch squares, and is designed by the the quilted twins. They have a large selection of free patterns. I have a large stash of recycled shirt fabric, and I keep it separate, so, it grows. It is time to use it.

When I started, I was in no hurry, making the smaller pieces first. But, the blocks are big and it goes together quickly. It isn't even ...

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May 7, 2020
shirt sashing from Making A Lather

I need to make quilts using my large stash of recycled shirt fabrics. I am doing the old country mystery quilt through the quilted twins. They have a large selection of free patterns. I picked one, and have been cutting and sewing in preparation of making it. It takes a bit more time to work with shirts, even if the shirt has been cut for use.
There are fiddley parts of the shirt that are not even or long, but, still, have useable cotton fabric. I tend to try and use those pieces first. This pattern calls for 9 1 ...

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March 11, 2020
Quilt Sashing with Cornerstones from From My Carolina Home

These nine patch star blocks were started last October at an overnight retreat, and then I set them aside for completion later.  I had managed to get the stars mostly done, but had to bring them home to complete them as I didn’t have the corner white squares with me.  I made 20 stars in all with nine-patch centers using a jelly roll in patriotic colors.

Day Retreat at From My Carolina Home

At the end of February, our local group held its bi-annual quilt retreat, where we can leave our machines for three days, but we sleep at home. Due to travel, I could only ...

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February 21, 2020
Super Sashing OP 18, 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

Some intricate piecing in the sashing, but I think if the pieces were given straight seams it would still work … and certainly provide some very interesting designs.

There is also plenty of spaces where pieced or applique blocks would usually be for some interesting quilting to be showcased. Even very simple sashing can create an interesting design.

Sashing squares can be much more elaborate when most of the blocks are empty spaces and the sahing in relatively simple.

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February 18, 2020
Returning to the Shadows from Fret Not Yourself

"Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things; you simply must do things."
~Ray Bradbury

While I disagree with Ray's statement as far as thinking goes, the last sentence is a reminder that was even echoed by Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try." We see that in our own lives as the things we 'do not' pile around us physically or mentally. Hopefully we tackle some of them each day. Speaking of which...

Who remembers the Shadow Star blocks? Who ...

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February 6, 2020
Sashing, Now you see it, Now you don't 1, 2 from Virtual Quilter

While working on quilt designs I often recolour sashing, but sometimes miss some pieces. One day I liked the way the sashing was sometimes the same colour of the background of the blocks, and so invisible unless you could see the seam lines, with other parts of the sashing in a contrast colour defining areas of the design. I decided to try doing designs with the intent of ‘losing’ some of the sashing by making it the same fabric as the block background.

Once again, making mistakes has lead to a new series of designs … or a new toy in ...

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