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March 18, 2019
tiny tuesday from Making A Lather

Hooray, at least until tomorrow, I am caught up with the tiny Tuesday blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. The delay was mostly fear of applique with the melon. It wasn't so bad. Perhaps by the end of this sampler, I won't think twice about it.

We had a dose of spring yesterday

It is so pretty, especially since we know Spring always comes.

I am linking to:

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March 10, 2019
Never Ending Sampler Panel 5 Band 3 from Kitty and Me Designs

Today I have Band 3 of Panel 5 of The Never Ending Sampler:

This is an easy border worked with cross stitch, backstitch and some French Knots.

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March 5, 2019
Samplers Full of Stars from Quilted Joy

I’m always talking about shapes in quilts. Whether it’s circles, rectangles, or triangles. Any art student will tell you that any design or picture is essentially made of these basic shapes. But a standard composite shape that many quilts are made of is the star. Now when I say a star, there are lots of different stars that can be made for a quilt. Some of them even have names like a friendship star, Ohio star, or a Sawtooth star. The variety is what makes them amazing. You can fill samplers of all sizes with stars.

Donna’s ...

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February 28, 2019
Sampling Christmas Blocks from Bits From The Scrap Basket

I think making my Mrs Claus aprons at Christmas really lit my fire for Christmas blocks.

I've been seeing blocks that I'm itching to replicate - that's part of the challenge, isn't it? Seeing an image and breaking it down to see if you can make it yourself?

And Steve is enabling me over this. We headed out to the Ann Arbor Sewing Center over the holidays for a nice pile of holiday fabrics to tie all the blocks together. I figure on this streak I should have a whimsical quilt for Christmas. 

The next block is ...

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February 14, 2019
A Sampler of Lace, Linens, and Love from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

If you have been reading the blog for a while now, you will know Teri and I have a great love for all things vintage—especially linens, clothing, or lace. Teri recently shared her story about a special dress in A Vintage Pinafore, Tea, and Friends, and I shared the story of my apron collection in Apron Strings. We even wrote a post together about our quest for vintage treasures in a Hershey, Pennsylvania, antique mall in Vintage Treasures Newly Acquired. We love seeing the handiwork of those who have stitched before us! 

Long ago, hand work was a required ...

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January 3, 2019
Are you ready for another of my Splendid blocks? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Today is another of my Splendid Sampler 2 blocks. And I have a bonus mini quilt layout of them and a photo of my blocks so far!

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Pat Star light

This week there are 4 blocks for you to stitch up

I had this stripe (still available HERE) that seemed just perfect to add into my quilt. I'd used it for my bees on the Honey bee block. Now I wish I'd used it sooner,'s not in the mix!

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 1 to 37 blocks pic 1

Here are all my blocks. I'm sewing ...

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November 18, 2018
Behind the Scenes on my Antique Memories block + a Bonus Layout! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

I'm so excited to tell you the story behind my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt block today.

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 1

First the block!

It is a traditional log cabin in the Court House Step Setting.

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 2  Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 3

Because it's an easy block, I decided to try out 2 colorways for my 100 block quilt. 

I really love the taupe, it's soothing and I could see a whole quilt like this. I've never done one in all taupe. You can see them together at the end and tell me which you would use!

The Design boards help ...

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October 18, 2018
Never Ending Sampler Panel 4 Band 4 from Kitty and Me Designs

For those of you who love Blackwork embroidery, you'll enjoy Band 4 of Panel 4 of the Never Ending Sampler!

This is what we have so far:

Click on the image, save your computer and print in any graphic software.

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October 15, 2018
Never Ending Sampler Panel 4 Band 3 from Kitty and Me Designs

Today I have Panel 4 Band 3 of The Never Ending Sampler.  First, the entire design so far:

Here is the charted version:

And finally the key:

Band 4 is worked with cross stitch, straight stitch, french knots, and small rhodes hearts.

Just click on each image, download to your computer and print.

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October 4, 2018
The Never Ending Sampler Panel 4 Part 1 from Kitty and Me Designs

For those you who are stitching on the Never Ending Sampler project, I have Panel 4 Band 1 for you today.  If you're new to this free cross stitch sampler, click on the link above to learn more about it.

Panel 4 will work a little differently than the previous 3 panels.  I am giving you a traditional color key for the design.  You are still welcome to change colors and/or threads if you want.  It's your sampler so please feel free to make it what you want it to be.  My color choices are only suggestions ...

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September 28, 2018
Summer Sampler von 2016 from Quilt Collection M.

Samplerblöcke nähen ist wunderbar. Ich liebe diese verschiedenen Muster und die unterschiedlichen Techniken und wenn ich dann noch in einem Quilt Along die vielen verschiedenen Varianten betrachten kann, bin ich rundum glücklich. Weniger glücklich macht mich das Zusammensetzen der Blöcke. Da kommt bei mir immer die Frage auf und nun, was möchte mir dieser Quilt dann sagen? Meistens ergibt sich ein wilder Muster- und Farbenmix und das Gesamtergebnis ist so lalala.

In 2016 hatte ich den Summer Sampler mitgenäht in einem Quilt Along. Die einzelnen Blöcke lagen ziemlich lange herum. Hätte ich den Quilt nicht auf meine Ufo Liste der ...

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September 2, 2018
A Few Great Edge-to-Edge Quilts, A Little Rant, and the Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

When I post photos on my blog and discuss the quilts, the focus is usually on custom quilted work.  In reality, most of my work is edge-to-edge quilting.  It's way faster, and way less expensive.  Considering that most of what we make, as quilters, is utilitarian quilts that will be loved, used, puked on by the kids and the dog, and thrown in the washing machine?... e-2-e is the way to go.

This was a block of the month that we did at the Binbrook guild last year.  My blocks are all done but the top's not yet ...

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August 27, 2018
sampling paper and cloth. [Flickr] from Karen Ann Ruane

contemporary embroidery posted a photo:

sampling paper and cloth.

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August 7, 2018
Never Ending Sampler Panel 3 Band 12 from Kitty and Me Designs

For those of you enjoying the Never Ending Sampler, here is Band 12 of Panel 3.  First, the entire sampler:

Here is band 11 by itself:

And here it is with the overlap for placement purposes:

Work this band with cross stitches and straight stitches.


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August 5, 2018
Sampler valmistui - Sampler finished from Tikkutaiwas

Olen pikkuhiljaa koettanut valmistella tilkkutöitäni, joita on vuosien varrella kertynyt rästiin jonkin verran. Nyt oli vuorossa muutama vuosi sitten ompelemani sampler, jota - piti oikein luntata vanhoista bloggauksista - tehtailimme 6 vuotta sitten eli vuonna 2012. Sekin valmistui tilkkupinnaksi ihan ajallaan, mutta siihen se sitten jäikin. Pari vuotta sitten latasin sen tikkauskoneelleni, mutta pari blokkia tikattuani jouduin ottamaan sen koneesta pois, kun tuli muuta tärkeämpää tikattavaa.

Nyt laitoin sen uudelleen Avanteeni, ja ajattelin ensimmäiseksi purkaa kaikki ne vähät tikkaukset, jotka olin aikaiseksi saanut. Yllätyin kuitenkin iloisesti, koska nehän olivatkin ihan kelvollisia sellaisenaan. Siispä jatkoin tikkaamista, ja viikon kuluttua tuli valmista. Voit ihailla ...

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July 22, 2018
Sampler Project from TheEclecticAbuela

I have always enjoyed looking at sampler quilts, but I've never made one. I have decided to change that.

I chose Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler.

I may not make all fifty blocks, but I hope to complete enough for two quilts. I'm doing each block in two different color combinations, so I can divide them into two groups of different blocks.

I have a box of Civil War reproduction fabrics that I am using. I'm not very familiar with the fabrics, or the way they should be combined, but I'm enjoying the process.

Here ...

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June 28, 2018
Ein Sampler aus dem Jahr 2009 from Quilt Collection M.

Manche Sachen brauchen einfach ganz lange. Dazu gehört sicher auch dieser Sampler, den ich im Jahr 2009 in einem meiner ersten Quiltkurse begonnen habe.Eigentlich hätte ich ja noch ein Jahr mit dem Fertigstellen warten können. Dann hätte der Quilt 10-jähriges Jubiläum.

Sometimes it simply takes a long time. And this sampler is one of those things. I started it in 2009 in a sampler course.

In dem Samplerkurs damals hatte ich keine Zustimmung zu meiner Stoff- und Farbwahl gefunden. Ganz im Gegenteil! Dennoch hatte mir das Nähen der unterschiedlichen Blöcke viel Spass gemacht. Samplerblöcke machen mir übrigens auch heute ...

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June 14, 2018
Moving along to Block 2 from Heirloom Quilting Co.

It's Block 2 Woven-time
The great thing about laying out your units is getting to play around with color and placement, I changed my colorway twice before deciding on this one, I just had to add a little hint of sage green.  I hope everyone is keeping up and enjoying the Block of the Week!

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June 2, 2018
Block of the Week from Heirloom Quilting Co.

The Free Block of the Week Program has begun and we are just so delighted that so many are participating!  I thought it would be fun to post my blocks as we go along.  This quilt is pretty and incorporates alot of different prints and colors so you can use up fabrics from your stash.  If you are interested just sign up for my newsletter and join In!  I'm sewing along with everyone, so I thought I'd share my block, here's the first one-Woven Star-

Always Quilting,

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April 12, 2018
The Makings of a Sampler -size matters from Heirloom Quilting Co.

Now that I have chosen favorite colors, a setting layout and I selected a block size, now it's time for me to fiqure out what size do I want my sampler quilt to be?  Wall, throw, bed size? I decided on a throw size so I will need to measure and fiqure out how many blocks I will need to make to make a throw size quilt.  Since I am choosing an point setting I need to measure my blocks from corner to corner. roughly 13 7/8 minus seam allowance the number is approximately 12 .An excellenct resource ...

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