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April 15, 2020
Counting Blessings, and Safelight Winners from From My Carolina Home

Strong storms roared through our area on Sunday night, with driving rain, thunder and lightening.   The winds were howling up the coves on both sides of our home for some time, and the noise was frightening.  The next day brought the damage to light.  We were counting our blessings that we only lost two trees, and neither of them hit the house.  One branch broke off and lodged itself high in an adjacent tree.  This branch will just have to come down on its own as it is about 50 ft off the ground.

Counting Blessings at

The forest behind the house has ...

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March 16, 2020
Finding the Silver Lining from From My Carolina Home

It seems that everyone is really busy right now, with more things to do around the house, working from home, video conferencing, kids home from school, and trying to be sure we have what we need for an extended home stay-cation.  I saw another blogger call it a ‘corona-cation’, and that seems like a good title too.  I hope you are all staying safe and well. So, now that we are spending more time in our sewing and craft rooms, I wanted to find a way to inspire your creativity and sewing time.  I keep thinking about the rabbit that ...

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March 15, 2020
Safelight Project 2020 is underway! from From My Carolina Home

Cards and case sets are coming in for Safelight, and it is exciting to see this project take off so quickly.  We hit our donation goal within 48 hours of the first announcement, and have now gone well over.  I knew that the shelter was completely out of bags for new residents, so I wanted to get some done right away.  I ordered the bags online, and put in a bulk order for some of the items from Dollar Tree.  That shipment will have the sunglasses backordered, and the other items are estimated to arrive on the 23rd.  I’ll ...

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February 2, 2020
Have a Heart for Safelight from From My Carolina Home

Making small gifts for Safelight this month along with stamping a couple of cards for very special friends kept me busy at the stamping bench. If you are not a stamper, please read on for an update on this year’s Safelight Project.   Isn’t this stamp adorable?  It is called Darby Love, and is also available from Impression Obsession without the heart, called Darby (affiliate links).

Have A Heart at

I stamped him in red and mounted the image on red card stock.  Then I added the sentiment.

Have A Heart at

Pretty paper on part of the base creates interest with the image offset to the ...

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