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March 14, 2019
Topsy-Turvy from ... Cat Patches

Okay, so a few of you with sharp eyes noticed the problems with the "Festival" block yesterday. Actually, I'd seen it too, right after I took a picture of it. The bottom row is upside down.

But that was okay because I noticed it right away...fixed it...and then took another picture.

Only by the time I wrote my blog post yesterday morning, I'd forgotten the whole sordid mess and posted the wrong picture. Busted! Congresspeople have gone to jail for less. Anyway...thank you for showing me the error of my ways and giving me a ...

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TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener is an indispensable tool for quilters from Quilt Social

It’s hard to believe the week is almost over.

Over the last two days, I’ve been working on the Square Peg – Round Hole quilt using TrueCut 6½” x 6½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers and played with the TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter which, by the way, I really enjoyed using! These TrueCut tools have made cutting the square and circle pieces for this quilt top super easy and fast!

Another TrueCut tool I now can’t quilt without is the TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener! Let’s get to the piecing of the quilt and then ...

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March 13, 2019
Second name I drew out of the hat! from Better than I deserve!

 I drew Sarah's name so here is her Peacock quilt I made for her Christmas present. I started it with a peacock panel and a picture of a quilt I found online.
Oh and don't forget the peacock feather fabric:) Kay quilted it. When I was at Sarah's one day I said "where's the quilt it should be on the floor or a chair" I made them to be used and they are it was on the bed. How can I make more if they don't wear them out??....JMF

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Morning Glory from Quilts....etc.

Morning Glory is coming along nicely and now I need to decide what I am doing for the next step as I changed my mind again LOL.  I was going to fashion this in a medallion style and use parts of the pattern Phoebe by Di Ford as a guide.  But after looking at it […]

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TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter makes perfect fabric circles effortless! from Quilt Social

Yesterday, using the TrueCut 6½” x 24½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers, I got all background fabric pieces cut!

TrueCut quilting rulers are clearly marked and transparent to make fabric cutting easier.
TrueCut quilting rulers are clearly marked and transparent to make fabric cutting easier.

Today, I’ll use TrueCut 6½” x 6½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers and the TrueCut 360ºCircle Cutter, to cut the accent color fabrics for the Square Peg – Round Hole Quilt.

TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter work on all cutting mats. A TrueCut tutorial on how to use the TrueCut System including: TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter, TrueCut 360º circle cutter, TrueCut Rulers and TrueCut
TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter

For the accent colors, I’m using a fat quarter (FQ) from every fabric of the Banyan Batiks Lustre collection. I love color! In other words, I’ll be ...

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March 12, 2019
photo shoot from Ellyn's Place

Sunday was a cloudy day, perfect for outdoor photography, so hubby & I headed to the local playground. It's one of my favorite places to take outdoor photos of my quilts.
climbing! not something I could easily do a year ago.
I had brought several of my recent quilt finishes, including my Solid Seven Gnome in the Christmas Forest quilt.

And my most recent finish, Take Note...
After a while, the wind kicked up, making quilt photography very difficult...

Ah well, it was a fun day nonetheless!

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The trick to cutting long pieces of fabric is in the fold! from Quilt Social

Yesterday, I introduced you to some of the TrueCut System tools I’ll be using this week to make a fun quilt called, Square Peg – Round Hole. I’ll be using the following TrueCut quilting rulers 6½” x 6½” [16.5 x 16.5cm], 12½” x 12½” [31.75 x 31.75cm], and the 6½” x 24½” [16.5 x 62.2cm]. With the required rulers at the ready, it’s time to start cutting our fabrics!

The awesome TrueCut 6½" x 6½", 12½" x 12½", and the 6½" x 24½" quilting rulers
The awesome TrueCut 6½” x 6½”, 12½” x 12½”, and the 6½” x 24½” quilting rulers

As mentioned yesterday, the quilt, once ...

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Librarian Challenge from StitchinGirlMary's Blog

After completing a recent piece, my sister-in-law Lili suggested I try my hand at a series of authors. I have done quite a few over the years — Poe is my favorite, of course. But when Li suggested the series, my mind went right to JK Rowling.

Some of my fondest memories from my kids’ childhood are based around Harry Potter. I remember taking them to the first movie –we saw it on an outdoor screen– and we were hooked. For the viewing of the 3rd movie I made wizard hats for the kids. Afterwards my middle boy created his own ...

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March 11, 2019
Quilts for Christmas from Better than I deserve!

 I made this quilt for my daughter for Christmas.
 I found it on Pintrest one day and thought it was a good way to use scraps. The only thing is I could make several more!
It was fun to make and wasn't hard at all just sewing strips  and then lay another one on and sew. I wish I would have kept track of how many hours I sewed. I never got sick of it because it was fun seeing how each block turned out and watching it come to life on the design wall...........JMF

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My Fireside chat, FREE Table runner & thoughts on when we make... from Pat Sloan's Blog

It was so fun to do a Fireside chat yesterday evening! If you've not watched one they are about 30 minutes long with a giveaway!  

AND at the end of this article is a download of my FREE table runner pattern we'll sew for Quilt day Sat Mach 16!

March 16 is International Quilt Day get signed up for my newsletter for details on my sew along!
MINKI KIM fabric winner has emailed me,.. the Other winner please Email me at
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The Goodies

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Appraisals, and workshops and QUILTS, Oh My:) -part1 from Nestlings By Robin

This year has been crazy right out of the gate!
This is my appraisal booth at the Quilter's Workshop 
of Tampa Bay quilt show in February.
I also appraised the Sunbonnet Sue Quilters 
show in Vero Beach the week before.

Both shows were fabulous with lovely guild
members who were a joy to work with.

Then I hit the road these past 2 weekends in a row
to shadow Brenda some more because I can't have
too much training with her!!

We stay with hostesses from guilds sometimes 
and our last 2 were Amazing!! 
Fun, accomplished women who ...

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It's My art quilt from Marty's Fiber Musings

It was a meeting in early 2019 when Sharon tells us that being president of the quilt guild allows her to send out challenges to the group and that her next challenge will be entitled "It's My Party......and I'll cry if I want to."  A song sung by many but Leslie Gore made it a memory for me.  Art quilt completion date and hang date is set for May.

I was in no mood for a party on that particular cold, dreary January day but being the trooper that I am,  came home and started working on ...

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TrueCut System has the tools you want for perfect quilt cuts every time! from Quilt Social

Happy March 11th, more commonly called: Monday!

This week I’m excited to work on a quilt top design that I call: Square Peg – Round Hole. With a name like that, you’d be right in thinking we’ll be working with squares and circles.

To make this week’s quilt, I’ll use a variety of excellent tools from the TrueCut collection.

First off, let me introduce a little number called: TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter; specially designed to work beautifully with the suite of TrueCut rulers. For maximum versatility, My Perfect Rotary Cutter comes in 28mm, 45mm ...

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March 10, 2019
Take Note from Ellyn's Place

My latest quilt, Take Note, was started in Melanie Tuazon's class at Quiltcon. At the end of class, we all shared our work and the stories behind it. It was a bit embarrassing to tell the truth! My story? ummm, well, I chose the solids because they match my newly renovated guest bathroom. Yeah. that's all I had. Ladies were sharing beautiful stories about what inspired their improv work and I was playing with solids that match my bathroom. Really? Pretty lame. One lady shared about her young grandson with a brain tumor. Amazing, powerful stories. Oh well ...

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March 9, 2019
.....and then there were crumbs ~ from Marty's Fiber Musings

Having a goal is a good thing here in my room.  A couple of years ago, I was in a workshop taught by a fabulous teacher, Sue Welton, who loves diddling in thrift store finds with her special delight being men's shirts.  Blogged about here at Quilters' Guild Acadienne.

Friends and I collected shirts for a couple of seasons and shared pieces parts of each shirt with each other.  It was a great way to share so not too much of the same shirt showed up in each of our quilts.

Not having a good plan, I hung on ...

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How Do I Explain the Quilt Ninja from If These Threads Could Talk

It all started in 2008.  I went to the Virginia Consortium of Quilters (VCQ) “Celebration” at Smith Mountain Lake.  That year they were sponsoring an “Apron Contest”.

01 Jackie OBrien Sewing Smock Front IJ694

02 Jackie OBrien Sewing Smock Back IJ694

I chose a sewing themed fabric that was too busy to embroider so I embroidered black Kona fabric and made many pockets including a license plate.  Sometimes my brain can be a scary thing.  I got an idea to make a pocket like a quiver for my back to hold a ruler & a pocket on the front to hold a rotary cutter.

This video sort of shows my Ninja powers.  A friend Lisa ...

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Square Peg – Round Hole quilt and the TrueCut System from Quilt Social

Happy weekend!

I’m writing this brief note to introduce to you our next week’s posts by one of our very exciting writers, Paul Leger. If you’re a QUILTsocial follower, you probably already know, Paul is a gifted quilt teacher with a strong enthusiasm for organizing quilt retreats of all kinds.

In these posts, Paul will show you how he uses several indispensable cutting tools from the TrueCut System as he makes the brilliant Square Peg – Round Hole quilt. He’ll be using quilting tools like:

TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter, ergonomically designed to make perfect cuts with ...

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Morning Glory and RSC19 from Quilts....etc.

I finished my March challenge for  So Scrappy’s RSC19 the other day and saved it to post today – I will do the link up when the link is available (or when I get up)  My March green – a little crooked on the wall – sorry – didn’t notice until I saw it on […]

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March 7, 2019
More Quilting and Working in Green from Quilts....etc.

The quilting is progressing on Good Fortune but I find feathers slow going – if you have done them you might agree?  The cable goes fast.   It is coming along nicely though and last night I was ready to work the corner wreath. Which refuses to show up in the photo – but I can […]

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Finally–a Finish from Romany Quilting

My Animal ABC quilt is finally finished, and it has been in hibernation for ages.  I’ve always said I had very old UFOs and this certainly proves the point.  Started way back in 2012 (read my first post about it here) the project started off reasonably well with my plans to stitch one alphabet block each month.  That plan fell by the wayside, and I eventually added this project to my List of Six where I  “roll the dice” each week to choose which UFO I will be working on.  But…….. the quilt was still uncompleted at the end ...

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