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June 23, 2017
Harpsichord Block Sewing Sequence from Quilt Obsession

I said I was going to do it and, as I know I’ll end up referring to this if – when the Harpsichord Quilt project ends up dormant again (which is an inevitability when the Ribbon Flower collection is released),  it will be a great resource for me.


I start with the middle square and the four black music print octagons. The first octagon gets added to the middle square but I don’t break my thread.

First Continuouswtmk

Because then I sew the second black octagon to the first. Then I start again and sew that second black octagon to the ...

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June 22, 2017
Philippians 3:17 Part 1. For Marley! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 3:17 Part 1
Paul confidently tells the Philippians - and us - to 
1) join together and follow his example, 2)use him as a model and 3) keep our eyes on those who live as we do. 
Again, unity in following Christ.  Awesome.
Do you have a model for your walk? Perhaps a sister/brother in the LORD that you admire?  

I'm blessed that I do.  In fact I have several. 

One particular comes to mind.  
I knew her when we lived in Clovis, NM. A close relative of hers had been found deceased.  The ...

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June 21, 2017
Simple Things from ... Cat Patches

It's been busy at the Three Cats Ranch ever since we got home. There's a lot to catch up on, and just plain plenty to do. Summer is always that way, and having Mike home has added things to the to-do list. It's all fun stuff, don't get me wrong. Still, we're both striving to establish some kind of new normal in our now both-retired lives, and it continues to be a work in progress.

Business aside, I found time to finish up the scrub jay pattern yesterday. I had yet to highlight the major ...

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Simple Things from Cat Patches

It's been busy at the Three Cats Ranch ever since we got home. There's a lot to catch up on, and just plain plenty to do. Summer is always that way, and having Mike home has added things to the to-do list. It's all fun stuff, don't get me wrong. Still, we're both striving to establish some kind of new normal in our now both-retired lives, and it continues to be a work in progress.

Business aside, I found time to finish up the scrub jay pattern yesterday. I had yet to highlight the major ...

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Flamingo Fever Table Runner from The Cloth Parcel

As current sewing ambassadors for ADORNit, we got the chance to play with some of their newest fabric, Flamingo Fever.  This fabric is so perfect for summer!  We used the Let’s Flamingle panel as the star of the show, then added basic stars from some of the other prints, and borders between each row with […]

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Harpsichord Block Assembly Line from Quilt Obsession

I got on a roll! And I’ve been sewing these little harpsichord blocks so much faster than I was when I initially began making them that it almost feels like a little assembly line, but if it’s an assembly line it’s a fun one as each little block is so cute! Since I finished that one that I found that was partially finished, I’ve now done – count ’em – eight more.

A peach one.

One green and one blue one.

Some purple ones.

A red one.

Finally – of course there are some pink ones.

I waited to ...

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New Quilt Studio Reveal from The Quilting Room with Mel

It took a year to turn a portion of our unfinished basement into a quilt studio.  When it was just the two of us we didn't need a lot of living space.  Then we got the grandkids and they like to run around so we had to start doing something to open up the living space for people.  This quilt studio won't just allow that to happen but with some of the bells and whistles that we've added to it, it will allow us to create more content for all of you.  That was really the most ...

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June 20, 2017
azul[ejo] from Ritacor

41/100 #100diasnoblogue esta manta foi começada no final de abril… agora, quase dois meses depois, está terminada: é inteiramente feita com half-square triangles, tal com a IIncredible India, mas muito diferente, como podem facilmente perceber. é um jogo de padrões a duas cores: azul e branco. o azul é igual em todos os quadrados, exceto … More azul[ejo]

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Design wall 6/20/17 string star quilts from Always Quilts

My design wall is bare today, I hope to fix that soon, as I am working on my next string quilt. 

Last time I posted, my design wall had the beginning of the string stars quilt on it. It is now finished. 

After finding an old string quilt top in an antique store I decided that it would be fun to make the same pattern with today’s fabrics. The old top (right) is dated back to around the late 1800’s judging by the fabrics used in it. (I’ve been told)  Mine (left) was made from scraps from ...

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Binding Clip Bag Tutorial from Cornbread and Beans Quilting


I seriously love binding clips and use them all the time. I didn’t love the plastic box they came in. The box opened awkwardly, and I was constantly spilling the clips all over the floor.  I finally had it one day and decided to come up with a better container option.

This little container is way cuter, and the medium thick interfacing allows it to stand nice and stiff.  The round shape helps it roll with the wild, hands flying, circus that sewing can sometimes be – without any spilling! Kind of like an adorable weeble-wobble (remember those?)


I’m ...

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The SM Fair 2017 from Quilt Fabrication

Made it to the fair this weekend, enjoying the 350+ quilts and other art forms from local crafters/artisans on display. I must say, there are some talented people out there! I wish I could show some of the quilts, drawings, and paintings that we saw, but I do not have permission from the artists to post their work - need to keep all things good in blogland!

So this post will be about my quilt entries, because some of them deserve bragging rights. The first quilts we came across were Sawtooth Flowers and Double Jumble Turtles,

Sawtooth Flowers and Double Jumble Turtles

taking 1st and 2nd ...

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Sail into the Button Club with my Free Pattern! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

I am THRILLED to be designing a mini quilt each month to showcase year 2 of the Button Lover's Club! 


Each month the buttons are a collection by color and theme.

I'll be posting the pattern prior to the buttons arriving from the club, that way you are ready to just stitch them down when they arrive! 

I am SUPER excited that this year we get all the cutie patootie buttons.. look at the strawberry!

Pat Sloan Button Lovers Club 2 pic 1

"Sail Into Summer" is fast & fun! (download my pattern at the end), mine is made with Sunday ...

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Let’s Have Fun Picking Colors For That New Quilt from Adele Mogavero

A fun exploration in picking colors for you next quilting project

part 1

Choosing fabrics and colors for a new quilt can be an overwhelming experience.

Let’s put a little fun into it and take out the doubts and worry.

First I’d like to just say, you can get away with a lot when you are choosing colors for a quilt. Quilts made of leftover fabrics can come out beautiful. Even with fabrics that you wouldn’t expect to like each other.

With that said, going into a large fabric shop or visiting an online shop like Fabric ...

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Tumalo Trails and Hexies from Quilts....etc.

Just being gone for part of a weekend sometimes can seem to set you back on what you want to accomplish.  But I did settle in first thing in the morning to chain piece squares for Tumalo Trails and when I got back from exercise and grocery shopping I got the half square triangles made […]

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Pineapples, Christmas and Flowers from Pointless Quilter

In January at the Road 2 California quilt show I took Anita Grossman Solomon's two color pineapple quilt.  My friend Janice took the class too and didn't want to start a new quilts so she made a couple of these blocks in the class.  So thanks Janice.  I finally finished it!  Yea!  I love it.  It can either be a Halloween quilt or if you are a San Francisco Giant's fan, it could be a quilt for you.

In binding it, I found a whole section I forgot to quilt.  That has happened before.  Try as you ...

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June 19, 2017
Red & White Quilt Top Done from Quilt Obsession

I reached my weekend goal Sunday afternoon and had the little red and white quilt top finished. I sewed all the blocks by hand, using various Inklingo collections to print my HSTs and squares, and then used the sewing machine to add the sashing and border.  The little top finished at 22″ square. As of yet, it’s still unnamed but I’m leaning towards just simply naming it “Canada Day 2017”. A label needs to be done for it as well.

The picture is not as good as we had hoped, but it was very windy here yesterday and ...

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Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Quilts for Guys, Men, and Boys from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Happy Father's Day! Below are the fathers who have a great deal of influence in my life. All of the boys and their families were here today, making messes, huge ruckuses, and enormous fun.

Riley, my dad who died in 2012
Richard, my husband of 38 years (39 in July)

Will (oldest), Rory (youngest) and Adam (middle)
This quick-cut and strip pieced design is elegant in its simplicity. Three sizes included: 50" x 50" 66" x 76" 82" x 92"

Image of tear and repair (2)

Masculine quilt

Easy Quilts Summer 2013; absolutely love the black and white!! TONS of quilt ideas in here-- check it out!

Elsie Campbell, Artist, Dad's Plaids quilt - This is a pattern in her String Quilts book (2009).

Stepping Stones pattern - love the colors of the homespun fabric in this quilt; black fabrics were used for the the centers....

...quilt from old "worn - in" shirts... Lovely.

Recycled denim quilt @ Do It Darling~A Collection Of Ideas And Inspiration: Posted in~Do It Yourself: 5 Sep 2013 by admin... Love the patchwork on both sides. Should be easy to machine quilt in strips. Table runner idea, reversible!Kaitlin’s Thrifted Plaid Quilt « Eileen Quilts old quilts bring back great memories from my childhood.

string quilt -  I made a quilt exactly like this a few years ago in autumn colours and backed it with fleece. It is my favourite quilt and so cozy.

I love how simple this is! The yellow binding is adorable! (similar to the Pottery Barn set we like with vintage airplanes)= free pattern = Buffalo Check Quilt Pattern from Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. Multiple sizes from mini to king. Free printable instructions.

Holy Smokes!! I need to make this for me!! I love my homespuns and this would be a perfect use of them.

Quilt made from homespun plaids using the hopscotch pattern.

There are many more ideas for guy-themed quilts on my "heart, quilts" board. I hope you had a wonderful day with your children and grandchildren. 

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June 18, 2017
neues zu Hause / new home from quilts und mehr

Auch dieser Quilt fand ein neues zu Hause.
Also this quilt found a new home.

Wirbel / swirl, 84 x 130 cm / 33 x 51


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Flowerfall Quilt from Curlicue Creations

Today I'm showing the Flowerfall Quilt.  This quilt features two blocks, an applique floral block, and a pieced four patch chain block.  The Flowerfall quilt has the look of a straight setting, but is actually sewn together on point.

Quilt Stats:  

Size:  60" x 72"
Block Size:  8-1/2"
Fabric:  Sunday Drive, by Pat Sloan, for Moda
Batting:  Warm 100, by the Warm Company
Thread:  King Tut, by Superior

This is the Four Patch Chain Block.  These are really simple and fun to sew.  The color choices could easily be changed to match your decor.  

This is the Floral ...

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June 17, 2017
A Fast Finish from ... Cat Patches

It was time to sew the binding on Snips and Snails yesterday, and then I got it clipped and ready for the hand-stitching.

It's always so exciting to me when I get a quilt to this stage. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have sewn the binding on so quickly, but my cousin called. We gabbed on the speaker phone for an hour and a half. There were only just a few inches left to stitch by the time we hung up. This morning I finished off the rest of it.

Here's how it looks from the back.

My quilt ...

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