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July 25, 2014
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Show and Tell from Cactus Needle

The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild 
really is a diverse group.
I would guess that the median age is mid-30's
but there are also several in my age bracket
Some have been quilters for a long time,
while several have been caught up in the addiction just recently.
One of the nice things about our diversity, is that age really doesn't matter.
It's a friendly group, and everyone is welcome to join us.
 At the end of each meeting
we have 
"Show and Tell"
 One member is a pattern tester for 
Elizabeth Hartman (Oh, Fransson)
 A soon ...

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July 24, 2014
Oh My Stars, It’s Finished! from Wedding Dress Blue

This started as a quiltalong in (I hesitate to say it) 2011.  I realize that is no sort of record, but it was a long time for me to wait for something I really liked and wanted to see finished.


And now it is.


Being sick has advantages. I can’t do much but sit and rest.  And when I can’t sleep my hands need something to do.


It is scrappy, but controlled scrappy.  I loved the backing/binding fabric when I saw it and I decided to coordinate the front to the back again.  Sure enough, it worked ...

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Sunflower Under Stars from Quilt Obsession


While the layout for the kaleidoscope butterfly stars is being sorted out, I decided to have some play time. And made six more of the wonderfully tiny kaleidoscope stars with the itty-bitty star points. I’ve decided, I think, how I’ll set these and have been auditioning a few fabrics to use for the setting shapes. But I still have a couple more of the little stars to make and then I can start putting that miniature quilt together.


The stack of little kaleidoscope stars so far.


And then it was on to one of my favourite things. Sunflowers ...

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Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild July Meeting/ Part 2 from Cactus Needle

A few more pictures to share with you from
The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild members
who participated in the
Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
 From our Guild President Michelle Hart
 Michelle even did her own machine quilting
on her domestic machine.
 The circular quilting goes so well with 
the sharp edged Modern Design
 The back has rows of Flying Geese using the
Michael Miller fabric.
 Rebecca Whaling made a large Flying Geese pattern
with a Pinwheel as a secondary block.
 She also quilted a circular pattern 
using her domestic machine.
 Barb's X's and O's Wall hanging
 Modern quilting ...

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July 23, 2014
Diddling along from 365 days of wonderful


It seems that I get closer and closer to month end for completing these monthly BOM strips. I always have good intentions…then life gets in the way.

I’m up to date but by the skin of my teeth.

This is a cute free BOM offered by Quilt Doodle Doodles…..I’ve changed each month’s block, but have really been enjoying it. Cindy suggests using 2.5 inch squares to make the blocks, but as I have stated before…I’m lazy and really just want to “get er done” so I’ve been making the blocks using ...

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A Day At Home from ... Cat Patches

This morning I settled in for a badly needed day at home. There are lots of little paper-worky things on my to-do list...the kinds of things that take some time, and yet, you don't feel like you've accomplished much when you're finished. I spent the morning getting two quilts packed up for shipping. Those will go out tomorrow. 

As I said in my post yesterday, I have some things to tell you. For one thing, the first tomato has started turning red! This is very exciting.

And these greenies need to get a move on because ...

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Star Progress and a crib quilt top from Tim Quilts

I am making progress on the star top.   here is the before picture


after fixing it I started hand quilting it

here it is today.


I will finish up the center  and then do something different on the border

I love the clam-shell fan design but want to add some variety


I will post more about that soon.

It might not be easy to see in the pictures but the diamonds that make up the star are made up of many pieces.   I imagine that the maker used up a lot of scrap pieces to make it .

here is a ...

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Overdoing it from Nita Dances

The creative quilting bug hit hard on Monday and didn’t let go until yesterday afternoon. I worked almost non-stop on an idea for a lap quilt, and as a result I have completely wrecked myself! I don’t believe it! Both hands, wrists, forearms and my shoulders are weak as babies today and man oh man, do they ever ache! I’m afraid I’m going to be on the sewing sidelines for a while!

So….what in the world was so important? Two design roll of Free Spirit’s Wrenly by Valori Wells!

I had a great idea ...

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State Fair Quilts from Dogwood Lane Rambles

 So, last time I was telling you about our family visit to the California State Fair and I left you just as I was entering the quilt exhibit hall. The crafts exhibit halls at the fair grounds are airy and well lit, a beautiful space and I was surprised at how few quilts were on show. Those that were displayed were all exceptional. Unfortunately, as was true with all the exhibits throughout the fair the signage was terrible - tiny and unreadable. I have no idea who made these beautiful quilts so I'll just show them and say to the ...

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TUTORIAL: Build-A-Baby Quilt from Wedding Dress Blue

The block is a Carpenter’s Star, sized specifically for baby. You can cut scraps or use that charm pack that has been languishing on a shelf. Enjoy!



36″ x 36″


I used 16 different orange and green fabrics to give it a scrappy vibe, but less variety, a charm pack, or even using two different colors will work.  Just know that for the purposes of this quilt we will call orange  “Fabric 1″ and green “Fabric 2.”  Hopefully that will help you keep them straight.


1 yard background fabric–white here.  You will have some leftover ...

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Field Day from Modern Handcraft

Hi friends!

So excited to share with you today a project that I have been working away on for the past few weeks – my Field Day quilt and pillow! This is a new line created by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics and the colors are just stunning. Field Day also coordinates with Alison’s other lines – Lucky Penny, Clover Sunshine and Sunprint.

Modern Handcraft - Field Day Quilt & Pillow

Modern Handcraft - Field Day Quilt & Pillow


I met Alison at Quilt Market this year (Click here to see pictures from Quilt Market) and was so excited because I have been a huge fan of hers ever since I got my hands on her first ...

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Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild / July Meeting Part 1 from Cactus Needle

 A few months ago
Michael Miller issued a fabric challenge
to the Modern Quilt Guilds.
They gave 6
fat eight's of Petal Pinwheels
with the instructions to make 
"something quilted".
Several of us in the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
accepted the Challenge.
Last Saturday we met together
to preview our work
and to have a little contest of our own.
About 12 in our group participated 
making quilts, wall hangings and bags.
The group voted on most favorite.
Genevieve won 1st place
Not only is this an original design,
but she also did the amazing quilting.
Denise Holland took ...

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Two Little Finishes from ... Cat Patches

Just a short post at the end of the day today. It's been such a busy month, and today I found myself really very tired. I came home after my Coffee Creek Quilters observation and took a long nap. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to finishing my July doll quilt for the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap.

 Doll Quilters

Usually, I try to have my doll quilts finished first thing during the month. And since it's just about time to assign partners for the August swap, you can imagine that I was feeling under the gun to get this ...

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Quilts We’ve Made: Tumbling Jewels, Take 2 from The Cloth Parcel

Here is another version of the Tumbling Jewels pattern we did for Camelot Fabrics.   We wanted to make our own to play with a little different placement and to see how it would look in florals and more traditional prints.
Tumbling Jewels QuiltIt gets a more vintage vibe with retro fabric from Riley Blake’s Promenade by Cyndi Walker– we fell in love with these soft blues, lavenders and golds. We didn’t have quite enough and were lucky to find more on Etsy. The center and corners feature Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush Woodcut in Golden. The dark purple centers ...

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Simple can be great from Tim Quilts

The Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook page that I am a member of does a weekly show and tell where the members show their hand quilted quilts.  This weeks theme is Christmas.

I have a few but I decided to show this one.


It has been folded for a while so it has creases. They will come out after being opened up for a while.  When I re fold it I will fold it differently so they the creases are in a different place.  It is a good Idea to re-fold quilts periodically so that they don’t get permanent folds ...

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July 22, 2014
Quilt o’the Day: Pink of Perfection from Quilter Chic

Today’s featured quilt is Pink of Perfection. It is in my book, Quilt Batik! This quilt started, as many of my batik quilts do, with a little shopping trip!

My quilting friends and I were returning home from a wonderful retreat at our friend, Jerrie’s, house at Bear Lake, Idaho. If you’re not familiar, it’s a gorgeous location on a beautiful lake.

We had a wonderful time there, and wanted to stop at a quilt store in Preston, Idaho called Suppose Quilt Boutique on the way home. This required us to take a different way home ...

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Pedal Pusher Quilt from Cactus Needle

 In February
Michael Miller Fabrics announced they would be 
Sponsoring the 4th Annual Fabric Challenge
with the Modern Quilt Guild.
As a member of the
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild I chose to participate
by designing
Pedal Pushers
size: 41 1/2" X 55 1/2"
 Each of us were given 
(6) Fat Eight's of
Petal Pinwheels
and told that we could make anything we wanted
as long as it was quilted.
 I chose to represent each fabric through what looked to me like
the spokes of a wheel.
Thus the name
 "Pedal Pushers"
English Paper Pieced (EPP)
 with ...

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Butterfly Kaleidscope Stars … Again from Quilt Obsession


See this lovely stack of butterfly kaleidoscope stars, all with their surrounding diamonds? The stack is made up of more stars than it appears. There are well over 60 stars in that pile.

And now they’re all done. Next is figuring out which one goes where. And I have a feeling that’s going to take quite a few hours. But oh, what fun I have ahead as I sort out the placement.

Odd as it may sound, I almost felt a bit of a letdown when I finished adding the surrounding diamonds. I know that they will go ...

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Pumpkin Seeds from 365 days of wonderful


I had finished this quilt way back in February of 2013…..finished but not longarmed. I was procrastinating because it needed to be a custom job.


I finally gave in and loaded it on the machine. It took a few days to complete, and overall I am fairly happy with it……I’m just not a custom quilter. I feathered the pumpkin seeds and did a sort of loopy flower in the white centers. I finished it off with a  feathered border.

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Blocking a quilt from Tim Quilts

I need to get my quilt in the mail for the AQS show in Grand Rapids

The event is Wednesday, August 20 through Saturday, August 23, 2014,DeVos Place Convention Center,Grand Rapids, Michigan but they need the quilts in Paducah by Friday.   So once again I am scrambling to get it together on time.

I have to add, for people who have not seen this one before, it is hand quilted.

I had to wash it because I have brought it to several lecture/trunk shows and it got a bit dirty.    I wash it in the washing machine ...

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