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April 23, 2014
Strip Piecing: It's all in How You Slice It from Threadbender's Quilt Shop

My father had a saying. If it's too hard, takes too long, or is to nasty, you're using the wrong tool or technique. This is always true in quilting.

Piecing little tiny bits of fabric may be a zen technique and may well sooth some souls, but most of us want to get on with it. It's a lot easier to sew and cut up strips than it is to sew tiny bits.
And Sew much more fun!

Remember all the wonderful blocks that we can  make out of half triangles. Take a collection of sewed strips ...

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Mid Michigan Quilters’ Guild from Tim Quilts

Last night I was honored to present a lecture and trunk show  at the Mid Michigan Quilters’ Guild in Mt. Pleasant MI.   It was so much fun to share what I do with such a great group!

DSCN1613 DSCN1624 DSCN1618 DSCN1643 DSCN1641 DSCN1640 DSCN1638 DSCN1635 DSCN1633 DSCN1632 DSCN1629

Thanks to everyone for such a great evening! ( and delicious treats!….I was particularly fond of the rhubarb!) I hope to see you all again. I have 200-300 more quilt tops to finish so It will be a new show in a year.

Back to work on this one


Happy Quilting


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Batik rail fence from Always Quilts

Sashings and borders are on. Yea! It’s now ready to quilt. I have to work on a few customer quilts before I can quilt it though.

I now have 2 of my own tops ready for an all over quilt job. I have the first of 2 black and white strip quilts assembled.
I am making progress on eliminating my stash. :)

Have a good day!!

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Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild/ April from Cactus Needle

 Saturday we met with the
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
 for our April meeting.
 Rebecca Whaling
provided a wonderful 
Square In A Square tutorial.
We have been asked as a guild
to make 8 inch finished blocks
with fussy cut centers
for charity quilts.
*I've already purchased
a fat quarter to get me started :)
 Rebecca brought her 
work in progress as inspiration.
I love how she is using 
low volume and text fabric 
for her backgrounds.
 More inspiration
 Nice job Rebecca!
Thank you for your help
in organizing our group
for a great cause.
 At the end of our meeting ...

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Next Winter's Quilt Project: May is One Week Away! from Quilting on the Edge

Image Next Thursday will be May 1 and on that day I will be posting the next steps for making your quilt to have on your bed next winter. Just a reminder that you should have your quilt pieces cut out and arranged and sorted into stacks with the pieces you will need for each block of the quilt. Obviously we will begin sewing the blocks but I have a few thoughts about how to approach that process. This photo is a quilt I made in 2001 and it's called the ocean waves pattern. This was a long piecing process ...

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Work-in-Progress - Where am I, Where am I going Several goals... from Living Water Quilter

Work-in-Progress - Where am I, Where am I going

Several goals have been reached in the last two months. Yippee!

So why do I feel like I am behind?  Could it be that the list of WIPs is too long. Affirmative. Correct. Yes. You got it.  :-)

So, looking at the photos (top to bottom) the status is:

  • Twisted log cabin is pieced, but not quilted.
  • Table runner is pieced & quilted. One side of the binding is attached.
  • Radiance Star wall hanging is pieced, quilted and one side of the binding is  done.
  • Sample baby quilting is pieced & quilted. One side of ...

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Diversions, Large and Small from Quilt Obsession


The two other diversions that were irresistible and took me away from Springtime in Paris. Both involving 45-degree diamonds. One very large and one very small.


First, the large diversion – a 9″ LeMoyne Star. A new Inklingo collection for 9″ LeMoyne Stars came out and I had to try one. I have a plan, I think, for a quilt made using shapes in this collection. But first I wanted to make one of these huge LeMoyne Stars. I actually printed enough shapes on two fabrics, using one of the combo pages, to make two of these 9″ stars and think ...

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A Wedding – Anniversary Quilt from L&R Designs Quilting

Wedding DayWhen Sheila’s daughter got married a year ago, quilt blocks were the guest book!  And for their first anniversary they received their quilt!Wedding - AnniversaryIsn’t this a great idea?  Many of the blocks have special messages, including their vows.Wedding Vows

The backing is a smooth Minkee and that was a learning experience!  The quilt is large, therefore the Minkee was pieced, which thankfully, was not an issue.  The issue was batting, Sheila initially didn’t want batting because of weight.  I started the quilt without batting but the first few stitches looked horrible!  They were very puckered and awful.  I ...

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April 22, 2014
Quilts of 2013 from AnneElizablog

When reviewing my quilting output for 2013, I discovered that I made far fewer quilts than I usually do and many more knitted items, clothing, and craft projects.  I will post pictures of those soon.  I am happy with the quilts I made this year and feel a bit re-energized to make more quilts in 2014!

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Sunshine of a sunny day from Mrs Moen

Our Easter break at the cabin was filled with all kinds of sunshine. Even though someone was sick, someone didn’t sleep very much, and the waffle iron didn’t work properly, we had a wonderful time. It was grandbaby’s first time sleeping at the cabin and after a few hours of busy exploring, he settled down very nicely. It doesn’t take much to entertain a two year old, does it.

The birches are getting tall, all lean and beautiful and just sporting a light shade of green on the top

providing a wonderful backdrop for our red ...

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Baby Elephants for a Baby Boy from Cactus Needle

 It reached 98 degrees here yesterday
in the Phoenix Metro
and it's only April.
Three words:
I'm not ready :(
Time to think about something
 Like a new baby boy quilt!
My daughter asked me
very nicely if by chance I would make 
something for someone
she cares very much for.
I hope baby Oscar
and his parents
are into 
 I may add another gray fabric into the mix.
I'll be making
Half Square Triangles
I'll take pictures along the 
way and even offer a free pattern.
Chevrons ...

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#DSTTchallenge revealed... from Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle

I am not sure why I have been slacking on this reveal, I am normally rather quick off the mark to toot my own trumpet!  Sorry.

So back at the beginning of the month when I read about the Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures 'modern traditional' challenge, I had one idea in mind, an old fashioned block in modern fabrics, (I can see you all nodding off already!), but I just couldn't get enthused about that.

I went back to basics; in fact I went back to the V&A collection of quilts (online) that had got me so excited ...

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all that has happened from block-a-day

Oh my goodness … 2014, what a year you are shaping up to be!  Almost four months past and I’ve barely caught my breath.  Now tonight, here I sit in my layers of wool and sheepskin slippers.  The bed is laden with blankets and quilts.  The rain patters outside.  Summer has well and truly finished.  Autumn never really arrived … or if you caught glimpses, I must have been deep inside the emergency room of the children’s hospital and missed them completely … and now it’s almost gone.  And I’ve not popped my head in here for ages!

In ...

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Rolled It Down-End In Sight from Quilts....etc.

Sunday night I rolled Patchwork of the Crosses down and there was the end!  It is always such a good feeling to see that happen – knowing that all the work is almost finished on a quilt.  This one has been going by super fast and I know it is because I have been working […]

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almost there… from Heather Spence Designs

reminds me a little of star wars when they’re trying to put a proton torpedo down a shaft on the death star. “almost there…almost there…” yep…almost there… seven out of eight borders: ON! last border… yep…that was all the border fabric i had left. *head to table* so what does one do? head to the internet, of course. now…i do need to reiterate here that […]

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Unexpected Delivery from ... Cat Patches

Okay, so the day started out normal enough...given that it's my house, "normal" is always a relative term. I drank my usual gallon of coffee, read my email, checked in on Facebook, ate some breakfast, worked on my stitchery. Then, I headed out to check on the annuals that I repotted yesterday. They were looking a little sad from getting too dry, but they'd perked up today, just as I knew they would.

I gave the blue jays some peanuts, and then I checked in on the lettuce. Finally, it is germinating. Only the red leaf is ...

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April 21, 2014
Design wall 4/21/14 batiks from Always Quilts

I’ve been doing my 10 minutes a day with the blue blocks that have been on my design wall and I now have 16 blocks done. Yea! I took them down so I could put these blocks up and decide what to use for the sashing fabric and also decide what width to make them. I’m using my stash and these are NOT my colors, so I don’t have much to choose from. I also don’t know what I’ll do for the border. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions…..

That’s my wall for today. To see more ...

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My First Free Motion Quilting from France Nadeau

The quilting is done on my Cardinal and Red Berries Quilt and this is my first “real” free motion quilting project. I am more a hand quilter but recently a few things incited me to learn this new method of … Continue reading

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Embellishing Quilts from Inside Quilters Newsletter

I had a great day sewing yesterday. I finished a quilt top and got a good start on the pieced back but the quilt is for an upcoming issue so I can’t show you what I’m doing. It will be worth the wait though, I promise. I am really loving it so far.

Since I can’t show you my current project, I thought I’d talk about embellishing. Sometimes I like to make simple blocks (like nine patch, four patch, and log cabin), thinking they’ll show off the fabric nicely. And sometimes it works but sometimes ...

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Spiderweb quilt top from Tim Quilts

Today’s vintage quilt top is a String pieced Spiderweb that arrived today.


It is an interesting pattern.  It looks like hexagons with yellow sashing.  The actual piecing is done with diamonds.

Here is another from my collection that needs to be finished



Here you can see some of the individual diamonds.



With 6 diamonds together you get a star.

2012_0125string-star-foundati0008 2012_0125string-star-foundati0009

These were pieced on a muslin foundation.  The “strings” in this one are straight and uniform sizes from block to block.

The strings in the new one are random and it changes to look of the spiderwebs.

These were not ...

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