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August 9, 2021
Batik Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

While most Quilts of Valor recipients prefer a patriotic theme color scheme, there are some that would rather have one that is more suited to their decor. Some also have issues with post traumatic stress where a patriotic theme would be too painful to see everyday. With that in mind, we like to have a few Quilts of Valor in the closet to award that are more everyday in colors. This particular quilt top was made by a lady in Oklahoma, specifically for a veteran who lives here. The top is all batik fabrics. The backing is a thin polyester ...

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June 22, 2021
Churn Dash Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

A lovely Quilt of Valor was given to me to quilt, and I finished the work on it over the weekend. The design is simple, basically a churn dash with a star center. For each block, you’d make four flying geese units, then place them with some half square triangles, additional bars, and a solid center square. Then the quilt top was sashed to bring it up to the minimum size for a Quilt of Valor.

The backing was a wide back, my favorite to use, but there was a minor problem. The corners were clipped, presumably to keep ...

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January 15, 2021
Quilting a Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

Our local Quilts of Valor chapter has been quieter than usual this past year. There have only been a few presentations in private ceremonies, and a couple of outdoor ones for just three or four veterans. Because the group was unable to do the large ceremony for military nurses we planned for last November, we have a bit of a stockpile of quilts. So it has been a while since I was asked to do one. When I got this one, I was delighted to be able to contribute again. This was pieced by a friend, and she does nice ...

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November 11, 2020
Veteran's Day ~ Quilt of Valor from Heartspun Quilts ~ Pam Buda

A few days ago, Maureen E., of Portland, OR, emailed me a little story and this photo I thought I'd share with you.

It seems that Maureen saw my Plantation Stars 
pattern and thought it would look great in red, white and blue.

She bought the pattern so her Northwest Quilters Quilts of Valor volunteer group could make it.  

Actually, 91 year old Joy Nichols pieced the quilt, and Jane Ratcliff longarm quilted the quilt.

I adore their red, white and blue version and I am so, so honored they chose my Plantation Stars pattern to give to a ...

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September 15, 2020
Give Love | Quilting for a Cause – Together We Can Change the World One Stitch at a Time from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

When you give a quilt, you’re giving so much more than a simple present. A quilt is a gift of time, a gift of patience, a gift straight from the heart with love in every stitch! There are so many wonderful charitable organizations that welcome handmade quilts with open arms. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give love, we’re here to help you find a place to send your beautiful quilts, fabric, supplies, and donations. Thank you so much for everything you do! Together we can change the world one stitch at a time.

How We ...

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September 9, 2020
Embroidered Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

This Quilt of Valor was brought to me for quilting, and it is a wonderful study in design.  Often, our local chapter of Quilts of Valor receives boxes of fabric scraps and orphan blocks.  The supplies moved from one storage space to another, and the group had just found a nice space for monthly quilting time at Beginnings when lockdown happened.  Our leader, Didi Salvatierra, was going through some of the bounty, and found a wonderful patriotic embroidered block.  She decided to use it in a quilt, along with some pinwheels she found.  Note that the pinwheels are two different ...

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July 15, 2020
Free Quilt of Valor pattern from The Crafty Quilter

Hi everyone. As promised, I have a FREE Quilt of Valor pattern for you! I named it Stars of Courage, which seemed appropriate since courage is another word for valor. This is an easy, lap-size quilt that a beginner could make as well as an old-timer (like me).

Stars of Courage is a FREE Quilt of Valor pattern designed by Julie Cefalu at The Crafty Quilter.

About Quilts of Valor

At the beginning of this year, I asked if anyone had special requests for projects or tutorials. Several people asked for a Quilt of Valor project. If you’re new to QOV, it’s a non-profit foundation whose mission is to “….cover service members and veterans touched by ...

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June 12, 2020
Quilt of Valor – Stars on Point from From My Carolina Home

We are not yet back to doing Quilt of Valor presentations, but the construction of quilts goes on.  At some point, we’ll need a closet full to cover the backlog of veterans in line for a Quilt of Valor.  So, we continue to sew, piece and quilt, in i-sew-lation.  This one was pieced by Didi Salvatierra.

Quilt of Valor at

Joyful news, the borders are straight.

Quilt of Valor at

So, I began with stitching the edge down.

Quilt of Valor at

I used white Signature thread on top and bobbin this time, all cotton with a matte finish.

Quilt of Valor at

The pantograph is Pipeline by Urban Elementz, a medium density.

Quilt of Valor at

The white ...

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April 26, 2020
Hands2Help 2020 - Meet Quiltygirl! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Welcome back to another week of Hands2Help 2020, and I hope you'll help me welcome another great guest blogger!  Alycia blogs over at Alycia Quilts, and goes by the very cool name of Quiltygirl - so much better than "crazy quilt lady"!  I think you'll enjoy learning a little more about her quilting journey, so I'll turn the blog over to her now - but be sure to stay with us until the end, when you can link up and share your Hands2Help progress!


Good Morning! I am so happy to be here! I am Alycia – aka ...

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April 20, 2020
A Quilt of Valor with Frankenbacking from From My Carolina Home

This quilt came off the longarm about a week ago.  It is a Quilt of Valor, and was a bit more of a challenge at the beginning, as the backing had several problems.

QOV at

This is what I call Frankenbacking.  There are four vertical seams and two horizontal ones.  The friend that gave it to me to quilt was so proud of herself, telling me she left the selvedge edges on for me to load it, and that she was able to use a pretty piece of floral fabric.  I was not expecting this though.  First, the print is directional.  Normally ...

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February 26, 2020
Retreat Quilt and a Batting Review from From My Carolina Home

On our recent retreat at Febuary Hill, one of the days was spent working on another Quilt of Valor.  I had enough stars left from you, dear readers, to do another To The Nines pattern.  All I needed to do was to make some nine-patches.  I had cut squares and brought them with me, this time using the same light print in the center.  I used the web method to speed piece the blocks.

Retreat To The Nines at

I put the stars on the design wall and began filling in the nine-patches, when one of my friends said something didn’t look quite right ...

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February 3, 2020
Sewing “To The Nines” for Quilts of Valor from From My Carolina Home

Our sewing day for Quilts of Valor was a fun day of hard work by a small group of very motivated sewing enthusiasts.  We set up the night before, with the door prizes displayed, refreshment table set with nice decorations, patriotic quilts on the walls, wool batting sample gifts for participants set out, and information on our local Quilts of Valor group in case new friends wished to join.  I want to thank my wonderful husband for all his help.  He carried the heavy stuff, helped volunteers with their things, kept us on track with the hourly door prizes, took ...

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January 31, 2020
Quilts Of Valor Sew Day is Tomorrow from From My Carolina Home

Checking the mail this week has been fun, with wonderful blocks arriving for the National Sew Day.  Tomorrow, From My Carolina Home is hosting a Quilts of Valor Sew-In at Beginnings Quilt Shop in Hendersonville, NC, an all day event to make blocks and tops for Quilts of Valor.  We’ll have refreshments, and hourly door prizes!  Plus Beginnings will open early at 9 am, and have a special sale that day too.  If you are local, come in to see!!

QOV Event at

So far, 42 blocks arrived from our star block drive, thank you so much!!  If yours isn’t shown ...

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January 29, 2020
Sewing the Red, White and Blue from Life in the Scrapatch

I pulled these fabrics today sew I would be ready for the 

Block Drive for 2020

The QOV National Sew Day is February 1st.

Since I am a "Stay at Home Quilter" 
I will be sewing blocks in my own quilty corner
on Saturday.

I registered via the 

The block drive is for easy 9 Patch Blocks this year

The block has very specific fabric, placement and pressing needs
 so that they will work well with all the other blocks ...

Will you be ...

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January 24, 2020
QOV Event Update, and a New Pattern from From My Carolina Home

The Quilts of Valor Live Blog Event is in just over a week!! I hope that there are some blocks going in the mail today!  But if you are almost done and need to mail Monday, that is fine.  If you do not sew, you can still participate, just make a donation to your local QOV group to help them buy batting and backing fabrics.

Tucker Class at

As long as I have the blocks by next Friday, I can use them for the event.   I am hoping to have several dozen star blocks to pair with the nine-patch blocks we will make ...

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January 13, 2020
Taking a Quilting Class from From My Carolina Home

Whether you are a quilter, sewist, home cook or amateur gardener, do you like taking classes?  I certainly do!  I always learn something new, and I get to have a whole day of sewing with friends, and meeting new friends.  Even better when it is taught by friends!  This quilting class was actually a bit extraordinary as I came away with a good tip I want to share, and three tools I know I can no longer do without.  Links are provided if you cannot find these at your local quilt shop.

Tucker Class at

Here is the first tip, and somewhat of ...

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January 3, 2020
A Live Blog Event is Coming for Quilts of Valor!! from From My Carolina Home

Save the date, Saturday February 1, for a first time LIVE blog event, with lots of ways for you to participate whether you are local to Western NC or live elsewhere.  From My Carolina Home is hosting a Quilts of Valor Sew-In at Beginnings Quilt Shop in Hendersonville, NC, an all day event to make blocks and tops for Quilts of Valor.  We’ll have refreshments, and hourly door prizes!  Plus Beginnings will open early at 9 am, and have a special sale that day too.  You have to come in to see!!

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

For locals, and those within driving distance ...

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December 2, 2019
Quilting the Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

When we left this Quilt of Valor, it had the sashing finished and border added to bring it up to the right size.  If you missed the first post showing the block and how it was made, click on Quilt of Valor.

Quilt of Valor at

It was loaded on the longarm, and I chose a navy blue thread for quilting.  This time I used a cotton Masterpiece thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilt of Valor at

I have a Stars and Stripes pantograph, and I just don’t like it.  It is so linear that it is not only difficult to get the ...

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November 15, 2019
Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop - Last Day, My Day, and Giveaway - Shared Hearts from Creatin' in the Sticks

the final day of the
Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop.

 I'm sad to see this hop end.
I don't think I've seen this much inspiration in one blog hop, ever!

To all that participated or commented -
Thank you so much!

My head is swimming with all kinds of gift ideas
and I can't wait to get to stitching.

But first, it's my day to show my "Shared Hearts" quilt.

This quilt was the inspiration behind this blog hop.

I started this quilt top in January for the Project Quilting challenge, Hope ...

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November 11, 2019
Veteran Quilts - Star Cruising from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee

To all of our Veterans, we are so THANKFUL for your service.  Our local guild's annual challenge for 2019 was dedicated to Veterans. Our members made in excess of 40 quilts, which are being presented to many deserving veterans. 

  Above, Margaret Rau made her Veterans Quilt, with her own Eagle Design showcased in the center ---- her applique work is amazing.  Margaret used our pattern "Star Cruising", published by Black Cat Creations. 

A closeup of Margaret's Eagle.  Thank you Margaret for sharing your quilt. 

The above Veterans Quilt is my challenge quilt and is made from the same pattern ...

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