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October 21, 2021
HOPE for Christmas:) from Nestlings By Robin


I don't know where my
grandpa got his love of candles
but it passed down to my
mother and to me.
For years one of my shopping
highlights was going to 
Yankee Candle every season
to see what new wonderful
candle décor was available.
Being brought up Catholic
there were many opportunities 
for candle lighting.

Once old enough to light my
own candle in thought or 
remembrance of another was
a big deal for me.
I enjoyed the ceremonial aspect
 of lighting the candle then 
kneeling to prayer.
Then there were the Advent candles
every Christmas season and ...

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October 8, 2021
SHOE TREE from Nestlings By Robin

  The November issue of AQ Magazine is out for 
delivery and on shelves very soon:)

So Much Inspiration and, if I 
may, yay me for being included
amongst the amazing talent!

I had been playing with shrinking
my shoes from my, "Get Pumped"
BOM in 2015.
You can find this 'tricked out'
design in my Etsy Shop.
HERE is the blog post about it:)

If only I could wear these to 
Thanksgiving dinner this year!!
This design is in my Etsy Shop too.
HERE is the blog post about it:)

As I was saying....
I had shrunk the shoes down ...

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May 14, 2021
Bramble Blooms from Nestlings By Robin

 The May issue of AQ Magazine is out and you will 
find my Bramble Blooms within its fine pages.

Let's talk fabrics:)

My fabric supplier was very
generous with this HARLOW 
collection from Northcott.
There is some truth to having too many decisions:)

Sometimes you need to try a new
technique, quilt style, or in this
case, a new block.

I have an affinity for pinwheel
blocks and tried something new 
this time by splitting one square of 
a half-square triangle set up 
before stitching together.  
It gives some fun extra movement.

Then you chain piece
every step of ...

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February 10, 2020
Prairie Petals Blog HopA new quilt, Prairie Petals, was first... from Living Water Quilter

 Prairie Petals Blog Hop

A new quilt, Prairie Petals, was first revealed at International Quilt Market last November.  Now there is a pattern! :-) The Prairie Petals pattern has full-color instructions and uses templates to create the 12-inch finished blocks. It’s a quick and easy pattern.


The large pieces in the block are great to showcase your favorite fabric. My Prairie Petals quilt was showcased at the Island Batik booth and features Prairie Skies fabric collection by designer Kathy Brett Engle. 

Wholesale orders for all my Island Batik inspired patterns, like Prairie Petals, a 66″ X 78″ quilt, may ...

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November 18, 2019
A Piece of… History The day has finally arrived!  I may... from Living Water Quilter

A Piece of… History 

The day has finally arrived!  I may reveal the secret bundle of gift-wrapped “surprise” fabric I received from Island Batik!  My surprise fabric is Speakeasy, a collection available December 2019.

Tada!  Brick-by-Brick, a new quilt design featuring Speakeasy.

Brick-by-Brick, is a reminder to keep a link to the past and it’s a quilt designed for the Island Batik  A Piece of Blog Hop. Brick-by-brick we can remove history from our view or we can preserve it.  

NOTE: Island Batik provided the fabric for Brick-by-Brick.


Brick-by-Brick is photographed in front of the Janney-Marshall building (click to ...

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