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December 9, 2019
Let’s Learn to Foundation Paper Piece – New Quilt Along Starts in January! from Christa Quilts

I just love hosting quilt alongs, and better yet, I love it when you all quilt along with me! We just wrapped up Infrastructure Quilt Along, and I now I’m excited to dive into Paper Pieced Primrose QAL starting January 6!

Paper Pieced Primrose

Paper Pieced Primrose Kits Available

The image above shows the 35″ x 35″ wall size in two colorways, made from 16 paper pieced blocks. The images below show the 68″ x 84″ throw size in both colors, made from 80 paper pieced blocks.

For your convenience, I’m offering kits in both colorways, and both sizes – so you ...

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December 5, 2019
More Infrastructure Inspiration from Christa Quilts

Earlier this week, I shared my Infrastructure quilt finish, along with links to all of the quilt along tutorials. Today I’m back with more inspiring versions of this quilt made by others. I love to see the same design made up in different fabric, don’t you??

Infrastructure Quilt with Geo Pop fabric by Christa Watson

My version of Infrastructure quilt made with Geo Pop fabric.

Heather Black’s Version Made from Solids

Heather Black originally designed this quilt for me to show off my Geo Pop fabric line. But then she made her own version using Benartex Superior Solids. The color placement is basically the same, but ...

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December 2, 2019
Push Pull QAL has Begun from Needle and Foot

You may have seen the promotions of the Push Pull Quilt Along on social media over the past couple of weeks. This quilt along is being hosted by Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl. She is well known for her striking use of transparency technique to achieve a look of layered colors in her quilt design. Her Push Pull design also uses transparency to achieve that effect.

I like the pace of this event. She is sending out instructions approximately every three weeks. It is different in that this is a purchased pattern. I bought mine this week and look forward ...

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Infrastructure Quilt Finish – Ta Da!! from Christa Quilts

I had the most amazing time making my Infrastructure quilt and sharing each step of the process with you. I’m excited to share more pics of the finished quilt along with links to all of the previous quilt along tutorials and videos. I hope it inspires you to make your own version!

Infrastructure made from Geo Pop Fabric

Infrastructure Finished Stats:

  • Finished Size: 60″ x 73″
  • Pieced and ...

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November 25, 2019
Join us for Paper Chain, a 2020 paper-pieced block-of-the-month program! from Freshly Pieced

Paper Chain: A 2020 Block of the Month Program

You guys! I have an exciting announcement this morning: We’re unveiling a Paper Chain: A 2020 Block-of-the-Month program, and you can reserve your spot right now!

Paper Chain: A 2020 Block of the Month program

Yes! I’m once again joining forces with my Summer Sampler girls—Katie and Faith—to create another fun program for you all, which will take you allllll the way through 2020! So many of you have loved the weekly Summer Sampler blocks that we wanted to give you a monthly option for next year. And it features a favorite technique of the three of ours: Foundation paper piecing.

Paper Chain: A 2020 Block of the Month

Just $24.99 total ...

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Infrastructure Week 12 – Binding by Machine from Christa Quilts

Have you enjoyed following along with Infrastructure? Remember, even if you haven’t even started your quilt, you can make it anytime and I’m here to help cheer you on! We’ve come to the very last step of making the quilt and I’m “sew” excited to share my tutorial for binding by machine.

Infrastructure Quilt

Click here to get the Infrastructure quilt kit while supplies last.

Step 1 Trim the Quilt

Infrastructure Quilt in Progress

I like to use a large square ruler at the corners and along straight ruler for the sides. I trim the extra batting and backing flush with the ...

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November 22, 2019
Love with a Twist: Udderly Unique from Clever Chameleon

Udderly Unique cow balloon appliqué by Dione Gardner-Stephen of Clever Chameleon

Holy Cow! We are Finished!!

Love with a Twist is done and dusted! Can you believe it? Last month we finished all the blocks for the Throw size versions of Love with a Twist. However, to complete the Twin size quilt top we need one more block. The last bonus block.

Today we unveil our last block, and it is a balloon cow. Udderly amazing! And a little bitter sweet. It’s been so much fun. Read on to collect your cow balloon appliqué pattern. Also, make sure you’ve collected the whole Love with a Twist appliqué set. They ...

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November 18, 2019
Infrastructure Quilt Along Week 11 – Machine Quilting from Christa Quilts

And now we get to my favorite part of making a quilt – machine quilting!!! There are so many different ways to quilt this quilt. Heather Black did an amazing job custom quilting hers, and I took the opposite approach with one of the simplest designs you can do – decorative machine stitching.

Decorative Stitch Machine Quilting

Infrastructure Machine Quilting Detail Using a Decorative Stitch

Thoughts on Thread

Christa Watson Aurifil Thread

Click here to get my Aurifil Thread Kits in Colors, Neutrals, or my newest Variegated box.

So the first thing to do is choose the thread you’d like to quilt with. I piece AND quilt all of ...

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November 16, 2019
Saturday Morning Musings from 120 Blocks

Nothing has happened in the sewing room for weeks. Nothing. A little knitting happened but I didn’t like the process of knitting that hat pattern so it got ripped out. I’ll find another pattern for that yarn soon. I do … Continue reading

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November 11, 2019
Infrastructure QAL Week 10 – Quilt Top Assembly and Spray Basting Tutorial from Christa Quilts

How is your Infrastructure quilt coming along? Just remember, you can work at your own pace and if you are new, you can start this quilt any time! This week is quilt top assembly plus a complete basting video on YouTube. Keep reading for more….

Infrastructure Rows

Tips for Quilt Top Assembly

Once all 9 rows of Infrastructure have been sewn, it’s time to sew them together. They may look a little wavy, but if you sew each section in opposite directions, that will help eliminate some of the waviness.

If your rows are not all the same size, you can ...

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November 10, 2019
Quilt Shows and Quilt Alongs from Needle and Foot

Good morning all. I am enjoying a lovely, quiet morning here with coffee and some blog reading and I thought it a good time to catch up. It has been a while right?

Last weekend I spent a couple of days as a vendor at a fun show in the small town of Brownsville. I can’t say how much I enjoyed this little show. It was so relaxed and the people, quilters and wanderers both, were incredibly friendly. This guild has a membership of about 30 people with roughly half being very active. The town has a population of ...

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November 4, 2019
Perfect HST BOM Block 11: Navigator Star from Freshly Pieced

Welcome to November! We started it out with a couple of inches of snow. Ugh! Winter is starting far too early for my taste.


But November means it’s time for another HST BOM block, and yes, this month we’re tackling the big baddie in the center. It’s finally here!

I’m calling this month’s block Navigator Star. After 10 months of blocks named after various places that have been important to me throughout my life, this block basically the compass rose of this quilt. It points in all the directions that my life has taken. So ...

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Infrastructure Quilt Along Row 9 from Christa Quilts

This week we are making the last row of Infrastructure quilt – can you believe it??? Row 9 features simple pieced strips and it’s another great chance to fussy cut the Geo Pop fabric if desired.

Infrastructure Row 9 Geo Pop

First I’ll walk you through the process to piece this row, then you can take a look at the bonus YouTube video I created while making this row.

Cut the Strips

You want to cut nice straight strips according to the pattern instructions on page 6. If you are fussy cutting, you’ll want multiple strips of the same fabric to be cut ...

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October 29, 2019
Love with a Twist: Serene Seahorse from Clever Chameleon

Serene Seahorse colours at Clever Chameleon

Our penultimate balloon appliqué for Colour & Inspiration Tuesday is here!

I’ve been shunning the internet as much as possible this week to work exclusively on my secret sewing Storm at Sea quilt for next Tuesday. But today I will briefly climb down from my hobby horse that has become a bit of a workhorse to bring you a seahorse instead.

Today our very last standard Block for the Throw size Love with a Twist quilt along – Block 9B. If you are making the Twin quilt, there is still one more bonus block to fill out the design. Read on ...

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October 28, 2019
Infrastructure Quilt Along – Making Row 8 from Christa Quilts

This week we are making Row 8  – more Anvil Blocks. This is a great catchup week because this row is cut and sewn exactly the same as Week 6 Row 6, but with different fabrics.Infrastructure Row 8 Anvil Blocks

You can follow along in the Infrastructure Quilt Pattern on pages 6 and 13 for specific instructions on making this row.

Here are the cut pieces all laid out and sewn into one Anvil block:

Geo Pop Anvil Block

I used the Tri Recs tools to cut the units to make the Triangle in a Square blocks. In case you missed it, I created a YouTube tutorial on how ...

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October 22, 2019
Summer Sampler 2019: Piecing Bootcamp – a completed top! from Freshly Pieced

Summer Sampler 2019: Piecing Bootcamp. Learn to quilt!

Yessss!! I finished my Summer Sampler 2019 quilt top! Cue the confetti cannons and loud obnoxious music!

Summer Sampler 2019: Piecing Bootcamp. Learn to quilt!

Okay, but seriously, you guys. This year marks the fourth Summer Sampler quilt-along that Katie, Faith, and I have created (well, make that the fifth, if you count the original Summer Sampler way back in 2011). After spending the summer making all these gorgeous weekly sampler blocks, actually putting them together and finishing the quilt always feels like a HUGE accomplishment. Even for us—the organizers/designers—it feels huge! So for all of you out there who are still working on this ...

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October 21, 2019
Infrastructure Quilt Along – Making Row 7 from Christa Quilts

This week we are making Row 7 – the Fence Post blocks. You can follow along with the cutting directions on page 5 and the sewing directions on pages 12-13 of the Infrastructure Quilt Pattern.

Infrastructure Row 7

This is a simple row to put together and you can choose to fussy cut parts of the design if you wish. I didn’t worry about fussy cutting this row, but simply let the pattern design fall randomly.

Here are all my cut pieces using black, gray and yellow Geo Pop prints:

Geo Pop fabric, Infrastructure Pattern

For speed and efficiency, I like to stack up all of the units ...

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October 19, 2019
Love with a Twist: Articulate Avian from Clever Chameleon

Articulate Avian balloon parrot appliqué by Dione Gardner-Stephen at Clever Chameleon

The Soul of the Party at Love with a Twist…..

Love with a Twist quilt along button

You know that intolerable squeaky noise that balloons make when they are twisted and folded into shapes? Well, did you know, that’s actually the trapped soul of a departed parrot? The screeching balloon is passing on the parrot’s desire to party one last time before he heads off to wreak havoc in the afterlife. True! </p>
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October 12, 2019
2020 Quilt Along Directory at Busy Hands Quilts from Busy Hands Quilts

Share 2019-2020 Quilt Alongs you've found below!

Please add the link where the Quilt Along is originally posted even if it's not your Quilt Along.  Hostesses appreciate when you share their Quilt Along, so please share!  This linky will be open through October 2020, at which time I'll start one for 2021.

Suggestions when you add a link:
  1.  Check if the Quilt Along has already been added and avoid adding a duplicate.
  2.  Select an image that reflects the Quilt Along if at all possible.  
  3.  In the description, leave the NAME of the Quilt Along, the HOST'S ...

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October 10, 2019
Perfect HST BOM Block 9: Pinewood Star from Freshly Pieced

Okay, I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I’m not one of those people who looooovves fall. Honestly? I kind of hate the fall. I’m not a cold-weather gal, like at all (which admittedly is odd for somebody who lives in Wisconsin, but there you have it). So when autumn arrives, to me that just means I’m going to be freezing cold all the time for the next seven or eight months. Not really something to look forward to. So I’m just not a fan of autumn rolling in. Now you know. LOL ...

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