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October 24, 2021
A week of bliss from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

This time there was no sewing. 

We headed to the east coast--Myrtle Beach has been a favorite destination for us for several years. The soothing sound of the waves held healing properties for me when my one of autoimmune issues was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. It helped me understand that stress is the enemy and it is good to stop and do nothing.

A week before we left I thought I would visit the local quilt shops, but since we flew and could not get a rental car, and Uber and Lyft rides cost double what they did when ...

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October 18, 2021
5 quilts from Making A Lather

I have 5 quilts I am focusing on right now 

1.checkered past

2. fish school - this is a year long project for the quiltville leader/ender challenge. I have made a goal to sew 10 blocks

3. scrappy mountain majesties is an older UFO I want to get to the top stage

4. boho heart is a QAL with my Friday quilting friends

5. tiger quilt

from November 2020. Linda brought a scrap bag to me.... I had found the tiger embroidery at a thrift store...I decided whatever I pulled out of the scrap bag, I would add ...

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September 8, 2021
Some quilting and sewing therapy from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

Labor Day weekend always gets my hopes up for quilting. 

Friday, the Hubs had some outpatient surgery scheduled. It happened to fall on my day off. This time, I wasn’t allowed to be with him behind the big doors or help him when it was time to be discharged. That was a bit disorienting. 

Once we were home, he relaxed for a little bit and I got to sew. New great-granddaughter is coming any minute and I needed to meet my goal of one quilt for each day of the week. Mission accomplished! You’ve already seen the main ...

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August 20, 2021
more sea swept from Making A Lather

My finish for the week is all the diamonds for my sea swept quilt are done. They haven't been trimmed in the picture, but, I am ready to start the assembly today at our quilt group. I made 10 a day after coming home, and, I finished trimming yesterday.

I am so glad to move this forward after the debacle of last week and the wrong size diamonds

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August 16, 2021
sink or swim at retreat from Making A Lather

Oh my - my retreat story. I just couldn't find a project to work on except my sea swept quilt. And I was closing in on finishing all the blocks I would need. But, I thought it would just take a couple of hours. Silly me, thinking I needed another project.  Just as I finished sewing 388 triangles to 97 diamonds, and began to trim them, Someone asked me what I was making. So I showed her my snails trail blocks and how this was the sashing.   And, Oh no,  they were too small for the block. I had chosen ...

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August 4, 2021
a little here and there from Making A Lather

I have made some progress on some of my projects.

I cut some more hsts for go fish leader/ender challenge from quiltville.

I made another block for the wedding ring or cross and crown blocks. I sorted through what I had cut and made sets. I should be able to grab a set and sew a block when time permits.

I realized I  hadn't looked at the shirt anvil blocks in a while. I sewed some hsts together in sets, so that, when I have the time, I can just sew the blocks.

And I found the one ...

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August 1, 2021
Sew-cation! from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

Ah, bliss. I have to use up some vacation time and decided to take a week off.

I started with a plan but decided on Monday morning of that week to chuck it—the project I thought I was going to work on was not speaking to me in a good way at all. I gifted the baby quilt to my neighbors…and in my excitement completely forgot to get a proper photo of it. This is the last photo I took of it, just before I buried the threads and hand sewed down the binding:

I have 2 project ...

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July 26, 2021
waffle progress from Making A Lather

 I have just a few more waffle stamp blocks. After my daughter and her family left for her home so very far away, I sewed some random blocks to keep from tears. It really didn't work. But, I made a little progress

I just realize that I have to start the upper right block of each block in the same direction for the waffle stamp blocks. sigh...

Scrapbuster 2020

tiny houses

1 1/2 inch size easy breezy

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July 18, 2021
Baby quilt 1 is finished and gifted; Baby quilt 2 is done and almost gifted! from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

Yay! So many things got in my way of completing Baby Quilt 1, but it was finished AN ENTIRE 2 WEEKS before the baby shower last month!

There is nothing remarkable about this quilt other than it is DONE. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I’ve allowed interruptions and distractions get in my way, and about 7 weeks ago on a Sunday I told the Hubs, “You go on; I have to finish this.” By the time he returned it was completed and I had moved on to work on a receiving blanket. 

Here’s the ...

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June 11, 2021
Appliqué Hearts from Modern Sunbonnet Sue

I’m on track stitching my appliqué hearts. My 100 blocks are prepared for needle-turn stitching. I’ve finished the first 10 blocks & met the check-in today. I’m using a new needle-turn appliqué technique on these blocks which I learned from a quilt friend. The appliqué shape is traced onto the back of the fabric. The […]

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June 7, 2021
more sea swept from Making A Lather

I have been making 7- 10 sea swept blocks every Friday with my quilt group. I have collected a nice size pile. I thought I would take an accounting and decide where to go from here. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I have 38 made. and 7 in process with 2 rounds. I need 42. This pattern calls for a sashing that will make a wonderful star. The pattern is also for paperpiecing. And the finished piece is smaller than what I am doing. SO, I will need to "invent" what I will need for my block. I think ...

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June 1, 2021
Progress! And a little tip. from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

 Baby quilt 1 ("Palate Cleanser") is coming along.

The baby quilt has only the top and bottom borders left to be quilted and then the binding. I quilted it on The Beaut with an edge-to-edge design from Designs by Juju (NAYY). It has not been without struggles, but for the most part it has gone well and I am pleased. I'm figuring out what I'll do on the top and bottom borders and hope to finish it next weekend.

So here's a tip that has helped me: Franken-batting. If you haven’t heard this phrase then you ...

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to do: cut more easy breezy from Making A Lather

I needed to cut more squares for easy breezy. I have found as many matches of 4 as I can in my 2 inch square drawer. Now, I have to cut from strips and chunks. I like this part. It can be done leisurely while watching TV in the evening. I take a 2 inch strip from the drawer, fold it in half, slice 2 inches twice, and the pile grows. I didn't count, so, I hope this will get me finished.

I am getting closer to having enough of these blocks. They have become a part of my ...

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May 31, 2021
sea swept again from Making A Lather

I feel like a broken record.... sea swept, easy breezy, aunt eliza.. repeat. I am really trying to stick to these and making progress however small. Our Friday group met again... on Friday... and I have a new batch of sea swept blocks finished.  I really like making these. I need to cut more background if I am to continue. I only work on these on Friday. I need 42 blocks to do the pattern. I think I have 20 +.

My friend Linda is making her sea swept with the smaller blocks and paper piecing. We had a chance to ...

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May 24, 2021
progress from Making A Lather

My Friday quilt group met, and, I had a chance to work on sea swept. I made 7 more blocks.

And, there are still more easy breezy blocks. Completed blocks are taking over the box, which means I am making progress.

2 a day keeps the scraps at bay

I am linking:

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May 10, 2021
works in progress from Making A Lather

What I am working on this week. I am trying to make 2 easy breezy blocks every day. I still have 70 + to go.

And if I have enough extra 1 1/2 inch squares to make a waffle stamps block, I make it in any color. Otherwise, I use the color of the month from rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. This month is red and I finished the red here.

I made a batch of  quilted twins free pattern called swingin checkerboard. I have another 30 - 40 to go.

I worked on rsc blocks in red for ...

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May 6, 2021
It's All About the Face: Part 2 - Dave and Emma from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

In an effort to be mindful in sharing my process with you, I'll show my progress on the projects instead of waiting to do the big reveal.

I was reading about the process pledge and getting a better understanding of it. In past blog posts I typically share the project after it's completed and talk about its journey at the same time. The posts get long-winded and it's no wonder so many people prefer Instagram over blogs. SEE THE PRETTY AND MOVE ON!

But I want a journal of my work in the hopes that someone in ...

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May 5, 2021
radio waves quilt from Making A Lather

Yesterday, I blogged about a new block I was trying, and I am so glad I did. Thank you for the help. Good thing, I tried a sample. Now to figure out, how to do it.

When I spent time cutting a box of shirts, I cut 7 1/2 inch squares for quilted twins free pattern called radio waves. I had a handful of shirt strips that I thought I might as well sew them together. I enjoyed making these, as I used 1 1/2 inch strips and mostly muslin by strip piecing, and, then sub cutting ...

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April 29, 2021
checkerboard from Making A Lather

I woke up one morning and my mojo was gone. I am sure it will come back, I just need to coast a little and, see what happens. Meanwhile, I am slowly working on a few clean up projects. I have a few more blocks for quilted twins free pattern called swingin checkerboard. 

And, I have the quilting done on baby snoopy. This was a project from a retreat in January, I think.

I am linking to:

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Baby quilt 1 is officially a flimsy! from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

That didn't take long! And another reason why I call it a palate cleanser.

I promise I'm working on the's much brighter than what you see here.

Monday was my day off from work and I had a lot of to-do things, but I managed to get the other two borders on the baby quilt. I'm looking through my stash for appropriate backing, but I'm going to wait a couple of days; we're hoping to know the baby's gender by Wednesday.

While it was on the design wall, I got an ...

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