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August 20, 2014
Gevonden op pinterest.... from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer

Je moet er maar opkomen!

HIER komt de foto vandaan, maar of dat de originele bron is kan ik niet meer achterhalen....

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August 19, 2014
SLOW PROGRESS..... from That's Sew Kerry

Borders and Fillers

It's been an aaaagggee since I have had some spare minutes to sit down and update you on the various projects I have been working on. Life just really got in the way over the last few weeks, I have had some big life changes and upheavals which have really knocked my sideways - Oh and Festival of Quilts squueeeellll- but I am feeling much happier and getting back on track, so here we go.......

You may recall I have been working on something special for my wonderful Daddy who turned 50 at the beginning of August ...

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August 13, 2014
Knap gemaakt....! from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer

Dit plaatje vond ik op pinterest.

Weer eens wat anders dan gewoon een muurtje metselen...

Is het niet prachtig?

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August 6, 2014
WIP Wednesday: cotton infinity scarf from One Million Stitches

Do you ever have a project that starts out as one thing but ends up as another? That’s what’s happened with my latest knitting project.

DSC_0003I have a bunch of white cotton in my stash, of varying types, and I thought a good way to use it up and do some mindless knitting would be to make a hand towel.

What I didn’t bank on, since I had no idea how much yardage this would take, would be that I would run out of the particular kind I was using (Rowan) just before the finish.

I also ...

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July 28, 2014
Coffee Cup Cozy from Butterfly Threads

I found this pattern on Pinterest this weekend.
It sure looks a lot like the coffee cozy I made not too long ago.
Wish I had this nice little pattern when I made mine.

The one I made is very similar only I covered mine with selvages and made it reversible...

And I can't even remember if I have shared this here before?
I must not be drinking enough coffee!

Enjoy every sip!

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July 25, 2014
Pinning and Posting from The Chester County Criswell Quilt

I've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.  There are so many inspiring images in cyberspace, I've decided to collect a few.  One positive feature of Pinterest is the picture's source always stays with the picture - you can easily visit the original post and view the original context.

I've set up four boards.  I only have one follower so I would be pleased to gather a few more.

Friendship Quilts



Antique Album Quilts

Patchwork Blocks

Chester Criswell Quilt

There is no new Chester Criswell Quilt pattern next month but there is still plenty of activity around the CCCQ ...

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July 18, 2014
Pinterest Contest! from Lilac Lane by Melissa Stramel

We are over halfway through the year!
This is a good enough reason to have a contest right?
This contest is just for fun and there are not too many formal rules; just enjoy yourselves!

Lets make some boards on Pinterest of one of these 3 subjects:
Build an Outfit around a Lilac Lane Pattern
A Perfect Summers Day built around at least one Lilac Lane Pattern (can include other patterns)
Fun Fabric Choices to use with a (or 2 or 3) Lilac Lane Pattern (must pin the pattern as well)

This is an example of a board I made ...

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July 5, 2014
Bag and Pouch Tutorials- Because You Need a New One! from Patchwork Posse



Looking for that perfect bag to sew?  Follow the sewing- bags and pouches pinterest board for all kinds of inspiration and tutorials.

Follow-  Patchwork Posse on Pinterest.



The post Bag and Pouch Tutorials- Because You Need a New One! appeared first on %%

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July 4, 2014
Happy 4th Friends! from Butterfly Threads

(pattern and template available HERE)

If you want to see more quilts go HERE to see lots of patriotic quilting inspiration.

(this quilt was donated to Fisher House, machine pieced and quilted by me.)

I hope your holiday is safe and happy! 

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June 23, 2014
Quilt my Chairs from Road Home Quilting

Pinterest convinced me I could do this. Time to refinish ye 'ol dinning room chairs.

Yes, this is my dining room chair. I know, yikes, right?
"Chair, meet Drill."
This soft sanding attachment was less than a $1 at the hardware store.
[Why aren't quilty tools always that cheap? Just sayin'.]
You could use sandpaper instead. But, hey, if you have a drill...
You'll also need:
screwdriver (ask your chair what kind)
mallet (optional)
old towel
old quilt :)
staple gun
3 spraypaints: primer, dark blue, black

Looks better already right? Here's how it goes:
  • take seat off ...

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June 8, 2014
A TALE OF TWO SEAGULLS from That's Sew Kerry

2 Seagulls and a Lighthouse

It really has been an age since I have sat down and updated you on my shinanigans, whilst I may have been scarce I really have not been idol!! In fact this very morning I very nearly murdered 2 seagulls.....

I have had a project in mind for quite some time now and have actively been looking for patterns, ideas and inspiration on how to bring this together and move it forward. It had to be a nautical theme and have a fairly muted blue/grey/navy/ palette with maybe a few splashes of red ...

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May 19, 2014
(eindelijk) pinterest ontdekt.... from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer

Sinds kort ben ik ook ( een beetje ) actief op pinterest.

Leuk om aan mee te doen en al heel veel moois ontdekt!
Je kunt er ideeën bij op doen en foto's verzamelen van onderwerpen die je interesseren.
En je kan het zo gek niet bedenken of er zijn mooie foto's van te vinden...

Tot nu toe heb ik nog maar 10 borden maar iedere dag komen er wel een paar foto's bij.

In plaats van eerst een recept of een patroon op te slaan klik ik nu op het plaatje en "pin"het vast op één van ...

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May 18, 2014
going around in circles... from Ellyn's Place

I confess, I am easily distracted! I have a wonderful list of projects to work on, then I see something I like and off I go in a different direction. Recently, Laura over at Love the Bluebird has been crocheting mandalas. First I saw them popping up on her instagram. Hers are sweet and pastel and pretty. I loved them. Started looking up tutorials on Pinterest, checked out some links on her blog. Next thing I knew I was digging in my yarn stash and crocheting in circles! Of course, there are no pastels to be had in my stash ...

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May 1, 2014
Featured #battgirls (April2014) - Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio from Quilters Dream Batting

 We are very excited about our new blog series! We've been emailed fun and creative submissions from you #battgirls and can't wait to see what you other busy bees have been up! To get yourself caught up on all the excitement, check out our previous post.  But hurry back because we want you to meet our first featured #battgirls!


Right: Becky Everett (the Moochie)
Left: Becky's daughter (Doodle)

Meet Becky Everett, the CEO of  Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio! We have had the pleasuring of knowing Becky for some quite some time. She has been a dedicated Quilters ...

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Umbauarbeiten und Giveaway from Quiltmanufaktur

Gestern hatte ich etwas Zeit und Muße, an meinem Blogdesign rumzubasteln.
Wie ihr sehen könnt, habe ich mein Layout ein ganz kleines bisschen um das Blog-Logo herum verändert. Das war mal nötig, nachdem ich schon so ein schönes Logo von meinem Freund Tobi für meine Website gestaltet bekam :-) Er hatte auch die Idee mit dem vorherigen Blog-Logo in Form eines Etiketts - jetzt war es aber an der Zeit, beide Seiten irgendwie aneinander anzupassen!

Logo "Quiltmanufaktur" von Tobias Merkle

Banner "Quiltmanufaktur-Blog" von Tobias Merkle

Ich liebe diesen tollen Stern, den er mir gestaltet hat! Hier auf dem Blog ...

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April 6, 2014
Pinspiration Sunday from Scraps of My Life

Hello again!  Yes, I know - I've slacked off on Pinspiration Sunday the last two weeks.  Sorry about that - just busy, tired and up to other stuff.  But I'm back on track today so I'm going to dive in so as not to distract myself.  Go grab your cup of hot beverage and enjoy the photo love.


* listening - radio
* reading - going to start Attachments soon for holiday reading
* making - layer cake sampler quilt-along (just finished block #14)
* eating - dried fruit & nuts mix
* drinking - water
* wearing - jeans & new sequins anchor t-shirt *giddy*
* weather - cloudy, 10C
* feeling - hungry
* wanting ...

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April 1, 2014
It Was Spring Yesterday from Kitty and Me Designs

But today, there's a very cold wind blowing.  It's sunny though so that helps!  I want to get back out in the yard and clean up some more but that wind is a bit cold for me.

I took Lucy to the vet this morning and her weight is holding at 7 pounds 2 ounces.  The special kidney diet is working.  She's sleeping now but she's been more talkative these past few weeks.  I ordered a special vitamin supplement for her for kidney health.  Our vet said it can't hurt so I'll start giving ...

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this and that from Ellyn's Place

Yay! my wall of minis is beginning to come together! I put my three Thimbleblossoms minis up the other day and I must say, I love the way they all play together....
 As you can see, I have lots of room to add to this wall.... also, my fabric is all unpacked but looking rather messy. sigh.
 Has anyone else been contemplating making a Marcelle Medallion quilt from the Liberty Love book? Or am I the only one that crazy? Do a search for them on Pinterest, you will be amazed! I have to be honest, it's the center ...

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March 26, 2014
Color Palettes and Combinations from Kitty and Me Designs

Since I'm working on a project that I can't share at the moment, I thought I'd offer a suggestion for anyone who struggles with choosing color palettes and color combinations.  Whether you're a crazy quilter or a sane quilter, you might find this helpful!

Ya'll know I love Pinterest!  Yes, it's a time consumer so I try to put a limit on how long I spend there but it does have it's benefits!

I've put together a board for Color Palettes:

Color Palettes
Even if you don't struggle with color combinations ...

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March 25, 2014
Working with Pinterest Secret Boards from Simply Fresh Vintage

I don’t know about you, but some of my best “a-ha” moments come in the middle of the night. I’ve heard of those that keep a notebook by their bed so that when these flashes of brilliance come to them, they can quickly write them down.  Great idea, but that would also mean that I have to turn on a light to see what I’m writing.  And I don’t think that would make Mr. SFV very happy.  So instead, I just try to remember come morning, and then I write it down.

The other day I ...

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