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October 21, 2016
Pin It Weekly #175 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Tonight I am suffering with a horrid sore throat that has me fearing strep. I have an appointment in the morning, but in the meantime I'm feeling very under the weather. I decided that instead of a big deal for Pin It Weekly, I'll just post a few quilts from my board, "heart, quilts" which has over 6,000 pins.

Squares Plus - featured in McCalls Quick Quilts Feb/Mar 2015:

Very cute and easy 'Tumbling Charms' - free quilt pattern - needs 2 charms squares and some jelly roll strips for the white bits and the border.:

Sweet Pea quilt ~ inspiration for a baby quilt:

Cute Little House Quilt in Red, White & Creams xxx:

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt:

Peas in a Pod: FREE Quick and Bright Twin Size Quilt Pattern:

Grandma's Window Quilt Pattern / PDF on Etsy from the Vintage Clothespin Would be fun I Spy quilt

Red Pepper Quilts: Liberty Tana Lawn and Collage Checkerboard Quilt:

Love this pattern...first time I've seen it in this color selection....NICE!!:

Cute quilt Nine Patches:

Modern quilt  geometric print by dawnandgingersew on Etsy, $175.00:

Modern Quilt // Modern Christmas Quilt // by ModernQuiltDesigns:

::Value Added::  Using Value in Modern Quilts:

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October 17, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: P H O T O S from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Don't you just love old photos? By old I mean the daguerreotype pictures of the 1800's. The black and white stereographic photographs that came after, and the sepia pictures of my childhood.   Have you ever wonder why some of the truly old daguerreotype sitters look creepy? There are a couple of reasons for the look: in some photos the sitter is actually dead. Another reason is that the sitter(s) had to remain very still for as long as ten minutes while the daguerreotype camera processed the view. 

Vintage photo of girl hold young dog.:

Victorian post mortem photography may seem strange, but for some families it was their only opportunity to have a memento of their loved one as photography was expensive at the time. Sometimes the dead were posed as if alive and sometimes are of children and babies due to the high death rate among this group at the time.:

Adorable siblings...Dennis A. Waters Fine Daguerreotypes:

Close up of little brat. Little brat in training. Obviously spoiled rotten. (love the hat and gloves and the pout):

Ross and Thomson of Edinburgh. 'Unknown little girl sitting on a striped cushion holding a framed portrait of a man, possibly her dead father' 1847-60:

1855 sewing machine.:

chubachus: “ Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified teacher and her students, American, c. 1840′s/1850′s. Source. ”:

[Unidentified girl in mourning dress holding framed photograph of her father as a cavalryman with sword and Hardee hat]

Daguerreotype Photograph, English / Manchester, 1853, ID'd Isabel Temple Eastall:

Image result for daguerreotype photos

Portrait of a Boy with Gold-Mining Toys; Carleton Watkins (American, 1829 - 1916), James M. Ford (American, 1827 - about 1877); March - September 1854; Daguerreotype, hand-colored; 11.3 × 8.3 cm (4 7/16 × 3 1/4 in.); 84.XT.406.1; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California:

The last photos are called stereoscopic pictures. One could see ...

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October 14, 2016
Pin It Weekly #174 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Wow! Thursday sort of sneaked up on me! I almost missed Pin It. That would have been awful, right? Well, since we're running late, let's get right to it!

Bayer Alewtina has 24 boards that I can easily figure out by looking at the pictures, which is a good thing because I can't read a word of Russian. I do like looking at the letters that make up the words--вышивка с бисером (embroidery with beads) is different, so is Укроп вышивка (dill embroidery). I tried to get Google translate to sound out the words, but no way ...

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October 10, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: GRAY and YELLOW from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Last night we attended our niece's wedding. It was beautiful: Father Travis gave a lovely (and funny) homily, the decor was simple but elegant with fabulous yellow roses tucked into unexpected places, and family and long-time friends gathered around wishing the happy couple well. Samantha and Kenny were both obviously giddy with happiness and love for each other and Lily, his daughter from a previous relationship.

Լųxųɽƴ Լ¡ʄҽʂʈƴɭҽ #aromabotanical:
Samantha chose gray and yellow as her wedding colors. Her bridesmaids wore steely gray dresses (with pockets!) and carried bouquets of yellow roses. The groomsmen wore elegant gray tuxedos with yellow rose boutonnières ...

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October 7, 2016
Pin It Weekly #173 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories


img_0270.jpg (1536×2048):

IMG_7102.JPG (1600×1200):

LOVE this wall: Wood Island #Lighthouse - #Maine

Beautiful Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Table Dresser Lamp. $29.00, via Etsy.:

That's what I've been pinning lately, but there are many others who are pinning, too. For example, Miki Orengo has been pinning inspirational quotes:

dance gifts ideas No matter what never forget to smile, Here are Inspirational quotes about smile that will help you smile and be happy more often:
Brenda Gossett has a board titled "Sew u say?" that has all manner of stitches, patterns and ideas.

Szablon do pobrania, free sewing pattern.:

Fleur de Lis Alphabet- A: Sonia Showalter:

Sample Books. Love the blanket-stitched edges.:

Renee Smith has a quilt board with 144 pins. 

Urban quilt:

modern quilt - Google Search:

canvas, use masking tape to do pattern, splatter different colors of pink for Ashton:

What have you been pinning lately? 

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October 3, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Green from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Green colour palets that stand out and are eye catching, compared to our forest green - Olivia:
As our leaves are beginning to turn their beautiful fall colors, I thought we might spend a few minutes looking at some of the green things in our world.

Fav color... Beautiful!! Emerald Chiffon Dress.  This is so beautiful I gasped.  Really.: I once loved a young man who drove a Beetle in this color. We decided to call the car "Lymon" because of its lemon-lime color.:

Meriendas- Las manzanas son buenas meriendas porque son delicioso y nutritivo:

Peach-faced love bird Amazing World                                                                                                                                                      More:

Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic:

Before there was Tupperware there was Jadeite.  During the depression when housewives couldn't afford to waste a crumb glassware manufacturers turned out inexpensive jadeite with flat lids for storing and stacking all manner of ingredients.  This pin is from Martha Stewart's collection of jadeite.  #lifeinstyle & #greenwithenvy:

"When I was six I posted two snails through a neighbours letter box" - Hannah from UK: living room color palette: bay leaf green, cinnamon & medium oak, black and white:

adidas Originals Suede Campus 80s Sneaker - Urban Outfitters:

And some quilts in greens...

Modern Strip Quilt. This is exactly the style quilt I want to make for baby girl with the fabrics I bought!!!!!:

Red Pepper Quilts: Spring Quilt.  (Might be fun for scraps.  4 strips 2 inches wide x 6.5 long.  End up with 6 inch block.: Emeralds Past Quilt Kit Blocks Pre-Cut:

This quilting really gets showcased on top of such simple strip piecing. Bag detail by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts.:

Since I'm heading to Ireland soon, I'm starting to research Irish quilting. Must get some fabric there!: Love the color, and the irregular border:  Quilt by Melody Crust:

'Modern Curves' by Anita Shackelford - Green Tumbler Quilt:

BARGELLO QUILT.............PC  second Two Fabric Bargello, sample for class at Quilts Bayou                                                                                                                                                      More:
Nancy 2 by Lynn @ little red hen (possibly for pick a color kona and or scrappy palette?):

Curious Nature Crosses, Woods by CoraQuilts ~ MrsCarla, via Flickr:

Rain Forest Exhibit... check out the other ones at the site.  Beautiful.  This one is by Janine Jones: navy and green equilateral triangle quilt, craftyblossom:

The thing that started my thinking about green was a car that I saw on the way home this afternoon. It was an odd shade of emerald green that really caught my attention. So I thought I'd leave you with a green car. It's not exactly the right shade or even the same type of car, but you get the idea. 

Chevy Camaro 2014:

What did you ...

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September 27, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: D E N I M from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Okay, okay, I know it's Monday. I spent too much time in the studio yesterday to get everything done. The good news--aside from being in the studio for quite some time--is that I got lots of papers graded, including the last of the essays! 

Our favorite lace up pieces by

adidas Originals Gazelle Gum-Sole Indoor Sneaker - Urban OutfittersCOMPOSITE TOP - Steven Alan:

DAY OFF | TheyAllHateUs:

DIY FURNITURE RENOVATION WITH JEANS. Don't like the pockets so much, but I like the worn denim with the traditional form.Who wants to bring back jean skirts as much as we do?! We are loving this throwback and want this style to be back in our lives ASAP!

vintage <a href="/levisbrand/" title="Levi’s®">@Levi’s®</a>  soon to be RE/DONE . .

Denim Hooded Long Sleeve Loose Coat BLUE: Jackets & Coats | ZAFUL:

Click to zoomBlue jeans repurposed as a tote bag.                                                                                                                                                     More

Quilts in denim . . . 

Denim Triangle Quilt | Modern Handcraft                                                                                                                                                     More

Brick Wall quilt, made with old blue jeans and flannel plaids.  Good college quilt.  Save jeans from high school.:

Another faux cathedral windows quilt, denim circles with batik inside - lovely!:

I was cutting out all the seams on the leftover jeans... Circleville Show Crafts by fluffetta, via Flickr:

denim quilt. Cause heaven knows we have enough denim to make 10 of these...:

Love the colors!                                                       …:

Memory quilt from jeans & shirts:

Diana Jackson’s Gee’s bend-inspired Red Square. 2014 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, photo by Reanna Rosemarie Alder:

Use the boys' old jeans, shirts, and pjs to make a weathered quilt like this.:

Denim Blue Jean Quilt Log Cabin Stars great idea for my dads jeans since he passed away:

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September 22, 2016
Pin It Weekly #171 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Jacqueline Freeman is a Pinterest follower who has 20 boards with a great variety of pins. Here are a few of my favorites.

Jars of buttons.  If you don't have enough buttons to fill a large jar, make a…

In the Bank... Stacks of pretty quilting fabrics are sorted and identified by color using shelf labels. Eighteen spice drawers house notions and supplies. Designed to hold labels, the drawer pulls ensure that everything is easily found and returned to the proper place.

,  BARN QUILT INSTRUCTIONS  by John Elberfeld, co-founder of Helderberg Quilt…:

Mailbox Barn Quilt by McGee Town Barn Quilts:
Like barn quilts? Check out this one on a mailbox post!

“Underground Railroad”, hidden messages  are believed to have been conveyed by…:
One of her boards is strictly about Underground Railroad quilts.

fabric scrap birdsJeanette Shouse, another follower, has only 12 boards but almost 2,000 pins--mostly all of them are quilting related. How adorable is this first one on her applique/embroidery board?

another disappearing 9-patch  variation- argyle:

like the 2 color combo variations, could use any color

Video tutorial: Disappearing shoofly block - variation 1:

Quilt Block

And what have I been pinning? Well, "Milk, glass" for one. In fact, I started a new board and already have over 100 pins already.

McKee Hickman-Milk Glass at Replacements, LtdWestmoreland Milk Glass Love Birds Covered Candy Dish    Just got this for my…

Fenton White Hobnail Milk Glass Spoon Holder/Rest by catiques, $55.00:

Milk glass totem ---- thought you'd like this idea!  (original pinner said this…: milk glass compotes - I have a couple like these:

I ...

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September 18, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: L S U from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

After Marley's big LSU silliness last night, I thought that I'd borrow a page from her book and celebrate our favorite college team. 

#lsu #babyhat: LSU Tigers Family Rules Sign. $45.00, via Etsy. #lsu #tigers #geaux:

Louisiana baby!!!....great stencil for a shirt or painted on a man cave's wall!:

Welcome - Twelve Saturdays  LOVE LSU Gameday <3333: LSU Tigers - Soft Tiger Warm Tiger Little Ball Of Fur:
Products engineered for peak performance in competition, training, and life. Shop the latest innovation at
LSU Tiger Pride iPhone wallpaper:

LSU Tigers Double-Sided 28" x 40" Quatrefoil Fashion House Flag:

Fall LSU tailgating! Cecelia Plaid Flannel Shirt (Women) Yellow/Purple:
LSU Tigers Football Decomesh Wreath by SammysWreathBoutique:

And if you think it would be difficult to find some LSU quilts--think again.  We'll start with one that was commissioned for an LSU student's graduation gift. Back in 2012 her aunt brought a big bag of LSU tees to me, and I turned them into a fun LSU quilt. The rest of these are quilts that I found on Pinterest. 

Actually planning on making one of these soon! Have found measurements and all I need is fabric. :D:

Just got this.:

LSU baby quilt I made:

Here's a great game day project! Quick, easy & one a LSU sports enthusiast is sure to love, it's Take 5 Goes WILD for the Fighting Tigers.    Features LSU novelty print fabric, tiger stripes & great coordinates - Perfect for Purple & Gold fans! The best part of all? It's PRE-CUT! You just open the package & start sewing. Have it made before the game is over!  64in x 76in  $74.95:

Ginny's LSU Quilt:

NTT and Team Spirit | My Quilt Infatuation | Bloglovin:

LSU quilt:

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September 15, 2016
Pin It Weekly #170 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Oh my stars! I can't believe that I've missed so much. We've had some family crises and school is crazy and my life is a bit up-side-down-and-out, as a late grandparent would say. 

Stunning quilt by @abbythingsforboys quilted by @freebirdquiltingdesigns using…:
I should be upfront with you and admit that I've been neglecting more than just this blog: I've been neglecting Pinterest, email, and all of my blogland friends. And I've missed my studio and sewing machines! 

String quilt:

What have I been doing? Well, not sewing or quilting, that's for certain. But we'll talk about that another day. Right now we ...

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September 8, 2016
Pin It Weekly #169 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I've enjoyed introducing some of Pinterest followers so much that I thought I might introduce a few more this week.
Cynthia Coleman has some interesting pins. I especially like her lighthouse board and check out these fun words!

inspirational sayings #‎positivity‬:

Slangkop Lighthouse ©Daniel Grebe -

Bodie Lighthouse in Nags Head - NC13 Favorite Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in St. Augustine, Florida | Traveling…:

Megan Parker's boards are fun, colorful, and happy. How gorgeous are these pins? (Pun intended, of course.) I really had a hard time leaving this board and getting back on task!
*A belle époque - edwardian diamond brooch, circa 1910 The central garland motif collet-set with an old brilliant-cut diamond to a finely pierced openwork latticework surround, set throughout with similarly, rose-cut and cushion-shaped diamonds, old brilliant and cushion-shaped diamonds approx. 3.10cts total, French assay mark, later brooch fitting, length 5.8cm
Van Cleef, Seven Seas Collection, brooch:
Exquisite platinum, 18k gold Edwardian brooch set with diamonds & an emerald cut amethyst.:

Patsy Keltch has almost 50 boards but her "sisters and brothers" board is hands down the most darling.  
newborn pic. Great idea for a picture to do with my kalei and newborn baby girl or boy:


Sister shirts - would love to get these for me and my sisters:

This ALMOST makes me want to do it all over again.:

I've added a few pins to my own boards. Recently ...

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September 5, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C I R C L E S from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Los Campos de Piedras de Giuseppe Randazzo « Cultura Colectiva:

Since I finished "That Big Chevron" quilt (photos coming tomorrow), I figure I can start a new project. Then I remembered those poor circle blocks that have been patiently waiting for their turn. I haven't added to the pile since May, so it's probably time to do something.

Sort of Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy, $25.00:

I started putting them together this afternoon. Although I've started, I need some inspiration. I want it to have a modern feel with some negative space.  Hopefully Pinterest will present something interesting. Let's see!

Circular surface design patterns for silkscreen Hola Amiga pillows / cushions by Nate Williams
Line Circle-box Overlay

#Study at home with our  online art college #Graphic #Design

Circles painted with fingers!  Painted Circles Tutorial From:  Me, With My Head in the Clouds::

Kandinsky - several circles I love Kandinsky. Don't remember this one.:

Colorful pattern so gorgeous #Smilemakerscollection:

watercolour circles                                                                                                                                                      More: HUE puts a name on specific pure colors on the color wheel, such as the primaries - red, blue, and yellow.  Goethe's Color Wheel - 1809.

And so the quilts...

This reminds me of the quilt I made at the Nancy Crow retreat.

Okay, I loooovin' this quilt!  How about big Kaffe Fassett, etc prints on b/w???

Piece N Quilt: free tutorials. This could work with the prints I bought for Sophie's quilt, on a white ground.:

lovely circle quilt. someday i will attempt shapes other than squares and triangles!:

LOVE! I want this for Carley's room!! I got a blanket as a baby shower gift and it is still in her room as part of her bedding.

So cool! Love how easy it is to create the circle appliques! Nancy-Zieman-I-See-Spots-QuiltCon:

Circle quilt idea....could be fun to make with stars and planets on a black background:

Jen Eskridge, Modern Quilts:

circle quilt and red & white   love the red outline quilting:

Baby Boy Quilt - need to find someone to make this for me out of caden's clothes:

The quilting here is just fantastic! "Circular Edges Mini Quilt" by Faith of Fresh Lemons.:

Circle quilt by ErinT.:

I hope that you're inspired! I know that I ...

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September 1, 2016
Pin It Weekly #168 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

dogs: weimaraner pups

Wimies!!!!: My pinning has been lacking lately. We're back in school and, goodness, it's kicking my backside! I'm already swimming in papers to grade and we're starting our first essay tomorrow.  But I'm not complaining or whining. Well, not much. 

So, as I have been doing, I'm going to introduce you to other pinners and their boards. Luckily, several of you have mentioned that you enjoy these posts. Thanks for the notes.

Carmen Urra, has over 2,000 pins on her 10 boards, one of which, "perritos," is all about puppies.

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August 28, 2016
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: O R I G A M I from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Macaw by Anna Trundle. This one is such a beauty, a paper sculpture made of…:

origami cats: Origami Whale ~ So cute! <3:
Muntazar Kusudama Tutorial – Origami Tutorials:

15 Tutorials for Dollar Bill Origami Tooth Fairy Gifts:

5 paper origami star box…:

Cute Origami hedgehog:

Awesome Math Art: Transforming Ninja Star:

Additional Images of Move Over Quilt Kit by Mari Martin - xxx: Simplicity at it's best: Like a quilter's eye chart the scale of the squares becomes smaller and smaller. This quilt WRITE ON WHITE features only the white fabric scale of the REEL TIME collection by ZEN CHIC:

Colour Explosion Quilt Tutorial | Bonjour Quilts | Bloglovin’:

What a dreamy quilt. It's so simple just using the one fabric but the overall design is so effective. Love stripes!:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">media-cache-ak0.p...</a>

So, it's been a pretty exciting week for me.  Last Friday I announced my calendar quilt and today I get to share another publication with you...somebody pinch me because I can hardly believe it!!  ...:

Stripes and Herringbone by Sarah Thomas of Bluprint Textiles  A Free Pattern from Robert Kaufman Fabric Company:

What a happy quilt:

Additional Images of Bedroom Style Perfectly Pieced by April Rosenthal -

Piece N Quilt: Nonchalant - Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts:

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August 26, 2016
Pin It Weekly #167 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

What's going on in your world?  There's lots of rain here. Plus, it looks as though there will soon be more if the weather systems headed toward the Gulf comes just a bit closer than the weather guy is predicting. I don't know how Louisiana could possibly hold more water. 


Martha Fultz has 218 boards and well over 100K pins! Wow! Now that's dedication! Here are a few pins from her boards:

French country:
Isn't this piece gorgeous?

Pinterest Pretties.....Blue and White Love! - The Enchanted Home:
Who doesn't love a toile look?

Sewing room organization! Oh yes...need some of that!
x: Make these w heavy duty velcro strips on back for easy hang up, swapping & removal to organize crafts, art supplies, journals, home office, command center. Use over PVC pipe tubes or shower curtain tension rods. Also great for closet organizing in bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. Mix n match fabrics to the season & holiday decor just like we do for table runners & place mats.

Martie Netuschil has ...

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August 15, 2016
10 Pinterest Ideas I Wish I Thought Of First from knot what it seams


The type of site where you can sit down to look for one thing, only to glance at the clock and find out you’ve been sitting there for over two hours. There are so many, many amazingly crafty people out there and they very nicely put up their ideas for us to drool over. Here are a few of my favourites –

From Apple Blossom Dreams. This is totally going in my house one day.


From Balancing Home. Great gift idea for kids.

Cool DIY Sharpie Crafts Projects Ideas - DIY Home Decor for the Kitchen With These Stencil Patterned Plates

DIY Projects For Teens. I’m not a teen, but I really like this idea!

Coffee Cup Candles

From ...

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Ikat Quilt für Kim from Quiltmanufaktur

Auf der Suche nach neuen Inspirationen kommt es immer wieder vor, dass sich was im Kopf zusammenbraut und irgendwann Nachts dann aus dem Tiefschlaf rausgerissen zu einer neuen Idee formt. So auch bei diesem Quilt

Ich hatte einen Chat auf mit einem langjährigen, extrem kreativen Freund auf Facebook über unsere Vorlieben betreffend Einrichtung und Gestaltung unsere jeweiligen Wohnungen. Er meinte, er fände ja meine Quilts "ganz nett", würde mustermäßig aber doch mehr auf Kelims stehen. Wer jetzt glaubt, ich könne damit nicht umgehen, der irrt nicht! Das hat mich echt bewegt.... Die Nacht nach diesem Chat war von wilden Träumen ...

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July 29, 2016
Hexi Madness! from Hayling Quilts!

As stated in the last post, I promised to show you my hexies that I had got started for my Dropped Diamonds Quilt, designed by Tacha Breucher.

The first one is the first full hexi block in pinks/reds. This is as big as any of the blocks will get and I only needed to make one of these. The second, smaller, blue one is just the start of two blue blocks I need to make, that won't be so complete. They miss a few hexies in the corner, where the border will interject.

I'm thread basting my ...

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June 20, 2016
father's day treats, and words on simplicity from edeenut

Holidays really throw things off for me. Every normal day, I'm just cruising along doing great, keeping up with daily routine. I'm getting good at preparing for the day. This summer, I'm encouraging my kids to do their chores and get dressed, to learn something new. I'm getting dinner on the table, the dishes done, and toys picked up. I'm feeling pretty good getting the kids to their scheduled events on time.

Then June 19th sneaks up on me. It's not just Father's Day, but any holiday usually throws me off. They don ...

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June 5, 2016
Seminole Quilt from Quiltmanufaktur

Auf der Suche nach Ideen für neue Workshops stieß ich neulich bei Pinterest auf Seminole Patchwork. Die Seminole Indianer verzierten ihre Kleidung mit kunstvoll hergestellten Streifen in Patchworktechnik. Es gibt unzählige tolle Muster, die unterschiedlich aufwendig sind, aber allen ist gemein, dass sie wahnsinnig viel Stoff verschlingen.... Hier könnt ihr mehr über Seminole Patchwork erfahren.

Quiltmanufaktur - Seminole Quilt - ca. 90 x 115 cm

Der Quilt hat sich als eine echte Herausforderung rausgestellt. Ich habe mir ganz viele Muster zusammengesucht, habe aber schon nach wenigen fertigen Reihen festgestellt, dass das wesentlich aufwendiger wird, als gedacht... Irgendwann werde ich mich auch an ...

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