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December 12, 2014
Japanese Selvedge Denim sewing inspiration from The Village Haberdashery

We took stock this week of a range of absolutely delicious and unique dressmaking fabrics, including a bolt of black Japanese Selvedge Denim! Selvedge denim refers to a unique type of selvedge that is made by means of using one continuous cross-yarn (the weft), which is passed back and forth through the vertical warp beams. It has come to be associated with premium quality jeans, which show the finished edges from the loom rather than the overlocked edges that are shown on other jeans. You can see that edge in this picture!

Japanese Selvedge Denim

The denim we are currently stocking is more ...

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December 9, 2014
Ich und Tischläufer?! from Quiltmanufaktur

Auf was für Ideen man kommt, wenn man lauter schöne Stoffe um sich rum hat!

Ich habe neulich dieses Mosaik mit den roten Weihnachtstoffen aus meinem Geschäft gemacht und das hat mich so angemacht, das ich unbedingt was damit machen musste.

Auf Pinterest hab ich ein Pinboard Christmas, auf dem sich ganz viele wunderbare Ideen finden - u.a. das hier mit einem Tischläufer. Bin sonst eigentlich kein Tischläufertyp! Mein Tisch ist normaler Weise roh - soll heißen, da liegen keine Sachen zur Deko drauf. Aber man kann seine Meinung oder seinen Geschmack ja auch mal ändern, oder?
Da ich momentan wenig ...

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November 17, 2014
Infant/Toddler easy 20 minute ties from Amalie's Armfuls

In my personal opinion, if you want a boy to wear a tie to church later on, you have to start when they are born.  That way, even though they are not comfortable, they are simply used to it.  My second personal I don't really care for bow ties.  Yes, they are cute on some boys, but they are just wrong on adults and therefore I personally don't want to start a trend that he might like later on.  Like it said, personal opinion.

As I was getting my son dressed for church yesterday morning I ...

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November 12, 2014
Remington's Bed room from Amalie's Armfuls

Well, I am playing blog catch up and posting pictures of past projects.  Remington's room is going to be a couple years.  Right now I just did his curtains, table runner for his dresser and his crbi quilt.  We are going to be building him a loft his sister.  Ugh.  I don't even think I have ever posted pictures of her castle bed, but I will.  I am hoping someday to have some time to refinish the dresser in his room to look like older wood and match the tree house.  It is an ...

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Fall Quilted Decor from Amalie's Armfuls

Well, this post is a bit of the new and the old.  I love Fall.  I love the warm colors of Fall.  My rocking chair is covered with two of my most recent sewing ambitions.  Last Monday, I had to cancel teaching because of a babysitter problem.  While Remington was napping, I got out my Fall fabric.  I have always wanted a tree pillow.  I have seen them in the quilting stores for a few years and have always loved them.  I pinned...oh, at least 60 different Fall Pillow ideas on my Pinterest Board Halloween and Fall Quilted Embellishments ...

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October 27, 2014
Designing a quilt with Excel, part II from One Million Stitches

At long last I have finally finished the quilt top I began months ago where I used Excel to help me determine the size and block layout. I can’t take credit for the original design; it’s called “Patio,” and it’s by Monica Solorio-Snow who blogs over at Happy Zombie.

Before I show you the top, I’d like to digress for just a minute about the pattern. I saw it on Pinterest and at the time, the pin did not have Monica’s name or blog on it. I tried to find the designer at the time ...

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October 25, 2014
Howl Kit from Scraps of My Life

Hello, hello!

Wow, so I had intended on making this post much earlier in the month but October's sort of got away from me so I'm afraid this comes a tad late...  No matter, it's time to share this month's Stash Scrap Kit Club: Howl.

Howl - October Kit

This fun kit combines deep purple with golden yellows and rich red/oranges.  Interestingly, purple is considered a neutral and is used as such by landscapers.  You can of course use all three colours or pair up just two for some fun autumnal and Thanksgiving or even Hallowe ...

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October 10, 2014
Old twist from Kelly Ann's Quilting

I want to blog...really I do but something keeps getting in the way. So I'm taking a stand...I going to start blogging again...going to start off slow but I'M BACK. First up.. I've been quilting, all shop stuff and mostly samples gearing up for the upcoming shop hop, Quilters' Quest but at least I get to hear my  machine hum. I'll be spending this weekend traveling to Pittsburgh for a

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Old twist from Kelly Ann's Quilting

I want to blog...really I do but something keeps getting in the way. So I'm taking a stand...I going to start blogging again...going to start off slow but I'M BACK. First up.. I've been quilting, all shop stuff and mostly samples gearing up for the upcoming shop hop, Quilters' Quest but at least I get to hear my  machine hum. I'll be spending this weekend traveling to Pittsburgh for a

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October 3, 2014
Gevonden op pinterest.... from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer


Deze Mona Lisa is helemaal gemaakt van knoopjes!
Knap hè!

De foto komt van KRAPLAP.BLOGSPOT , daar staat ook de naam van de fotograaf.
En vind je ook méér foto's.

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August 19, 2014
SLOW PROGRESS..... from That's Sew Kerry

Borders and Fillers

It's been an aaaagggee since I have had some spare minutes to sit down and update you on the various projects I have been working on. Life just really got in the way over the last few weeks, I have had some big life changes and upheavals which have really knocked my sideways - Oh and Festival of Quilts squueeeellll- but I am feeling much happier and getting back on track, so here we go.......

You may recall I have been working on something special for my wonderful Daddy who turned 50 at the beginning of August ...

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August 6, 2014
WIP Wednesday: cotton infinity scarf from One Million Stitches

Do you ever have a project that starts out as one thing but ends up as another? That’s what’s happened with my latest knitting project.

DSC_0003I have a bunch of white cotton in my stash, of varying types, and I thought a good way to use it up and do some mindless knitting would be to make a hand towel.

What I didn’t bank on, since I had no idea how much yardage this would take, would be that I would run out of the particular kind I was using (Rowan) just before the finish.

I also ...

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July 25, 2014
Pinning and Posting from The Chester County Criswell Quilt

I've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.  There are so many inspiring images in cyberspace, I've decided to collect a few.  One positive feature of Pinterest is the picture's source always stays with the picture - you can easily visit the original post and view the original context.

I've set up four boards.  I only have one follower so I would be pleased to gather a few more.

Friendship Quilts



Antique Album Quilts

Patchwork Blocks

Chester Criswell Quilt

There is no new Chester Criswell Quilt pattern next month but there is still plenty of activity around the CCCQ ...

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July 18, 2014
Pinterest Contest! from Lilac Lane by Melissa Stramel

We are over halfway through the year!
This is a good enough reason to have a contest right?
This contest is just for fun and there are not too many formal rules; just enjoy yourselves!

Lets make some boards on Pinterest of one of these 3 subjects:
Build an Outfit around a Lilac Lane Pattern
A Perfect Summers Day built around at least one Lilac Lane Pattern (can include other patterns)
Fun Fabric Choices to use with a (or 2 or 3) Lilac Lane Pattern (must pin the pattern as well)

This is an example of a board I made ...

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June 23, 2014
Quilt my Chairs from Road Home Quilting

Pinterest convinced me I could do this. Time to refinish ye 'ol dinning room chairs.

Yes, this is my dining room chair. I know, yikes, right?
"Chair, meet Drill."
This soft sanding attachment was less than a $1 at the hardware store.
[Why aren't quilty tools always that cheap? Just sayin'.]
You could use sandpaper instead. But, hey, if you have a drill...
You'll also need:
screwdriver (ask your chair what kind)
mallet (optional)
old towel
old quilt :)
staple gun
3 spraypaints: primer, dark blue, black

Looks better already right? Here's how it goes:
  • take seat off ...

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June 8, 2014
A TALE OF TWO SEAGULLS from That's Sew Kerry

2 Seagulls and a Lighthouse

It really has been an age since I have sat down and updated you on my shinanigans, whilst I may have been scarce I really have not been idol!! In fact this very morning I very nearly murdered 2 seagulls.....

I have had a project in mind for quite some time now and have actively been looking for patterns, ideas and inspiration on how to bring this together and move it forward. It had to be a nautical theme and have a fairly muted blue/grey/navy/ palette with maybe a few splashes of red ...

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May 1, 2014
Featured #battgirls (April2014) - Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio from Quilters Dream Batting

 We are very excited about our new blog series! We've been emailed fun and creative submissions from you #battgirls and can't wait to see what you other busy bees have been up! To get yourself caught up on all the excitement, check out our previous post.  But hurry back because we want you to meet our first featured #battgirls!


Right: Becky Everett (the Moochie)
Left: Becky's daughter (Doodle)

Meet Becky Everett, the CEO of  Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio! We have had the pleasuring of knowing Becky for some quite some time. She has been a dedicated Quilters ...

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Umbauarbeiten und Giveaway from Quiltmanufaktur

Gestern hatte ich etwas Zeit und Muße, an meinem Blogdesign rumzubasteln.
Wie ihr sehen könnt, habe ich mein Layout ein ganz kleines bisschen um das Blog-Logo herum verändert. Das war mal nötig, nachdem ich schon so ein schönes Logo von meinem Freund Tobi für meine Website gestaltet bekam :-) Er hatte auch die Idee mit dem vorherigen Blog-Logo in Form eines Etiketts - jetzt war es aber an der Zeit, beide Seiten irgendwie aneinander anzupassen!

Logo "Quiltmanufaktur" von Tobias Merkle

Banner "Quiltmanufaktur-Blog" von Tobias Merkle

Ich liebe diesen tollen Stern, den er mir gestaltet hat! Hier auf dem Blog ...

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March 14, 2014
And my new research project is…. from Monkey's on the Porch

Freezer meals!  I thought you were probably wondering what I had been up to since I promised not to bombard you with daily blog entries.  I’m sure you are probably wondering, why freezer meals?  If not, you might want to pretend.  Honestly, it’s because we need to eat better as a family and sometimes life seems to be too busy to cook the way I like to.  So, freezer meals and my crock pot seem to be a perfect answer to that!  Of course this means I have been spending an inordinate time on Pinterest (like I need ...

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March 7, 2014
Pinterest Art Board: Less pinning & More making ART! from ART GIRL

During a recent 'pinning session' I had this idea for a little piece of artwork. I love the colors in it and the marks - it's an homage to my Catalog of Marks. I admit I love pinterest because it's visually pleasing to have all the stuff you find interesting and pretty right there in front of you, lined up in neat boxes of color and shape. One of my favorite boards is my Paper Board where I pin and repin gloriously colorful artworks.

Plus it's great to get ideas or inspiration and motivation for artwork or home ...

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