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January 19, 2021
More 365 challenge blocks from Espritpatch

 I had plans to work on a bag this week, but I was too tired in the evenings to do much so I decided to make more of these little blocks. Overall it has been quite a good week for this long standing UFO!

I picked the blocks that had the same date as the day I was making them from any month that I hadn't yet done. I must admit I picked some easier, less intricates one as I wanted to try to make more than one everyday. Here are the 11 blocks I made this week.

11th ...

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January 18, 2021
Easy Patchwork: Triangle Corner made with a Square, or “Snowball” Corners from Mulberry Patch Quilts

It’s easy to make a triangle on the corner of a block, no math involved. I first heard of this technique from an amazing quilt teacher, Mary Ellen Hopkins, who wrote groundbreaking quilting books like “It’s OK if You Sit on My Quilt”, and “Connecting Triangles” among others. Mary Ellen was probably best known for creating the connector and perfect piecing triangles concepts. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to see her at her lecture in Milwaukee just a few years before she passed away (in 2013). Not only did she make quilting fun, her sense ...

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January 13, 2021
Four More Blocks This Week for my Retro '80s Building Blocks Quilt from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Progress, y'all!!!  I've made four more blocks for my Retro Building Blocks sampler quilt this week.  New blocks are circled and numbered below.

16 Blocks Finished, 32 Yet To Be Made

I'm almost out of my Kona Ocean fabric until my order from Missouri Star shows up, so the most recent 5" blocks were selected because they could make use of the itty-bitty scraps I have on hand.  I'm at least partially using foundation paper piecing techniques for most of these blocks, but a few of the blocks I chose to mix require good old fashioned ...

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January 9, 2021
» Heirloom Quilting Co.


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January 6, 2021
Quilt News! Color of the Month, White, Finished Red and Blue 4 Medallion Quilt Top, Thread Catcher Finish, Joseph Grant Park Hike from Crazy Victoriana


Lick Mill Observatory seen from Joseph Grant Park.

Joseph Grant Park trail meanders around historical buildings.

Oak tree in the park, a thing of wonder.

Red and Blue 4 Medallion quilt top finished, 60" x 60".

My Amaryllis, still blooming, a beautiful example of the color white.

Closer view of 4 Medallion top, the solid blues are Kona Cotton solids.

Yet another view, The black and white striped border by Cotton & Steel sets it off great.

January color of the month white!

My latest thread catcher finish, pieced with scraps/leftovers.

Quilt News! and Happy New Year!

My color calendar ...

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January 1, 2021
Notorious from Becca's Crazy Projects

I finally took the plunge and started quilting this little piece. This was inspired by a cross stitch design created by Prudence Kitch. If you are a cross-stitcher you should check out their snarky little darlings. Get your own copy of Prudence Kitch - Notorious on Etsy. If you want to see some of my progress shots check out this post
The background is quilted with this flower motif. 
The dress is quilted with a variegated thread to make these swirls. 
I added some detail to the lily.
The swirls make their way up the bodice.
Nothing fancy for the gavel ...

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December 20, 2020
Never underestimate the inspiration caused by a group project from Art and Quilting in Camden

Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view. -Paul Klee, painter (18 Dec 1879-1940) 

So I’m part of Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild, one of two local groups. This chapter, part of the MQG (Modern Quilt Guild) is the smaller of the two and is almost completely comprised of members of Coastal Quilters (the other group) which is part of the statewide Pine Tree Quilt Guild (Maine is the Pine Tree state). For once, I decided to participate in a round robin sort ...

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November 26, 2020
GeoOptics Quilt Pattern from easypatchwork

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out the new GeoOptics quilt pattern. I am really excited about sharing this quilt with you too. It has been an idea floating around in my head since the beginning of spring this year. I wanted to create a pattern using a simple and traditional block and flip it into something different and unexpected. And if you love mini quilts, there is a mini version just for you. I hope you will enjoy the pattern.

The log cabin block is one of the oldest quilt blocks around. In fact, you might have ...

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November 23, 2020
Finished The Piecing! from The Quilt Yarn

I am so glad I finished the piecing for Natalia Bonner's 'A Year of Stars' quiltalong. I had left the most challenging block to last (did not think that through). By that time, I had hardly any fabric left, so was faced with the scenario of only being able to have one go at it. Must admit, while I was putting it together I was already thinking  about what other block I could substitute this one for with the scraps I had left over. Was not at all confident that this would work out, 

but, tada... The Spider Star ...

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November 13, 2020
"It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Binds" from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

 ...or sings. Or both—because when I finally bound this quilt, I sang!

This quilt was part of a mystery quilt that the guild I (Teri) belonged to was doing—about 15 or so years ago. There are many details about the project I don't remember, like who designed the pattern, but I can remember many things that I learned about myself doing this project.

First, I am not very good at mystery designing. I remember waiting a few months to get started so that I could see a bit of the design coming together before I chose my ...

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November 8, 2020
Plugging Away from The Quilt Yarn

I cannot believe it, but I started a new project. Still working on my Scrappy House quilt, but got a bit bored and promptly whipped up something else in preparation to freemotion quilt an allover design.

This is my win from the 2019 Finishalong...a Fat Sixteenth Bundle of fabric from Hillstitches Fabrics. I was really curious what I could make with this. I did develop an irregular grid some time back in the EQ8 program and promptly gave that a try. The quilt will turn out at 36in x 36in using every available fabric. I got quite excited by ...

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October 20, 2020
Yes, I'm Still Here, Working On Baby Quilts... from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Hello, my lovelies!  It felt good to step away from the blog for a few days.  

We brought our 19-year-old son home from college for the weekend so he could cast his very first vote in a Presidential election during Early Voting rather than having to change his voter registration to his college address.  My 17-year-old son has strong opinions about the election that he believes we're all entitled to hearing, and he is not pleased to be the only nonvoting member of the family.  ;-). Hah!

I made more progress on my baby quilt version of the AQS "Letter ...

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October 18, 2020
DIVIDED HEARTS BLOCK 3 from Heirloom Quilting Co.

 Thank you Christa for sending me your block!

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October 12, 2020
Thoughts on Learning to Quilt from QUilting By-You

I’m sure I have done this before, but its always good to revisit things. We are a business where we teach long arm quilting and rent our machines so that you can finish your project yourself. We do all the maintenance so you don’t have to. We have a variety of thread to choose from and try to offer further classes so that you can grow on your long arm quilting journey.

Before all of that happens, we have a beginning class we require you to take. In this class we talk about getting your quilt ready for ...

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Prudence Dissents from Becca's Crazy Projects

Blogger still hasn't gotten their crap together with this new tool. Geez. When the feedback form doesn't work you know they've got their best people working on the upgrade. 
Back to quilting. This past weekend I got back to work on this fun little quilt. You can read more about this project in my first post about Prudence. Admittedly, I got better at putting the units together as I went along. 
I got to this point and realized I needed to take another look at the lily. I sat down with Electric Quilt but just couldn't ...

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October 11, 2020
Curved piecing from Quilting and More...

I took a few days off from working on my clamshells and finished another of the online classes I’ve been enjoying. This one gave techniques on designing curved blocks from traditional ones and then piecing them. I didn’t design my own block, since one was included in the lesson,  and I limited myself to using […]

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October 9, 2020
Prudence Dissents from Becca's Crazy Projects

For those of you who may get your knickers in a knot over something you perceive as political, you can skip this one. If you believe women's rights are human rights, you can stick around to see what this is about. 

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg served 27 years on the Supreme Court of the United States. She changed the world both as a litigator before the Supreme Court and as a Justice on the Court. She argued six gender discrimination cases before the Supreme Court between 1973 and 1976, winning five. My life as a mother, wife, and service-member ...

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October 1, 2020
Block construction progress from Chocolate Cake Quilt Designs

Two more vintage tree blocks have been added to the pile, bringing the total to 13! The plan is to make five more before the end of the year to get to 18 blocks. That way, if I complete one per month in 2021, I’ll reach my goal of 30.

Thanks for checking in!

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September 1, 2020
DIVIDED HEARTS BLOCK TWO from Heirloom Quilting Co.


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August 30, 2020
Machine Piecing the Modern Baby Clam Shells Quilt, with Help from QNM from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Hello, my lovelies!  My one and only weekly goal last week was to START -- just to start, not to finish, mind you! -- piecing my Modern Baby Clam Shells quilt.  I created the design in my EQ8 software in December of 2018, with a specific baby in mind whose due date was several weeks away...  Then it took me awhile to find the 9.5" acrylic clam shell templates I wanted to use (from an Australian Etsy seller who has since closed her shop).  Then I hemmed and hawed about the best way to cut out completely accurate 9.5" diameter ...

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