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November 20, 2021
aqua question mark from Making A Lather

It's going to be a beautiful fall day here- Blue sky and sunshine but 32 degrees. We have no real commitments and can stay home and do some work. We had three doctor appointments last week -all is well.

I worked on the full stop quilt that Angela is doing for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.

I procrastinated the question mark block since the color was aqua. I finally have them made and ready to go. They weren't as difficult as I was afraid they would be for me. I think I am missing the dots ...

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March 20, 2021
Grassy Creek [AKA October Picnic] is Complete! from TheEclecticAbuela

 Every year, I enjoy creating a version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. This year, her quilt was called Grassy Creek.

Grassy Creek [AKA October Picnic]  (98" x 98")

I used Bonnie's colors of red, orange, gold, and grey; however, I substituted blue for her green. I call this October Picnic because this was my color inspiration photo and the palette I created.

The quilt went together well, thanks to Bonnie's excellent writing of instructions. You can see some of the steps I took by clicking on the "Grassy Creek" label on the right pane of this blog ...

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December 18, 2020
Purple Improv Log Cabin Mini Quilt from Goer

As I reached the end of my 100 Day Project (July - October 2020) I realized that my series of mini quilts was one color short of a rainbow. Therefore, I had no choice but to make my final improv log cabin purple. There weren't many days left, so I opted for quick and easy. I hadn't made a quarter log cabin yet, so that's what I created, alternating black and white prints with purple prints.

I chose two filler motifs for the free motion quilting.


In 100 days, I completed these five mini quilts, start to finish ...

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December 14, 2020
Grassy Creek--Part 3 from TheEclecticAbuela

 So far, I'm keeping up with the clues in Bonnie Hunter's Grassy Creek mystery.

Haven't trimmed the dog ears yet!

It is a lot of fun, and it is not too late to start!

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December 8, 2020
O is for orange from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! How are you doing these days? Are you getting ready for 2020 to be finished? I certainly am ready to kick this year to the curb and move on to something else. Before that, though, I have to finish grading these confounded exams and finish up a bunch of quilty projects. Which of those do you think I am looking forward to more? At this point, I honestly couldn't choose!

I hope you are all in the mood for color and brightness today, because I have a finish to show off that is very, very bright and ...

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December 7, 2020
Orange Improv Log Cabin Mini Quilt from Goer

During my Summer 100 Day Project to make Improv Log Cabin mini quilts I stumbled upon the idea to made a spiral in my log cabin.

This log cabin was precisely pieced. I sketched on graph paper to make my plan. Then got to work.

I decided to combine my spiral plan with orange scrappy slab. (I think I had a piece of orange scrappy slab started that I was able to build on to).

First think was to cut up my scrappy slab. I used 2 1/2" strips, trimmed down to size for each log.

My palette was ...

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October 4, 2020
Hello, Autumn, Darling Quilt from Amy Made That

Hello, Friends!

Are you enjoying autumn as much as I am?
It makes me want to curl up with a new quilt,
for keeping cozy on these cool evenings.

I was stricken with All-Hallows-Eve fever
from the moment I discovered this beautiful fabric
from Fig Tree Quilts.
I first saw it used with the "Merry Christmas, Darling" quilt pattern
from Cotton Way, and it shot to the top of my must-make list.

I found this pattern to be extremely enjoyable to sew.

At first, I planned to stick with the color arrangement
shown on the pattern cover.

Pretty soon, though ...

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July 3, 2020
The big orange quilt from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! How are things at your house these days? Have you been venturing out? Here in Maryland, we've done a decent job of keeping the virus in check, and our numbers are pretty good, so I've felt safe enough to go to a couple of places this week. Don't worry, I always have a mask and hand sanitizer, and I have a semi secret stash of Clorox wipes in my car, too. But I went to a farmer's market, and I had lunch-- in person!-- with a good friend. It meant so much to me ...

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June 30, 2020
Sew Sampler June 2020 Box Reveal from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

The June Sew Sampler box couldn’t be any sweeter! We ‘handpicked’ a selection of new and top selling items that are sure to satisfy your quilty cravings. Let’s dig right in and see what we included this month! Watch Kimberly reveal this box here.

Orange You Glad Fat Quarter Bundle by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Savor the feeling of Summer to the very last citrusy sip! This sweet selection of five orange and green fat quarters from All Hallow’s Eve and Christmas Figs II, both by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda ...

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April 1, 2020
Leftovers transformed from The Academic Quilter

Hello all! I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. It's weird and stressful out there! We are now under a "stay at home" order, so we are staying home and making the best of it. I even cooked! Not brownies, actual food! So you know just how weird it really is right now.

It's weird and stressful out there, but in here we have fun and interesting fabrics, cool projects, and happiness. And orange. Today we have some oranges that were left over from the last month.  I've been working like crazy, and sometimes ...

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February 29, 2020
Leaping over orange from The Academic Quilter

Hello all, and happy leap day! I know why we get an extra day in February every four years, but wouldn't you all rather have an extra day in June? We had a minor snow squall here today, so I'm going with yes on June 31 instead of February 29.

There is a *lot* going on in my life right now. I mean, a LOT.  We went to my grandson's 4th birthday party and got to see all the grandkids, and as soon as we got home we both got hit with the worst colds ever, the ...

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orange star from Making A Lather

I forgot about scraptastic stars for February. So, I have an orange to share for the last Saturday of February for the rainbow scrap challenge. I had cut the pieces, but, forgot to make the block until I thought about the link up today.

I played with bitty pumpkins in orange using 3 1/2 inch orange squares just for fun.

I am ready for another color,
My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

I am linking to:

rsc20 super saturday

oh scrap
UFO busting - I am featured today

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February 24, 2020
Two Drawstring bags from Quilting Stories

Drawstring bags

Green drawstring bag

Green drawstring bag

Orange drawstring bag

Orange drawstring bag

Orange drawstring bag

Since my first drawstring bags, shown here, I became addicted to sewing bags! For those ones I  did not follow a tutorial, but I was inspired by pictures on Pinterest and by the tutorial I used previously from Threading My Way

As regards those two fabrics, I am so happy that I found a way to use them, and I think that the result is quite satisfying. They were in my stash for years, and seeing them from time to time I was wondering what was the purpose of  buying such a kind of printed fabric. I find them lovely ...

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February 22, 2020
orange cross block from Making A Lather

I didn't have very many orange squares, and the row x row quilt required 2 5/8 inch squares ( weird size for me). So I started cutting big chunks into 2 5/8 squares and 2 1/2 inch squares and whatever finished the scrap

The triangles called for strange sizes cut diagonally, but after doing one that way, I knew my accuquilt dies would work.

It needed a little trimming.

I only did one row this month, and will do the other orange row later, for the month of color that I don't need for the quilt ...

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February 19, 2020
A short dispatch from The Academic Quilter

Hi all! I'm waving wildly over here, from the significant mess that is my life right now. After six months of living in this house, it is finally time to banish the brown and gray, and I could not be happier, even though it has made a real mess around here. For those of you who don't remember, or maybe I never said, every room in our new place in Maryland is painted either brown or gray, with gray floors. Yeah, not great, and seriously depressing. But now it's being painted over in some lovely, happier colors ...

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February 15, 2020
shine blocks from Making A Lather

I have the orange blocks finished for shine quilt. I almost missed this second orange, because it was more coral to me. But, it really is orange next to pink. It definitely looks orange on the computer.

I fell in love with cathy's  at sane crazy crumbly quilts  tiny houses quilt.
She has been making houses with the rainbow scrap challenge for awhile, and, I had fun searching for them on her blog. And, then, I wanted to try them too. They are fun and dandy.

I think all I have left for orange is the row x row ...

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February 11, 2020
tiny triangles and wonky stars from Making A Lather

My friend Judy gave me this little pint size bag of triangle cut offs from a project she was making. I saw orange in there, so I dumped the bag. Orange is the color of the month for the rainbow scrap challenge, and I have a few blocks that need orange. I was specifically looking for pieces for a small wonky star block. Well that started me down a rabbit hole, again. Judy has the best scraps.

The triangles were all different sizes, since, she had just cut these with scissors from the back of a flip corner. I picked ...

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February 8, 2020
a bit of orange from Making A Lather

I am using a new ironing philosophy to see if I like the end results better. I have more twisted seams than I would like at the final stages of a quilt top. I am going to wait until I piece the top to really iron my blocks. I want to see if waiting until the end helps me nest the seams better when joining blocks. So the pictures of blocks will look a little wonky when I share. Who knows, maybe all I will learn is that I have only postponed the inevitable.

I was surprised how quickly I ...

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Ohio in orange from The Academic Quilter

Hi all, and welcome to the weekend! Lately it seems that I have just as much work to do on the weekend as during the week, but at least I get to do it in yoga pants. Good news for the day-- we sold the tragic vehicle that became a doorstop! I was sad to see it go, but now I'm just happy that we got something out of it. I really liked it, and it just seems weird that it went so fast. So now the search is on for a new (used) vehicle, a process I find ...

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January 29, 2020
Drawstring Baskets from Quilting Stories

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Since some time I wish to sew drawstring baskets for my grandchildren. After searching on Pinterest and on various blogs, I was lucky to find a really great tutorial on this blog : Threading My Way. I must say that I never found such a perfect tutorial, so well explained that you cannot make any mistake. I followed step by step the explanations and had not the least problem. I sewed the orange basket first, and was so satisfied with the result that next day I did a blue one. Tomorrow a pink one! Thank you Pam for Australia!

I chose ...

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