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March 1, 2021
Weekly update: Rainbow Geese, stash report, OMG, and reading from With Strings Attached

Each day brings about two more minutes of daylight. Sunrise was at 6:30 Saturday. I turned around to start for home and got a photograph of the just-beyond full moon in the western sky.The temperature got to 50!  The bulbs are beginning to poke above the soil.  (Granted, these particular bulbs were on the sunny south side.)

# # # # # # # #

Thanks again for your guesses and suggestions for the Rainbow Geese. I chose to set the m in rows to emphasize each color.  

I liked these vintage prints so much that I didn't want to use them!  I told myself ...

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February 28, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Loose Ends from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 With the end of February coming up fast, I spent the last week cleaning up some of my scrap projects and making sure I had all my yellow blocks completed.

I did get my little blocks completed for the RSC Full Stop sampler quilt.  I am not sure yet how I am going to put all the blocks together so I only made a few of these.

I also sewed together the next set of blocks for Covered in Love.  I plan on loading it next on my longarm.  Now I will start to sew together all the red, white ...

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February 24, 2021
Weekly update: OMG February, two finishes, a whole lot of potential, and reading from With Strings Attached

 My One Monthly Goal for February was to put labels on finished quilts.  One evening I went to work and got them done.  

I print multiple labels on printer-fabric sheets. Some include my name and others are just Hilyard Studio. I write the name, date, and occasion when those are relevant. When a quilt doesn't have a destination I don't include that information. (If I donate a quilt that I made in 2017 to an event in 2021 I don't want it to appear that I dusted off an old project, even if that's pretty much ...

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February 21, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Orange is Always a Good Choice from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 There is no real reason why I made the scrap blocks I did this week except Orange is always a good choice to sew with!

The main focus this last week was to start sewing all the Covered In Love blocks into some quilt tops so I can start quilting them.  So I used these postage stamp blocks for one of my RSC quilts as a leader/ender project.

I now have a total of 21 blocks completed.  I think that is the halfway point on this project.  As I come across a solid I haven't used in any ...

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February 15, 2021
Weekly update: red envelopes, yellow blocks, pinwheels!, and reading from With Strings Attached

My lucky envelope had $2
Kathy, Regina, and me
 The Zion Woman's Club had a Lunar New Year dinner fundraiser on Friday.  We sold tickets in advance for pickup at a local Thai/American restaurant.  We had a Wall of  Fortune with red envelopes numbered from 1 to 85 -- pay a dollar amount equivalent to the number to win cash prizes -- at least a $2 bill but there were some $10s and $20s and one with $100.  Regina and I thought we'd be out in the parking lot selling red envelopes but, hooray!, restaurants have reopened (25% capacity ...

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February 14, 2021
Oh Scrap! : More Scrap Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

I have been slowly working through more of my scrap blocks for the month of February.  I realized when I was writing this post that I forgot to write about my finish this week.  I guess you will have to wait a bit to see it next Friday.

I had previously made the yellow blocks for my Half Rectangular Triangles (HRTs).  So no progress on this project for February.

I also previously made my postage stamp blocks in yellow.  But when I had my blue and brown scrap bins out, I came across some ...

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February 7, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Yellow from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 A new month means we have a new Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.  And for February the color yellow was chosen.

I am working on numerous RSC quilts this year so I thought I would start the month out by making my Scrap Mixology blocks.

My yellow scrap bin is not that full right now.  It hasn't been that long since we had this color so not that many scraps have multiplied.  I made my newest interpretation of my Two Bits pattern.

I added them to the pink blocks I made last month.  The colors are much brighter in the ...

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February 1, 2021
Weekly update: an unexpected gift, stash report, OMG finished and planned -- and reading from With Strings Attached

The 2021 ALA Midwinter Meeting was held virtually from January 22-26.  FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden was the closing speaker on the 25th.  She was so vibrant!   The remarkable young poet Amanda Gorman appeared in a clip just prior to Dr. Biden's talk. 


Just a year ago I'd heard of Zoom but I'd only attended one meeting.  It does it much easier to convene groups of people who live both nearby and far away.  A perfect example:  on Saturday morning AAUW-Michigan convened a regional meeting with participants from 18 states. There was lots of good information and idea-sharing ...

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January 31, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Pinwheels from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I love it when I arrive at a plan!

I have a bunch of these cute little 4.5" pinwheel blocks in blue stacked up on my ironing board.

They are leftover bonus triangles from this scrappy quilt I made.

This year I decided to make a similar quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so I am ending up with even more little pinwheels.

Well, I finally decided to combine the two projects into these cute pinwheel blocks.  Each block will have two blue and two RSC pinwheels.  So far, I have completed pink and yellow.  I also plan on ...

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January 26, 2021
Weekly Update: making history (with mittens), pink and more pink, Grassy Creek!, and reading from With Strings Attached

It was beautiful at the beach when I snapped the photo but at 19 degrees I didn't linger!  The clouds have returned and there's snow in the forecast. 

Years ago I read a time management book that likened the results of procrastination to an obstacle that gets bigger around as the procrastination continues - so big that it takes more effort to go around it than it would be to just go over it.  That's how I've been with a non-quilting project this week that involved report-writing and statistics-compiling. I have to check to see that all ...

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January 24, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Another New Start from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 This new year began with a flurry of new starts for me.  Before I could get a handle on it, I had started almost half a dozen new quilts.

One of the scrap quilts I started uses brown scraps!
Lately I haven't been including brown in my rainbow scrap quilts.  So the color bin has been slowly swelling.  I decided to pull all the chocolate brown shades and cut them all into 1.5" strips.  I added in some 1.5" cream shade strips and made 21 of these courthouse steps styled blocks.  They will finish at 11" square ...

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January 18, 2021
Weekly Update: a flimsy and three-quarters, more scraps, and two books from With Strings Attached


We revisited Pine Dunes Forest Preserve on Sunday afternoon.  A hiking stick with a carbide tip was a welcome accessory on the packed-snow (sort of melting) trail. 

The framed four-patch batik project is now a flimsy.  In retrospect the borders (made from 2.5" squares) are a little heavy. I'm not sure whether I'll change them (smaller squares? piano keys?) rush.

Grassy Creek is three-quarters of a flimsy. All the blocks and the sashing are assembled.  To come:  a different sashing around the perimeter, an inner border, and an outer border. 

I fussed around with color placement--specifically ...

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January 17, 2021
Oh Scrap! : The Blocks Keep Coming from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I finally finished all of my pink RSC blocks for the month of January.  With seven projects going, it takes a bit to get them all sewn.

I have the five Full Stop QAL blocks finished.  I haven't put the sashing between the blocks because I am not quite sure how I will put all these blocks together.  This way my options are kept open..

I also finished up all of my QRT blocks.  They finish up at 4 x 8".

This project is carried over from last year so I have quite a few of them finished.  I ...

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January 11, 2021
Weekly update: some pink, OMG, and a squirrel from With Strings Attached

 Lynn and I have known one another since kindergarten. We reconnected last year on our high school class's 50th reunion FB group.  She joined me on Tuesday for a hike at Illinois Beach State Park. It was a pleasant 3-mile catching-up.  

Wednesday my husband and I went out to discover a new-to-us segment of the lakefront bike trail.  It was so calm -- in great contrast to the upheaval in Washington, D.C. which we watched on the news, horrified.  

(You can tell it's a different day by the color of my turtleneck. :) )

The sun was out on Saturday ...

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January 10, 2021
Oh Scrap! : More RSC Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 It seems that I have taken on a number of Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts this year.  So I have been keeping pretty busy making all my pink blocks.

The first blocks I made this week were the ones made from my Well Suited pattern.  This is the first module of my Scrap Mixology pattern series.  When I make my flying geese, I immediately turned the bonus triangles into those cute little pinwheels.  I am not sure yet what I am going to do with them.

I also made the blocks I have been planning using my Two Bits pattern.  I ...

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January 6, 2021
Weekly update: project updates, OMG, and more from With Strings Attached


Our first forest preserve outings of the year -- Spring Bluff on Saturday and Van Patten Woods on Sunday.  

Enough people had walked along the trails to pack down the snow so I didn't flounder.

Left collage: red-wing blackbird nest, a gravity defying limb, horsetails.  

Right collage: gull tracks in the sand. 

# # # # # # # # # #

I've collected/accumulated household textiles for many years. In 2019 I sold nearly all of the aprons in a yard sale. In 2020 I cut up vintage tablecloths to make tote bags (see them here).   This year I'm assessing the dish towels.  I will keep those ...

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January 3, 2021
Oh Scrap! : Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021 from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Welcome to the first link-up of Oh Scrap! of 2021. I think this will be its seventh year.  That is a whole lot of scrappy inspiration!

It is pretty early in the month, but I am already getting a few of my Rainbow Scrap pink blocks completed.  I scrounged up three shades of pink solids and made these three blocks of my postage stamp quilt.  My PSP2020 will become my PSP2021.

I started this quilt mid year so I only have 14 blocks done to date.  I am usually limited by the shades of solids I have in my scrap ...

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December 28, 2020
Weekly update: hiking, feasting, quilting, reading from With Strings Attached

 Thursday evening:   the first Christmas Eve service I've attended with my sewing machine.  That was so we could watch the Lessons and Carols on our church's YouTube channel.   We fervently hope that this was a one-and-only and that next year we can worship in person.  We dimmed the lights and lit candles for  Silent Night.  

Christmas dinner: roast beef, acorn squash, braised parsnips. Pear/spinach salad.  Cranberry-pumpkin upside down cake.  The vintage tablecloth just covered the table. (The table is mid-19th century and not a standard size.)   And when was the last time you used a pickle fork ...

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December 27, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Scrap Block Preparation from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I don't always have a lot of time during the week to sit and sew at my machine.  But I find myself time here and there to cut and pair up scrap bits to make future blocks.  I will move a small cutting mat into my kitchen, dining room or living space to cut block pieces as I work on other things.  I then stack these up next to my machine so that when I do sit down, I can be super productive.

Yesterday I was able to cut for the last blocks I need for some secret sewing ...

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December 21, 2020
Weekly update: the solstice, some sewing, some reading from With Strings Attached

The first day of winter!   The sun was behind the clouds at 7:13 a.m.   The sandy bluff where I usually take sunrise pictures, such as the one six months ago for the summer solstice, is closed to vehicles for the season.  Thus this photo overlooks the empty boat slips at North Point Marina

I took the photo on the right on my Sunday afternoon walk.  The ravine is at the end of our street. The creek flows to the park adjacent to the marina. 

In the studio:  

Grassy Creek, clue 4. 

I've made 17 out of the ...

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