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June 30, 2021
Weekend Sewing and Updated UFO / WIP Lists from Grandma's Red Needle

Happy Wednesday!
(I started writing this post Monday, some paragraphs are updated)
After working hard on WIP's and actually finish some of them  (previous post), it took me a day or so to decide what's next. 

I decided to work on the tea cozies. They are quilted and ready for binding.

Update: 2 tea cozies are done, just have to fix the loop on each. 

I've this one left to do. Insulated tea cozies are a bit tedious to make, especially to machine sew the binding through four layers cotton batting, 2 layers insul bright + the front ...

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March 23, 2021
Very Little Progress on UFO's, Cross-Stitching and Second LOCKDOWN from Grandma's Red Needle

Today the calendar shows March 23! More than two months since my previous post! How did that happen?? 

So, we are on the second C-19 wave, which resulted in lockdown from March 10 until March 25. UGH! With increasing numbers (202 per this morning), I'm quite sure the lockdown will be extended another 1-2 weeks, at least! 

My previous post shows accumulated UFO's from 2020 and older. I'm quite sure they multiply overnight! As part of APQ's  and Quiltsy Team's UFO Challenge 2021, I did finish #7 (January Challenge). 

These blocks were leftovers from a ...

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May 20, 2020
New York Beauty from Quiltwoman Blog

New York Beauty Quilts Electrified: 12 Fun, Skill-Building Projects Using Easy Foundation Paper-Piecing Techniques to Electrify New York Beauty Blocks by Linda J. Hahn, Deborah G. Stanley

New York Beauty Quilts

New York Beauty quilts were introduced in the mid-1800s. At that time the textile industry had boomed with new fabrics, giving quilters the freedom to explore complex patchwork designs. Since then, the energetic-looking design—named after the Statue of Liberty’s crown—has evolved but the motif’s sharp points and technically challenging curved seams have remained steadfast through the years. To this day, it remains a beloved block ...

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April 1, 2020
A MINI ADVENTURE from That's Sew Kerry

When I Met Tula! 

I don't think I ever told you about the time I met Tula Pink - major fan girl moment, I was really impressed with myself that I actually managed to get whole sentences out and they even made some sense!

There's always that worry that if you meet an idol or someone you greatly admire, they may not quite live up to expectations etc, but she really did! Tula was so kind and down to earth, she walked around the room before hand, talking to everyone, having a little sit down looking at the projects ...

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March 23, 2020
SEW THE RAINBOW! from That's Sew Kerry

Travelling Quilt Bee 2019

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be part of a Travelling Quilt Bee it was an amazing experience for me, I made some great 'virtual' quilt friends many of whom I am still in regular quilty contact with, as well as being a great opportunity to try new things and develop my skills. This was largely due to the fact that back then I wasn't overly brave when it came to fabric choices, colour palettes or block/pattern choices and had a real tendency to stick to what I knew and ...

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March 7, 2020
Temperature Quilt 2020 from Janet Ann Creations

My Temperature Quilt 2020 is
inspired by two sources

Book: New York Beauties & Flying Geese by Carl Hentsch


Pattern: NY Beauty Mini Quilt by Better of Thread

The pattern fit my vision for the high / low temps of the day,
but the size was off for what I needed.

So I went old school!

took out some paper, started folding and drawing,
and came up with a size that worked for my project.

My fabric had already been precut to 2.5" squares - 
Note to self: 
solidify design choice before cutting fabrics!!

making copies of my arcs on newsprint ...

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March 4, 2020
WIP Wednesday from Eagle's Wings Quilts

I’m on a finishing roll!! I pulled out  my unfinished project of New York Beauty blocks. I discovered that I have 26 finished blocks, so I need to make 2 more. But in the meantime I laid them all out on the living room carpet and sewed together what I have so far.

These blocks date back to the year 2012. They were a combination of 2 different challenges. One was a challenge to sew up different New York Beauty blocks and the other was a colour challenge. Judy at Patchwork Times posted a picture every month and each ...

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March 2, 2020
What I’m working on from Eagle's Wings Quilts

I have finished the Leftovers Sampler. I took it upstairs into the front hallway to get pictures. It is the only space in the house large enough to be able to spread a quilt out for pictures. I had to do a bit of editing for the colours since it is such a grey and gloomy day out.

 After the top was finished I still had some orphan blocks left over, so I pieced them into the back. I have had the fabrics hanging around for a long time, so I grabbed all the Civil War type colours of fat ...

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April 4, 2015
3 Down, 9 To Go from Grace Quilts & Stitches

20150404_03502020150404_035029This evening was spent plodding along picking fabrics, cutting pieces to fit the templates, sewing them up, ripping some out, slowly sewing along and pressing blocks. and getting stabbed with pins on every block LOL  You’d think I’d develop callouses or be turned into a human pin cushion at this point.

I was hoping to get a full set done, but three will do – they are done right and almost everything lines up and the smidge it doesn’t, I can live with </p>
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January 19, 2015
SUNBURST, 41 Inch New York Beauty Quilt for Sale from Quilting Cafe's Brew

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

Six months to create and loving every second. So many design, color and fabric choices,
 Pics Taken Outside
 The pure saturation of color is enhanced by the sun. The free motion quilting also shows up better outside than inside .

Back of Quilt

The quilt is heavily quilt, puckering it every which way.

The wall hanging has a wooden lath enclosed in a hanging sleeve ready for immediate display. However, the lath can be removed and the quilt can be used as a lap quilt, table topper, baby quilt, etc., making it even more ...

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