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July 20, 2020
Enjoyed Time With Family from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and started beading. I couldn't play on the computer or tablet because it's Sunday and that's the agreement we had for one day a week off line.

I listened to my audio book and beaded. It was awesome.

I got another 3 1/2 rows done. I'm on 44/580. I'm in the middle of the row because we had to leave to go to moms. My brother and his wife are visiting till Thursday. We played games and I won one of the games. My sister-in-law Christine won the ...

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July 14, 2020
Enjoying A Day With A Good Friend from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and getting ready for Sandy to come over. We had planned to do out beading again. She arrived and I gave her a lot of stuff I had for her, plus some chocolates from Escanaba. 

We had a good chat and laughed a lot. It was so good to have her here.

We are making the Folded Twisted Diamond earring. Thank that is what it's called. We are doing the one that comes together at the top. This one goes in a shape of a "V" instead of a "Z" which I think will ...

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June 27, 2020
Just Enjoying The Day from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and played for about an hour. Patrick left to go see his friends from work. They meet for coffee now that they are all retired. He said there were 4 of them today. When they first started out it was either 2 or 3 of them. Guess one more retired as well. The City of Chehalis is in trouble with all these guys retiring. Plus with the Corona-virus going on, they don't have the money to hire right now.

While he was gone, I enjoyed listening to my book and working on my beading ...

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June 26, 2020
Shopping and Beading from Quilting My Way

This morning we were out the door by 9 am. We headed to moms to head up to Olympia.

After picking mom up, we headed to Olympia and went to our favorite appliance center. We picked up a washer and dryer. It was amazing how quick it was to pick and purchase. We'll get them on Tuesday. Headed over to Sharon's to pick up 2 quilts for Debbie and the backing material. She showed me her beading! I loved the ornament she was working on. I will need to get the pattern! It's really pretty.

Then we ...

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June 23, 2020
After The Colonoscopy - Whoopy! from Quilting My Way

This morning I was off to Olympia for my colonoscopy. Lucky me. I really think the worst part of it all is the prep.

We arrived on time, had our masks on. Patrick stayed in the waiting room. I was called within 5 mins of getting there. They went over all my information. Then put me in bed. The bed I was in was the bed I came out of. They put my clothes and shoes under the bed. Well prepared. The doctor came and said "it's been a long time." I haven't been to see him in ...

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May 10, 2020
A Day Of Beading - May Have Another Finish Soon from Quilting My Way

Today I was up early. The sun was driving me nuts. lol 

I got working on laundry and then beading. 

I got to 156/206. A lot farther than I figured I could get at. It's coming along great. I can't wait to get started on the gift project. I'm a little concerned though, because it's all "dull" colors. I also did a pattern of Sophie, and that one has better colors. I'm actually having fun making patterns. Don't know if I will ever make them all but it will be fun making the ...

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March 20, 2020
Staying Home And Stitching from Quilting My Way

Today we slept in again. Might as well, there isn't any place to go - nor do we need to.

When I got moving, I sat and worked on my beading. Patrick went outside to work in the yard. He was climbing the tree later this afternoon when we went walking around the neighborhood.

Like he said, if the virus doesn't kill him, then the tree might! Not what I wanted to hear, but still true.

While he was working in the yard, I was beading and enjoying it. I talked to mom and Sharon to see how they ...

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December 2, 2019
We Are Back Home from Quilting My Way

We got back home yesterday around 4:30 pm. We had a long drive, but it was smooth. We did run into snow a couple times, but the new car drove through it wonderfully. I really did enjoy our stay with Katt.

We had fun at Thanksgiving. This is Patrick, myself, and Katt. It was awesome to spend Thanksgiving with her.

This was our trip back yesterday at the Pass. This is White Pass, which had more snow yesterday than it had when we left on Tuesday.  I love going through White Pass.

We picked up Sophie at moms. It ...

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