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October 1, 2020
UFOs No More (continued) from Kat & Cat Quilts

Happy weekend, once again! I'm bringing you the second half of the batch of quilts Louise sent back to me recently.  This pretty Flying Geese quilt is the second (first here) to come from a partly done quilt kit that was sent to us by Gail.  

Louise came up with a new design for the blocks that turned them into 2 quilts smaller than the original quilt and perfect for CiL

Next, this quilt came from another kit. This one was kind of an unusual "Lego-style" with various different sizes and shapes of fabric that all fit together easily ...

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September 25, 2020
UFOs No More from Kat & Cat Quilts

Welcome to the weekend quilters! Friday is my teaching day at the nursing school, it's a great day to end the week.  This week I'm teaching a bunch of 19-year-olds how to given hypodermic injections to hot dogs and oranges so that in just a couple years they can be grown up nurses! I'm crossing my fingers no one cuts themselves this semester ;) Hey, at least I'm not teaching it over Zoom anymore! 

Louise has just shipped back a great big box of finished quilts she made from the UFOs and orphans I sent to her ...

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March 11, 2020
Everything but the Kitchen Sink from Kat & Cat Quilts

Hello and happy March! We made it through the first long cold months of the year.  This week I have  3 quilts that Louise sent back to Covered in Love. Louise is a CiL board member and she's also taken on the role of UFO and orphan block wrangler.

I'm calling this one a kitchen sink quilt, since it combines so many different orphan blocks. Many of them have diagonal elements which ties them all together. 

This very structured quilt was made with a beautiful fat quarter stack of metallic fabrics using this free pattern.

I tried to ...

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January 15, 2020
The Latest from Louise from Kat & Cat Quilts

A new box of joy arrived from Louise this week, freshly finished quilts made from donated UFOs and orphans for CiL.  She made the one above from a panel I was sent and a jelly roll I bought in 2009.

This flying geese beauty started off as a quilt kit that has passed through at least 5 quilters.  Gail sent it to me and Louise finally let them fly into a finished quilt!

Loads of fun FMQ designs on those geese.

Finally, these purple and yellow and string blocks came from Melinda.  Louise put them together and pieced a backing ...

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December 13, 2019
Ghost of Quilts Past from Kat & Cat Quilts

Between Thanksgiving and moving house (photos forthcoming!) I've been busy the past couple weeks, fortunately Louise shipped me a couple more orphan quilts I can show you!

What's special about this top quilt is that is made almost entirely of blocks from my personal UFO stash. Strange to see them all arranged and finished like that.

Let's take a walk down memory lane...
Top and bottom row large HSTs - from this wedding quilt I made for a friend of a friend
Second row (minus the donut in the middle) triangle hexagons - from this quilt I made my ...

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November 15, 2019
More Amazing Orphans from Kat & Cat Quilts

Happy Friday quilters! I've got more of Louise's handiwork to show you this weekend.  She's been assembling orphan blocks and leftovers for Covered in Love and making a series about it on her blog.

If you've been around for a while you may recognize blocks left over from this block drive in 2016. The strip of triangles came from one of these baby quilts.

Louise did a great job matching block tone and designs to make cohesive quilts.  I made all those tiny, wonky geese from one of those 2.5" charm packs and she actually ...

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November 1, 2019
Louise's Quilty Orphans from Kat & Cat Quilts

Happy Fall, Y'all! The cool weather has finally arrived!  This week's quilts come courtesy of Louise, who you might remember from this post took on several boxes of UFOs and orphan blocks from Covered in Love to finish.

Louise has now sent back 10 quilts for CiL made from orphans and UFOs and she's putting together a great series on her blog about how to effectively use assorted blocks and abandoned projects.  (I'm about 80% sure the snowball blocks in the quilt above came from Priscilla). 

This quilt was made from shirting blocks that came from ...

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