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January 17, 2020
The End... from Val's Quilting Studio

The hum of my sewing machines seem to almost echo in our empty house as the final quilt gets quilted....
 ...and another got binding sewn on.

I thought Jackson looked a little sad until I realized while I was ironing that he in fact just couldn't find a comfy place to rest! Poor guy! I felt so bad. With no dog bed of his own nor couch to rest upon...he finally found a cozy spot in the quilt I was binding. Smart puppy. 

As many of you know, hubby and I have been downsizing this year and as ...

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January 2, 2020
My 20 in 2020 from Val's Quilting Studio

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I've been reading about the value of intentional living and have begun to discover what happiness and success mean to me. The heavy weights I've been carrying on my shoulders finally dissolving as I find myself free of so many physical, emotional and financial obligations. I used 2019 as a year dedicated to emotional healing and mindful decluttering. We literally turned our life upside down and took control of our own situation. 2019 was a major turning point for us as a couple and in the process, I began to learn what I want and need to feel ...

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December 28, 2019
Be At Peace from Val's Quilting Studio

The Idaho Botanical Garden's  Holiday Lights in Boise has been on my bucket list for a few years. 
It's nestled in the foothills and it was not only beautiful to walk through, the city lights shimmering in the background made it even more spectacular!

Replace Holiday Loneliness with New Explorations!

Our holidays have become more nontraditional since being with family is not always an option. This use to make me feel lonely and sad. But over the past few years, I learned that I was literally making myself miserable dwelling on the past. This is one of those ...

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December 26, 2019
I'm Back! New Look! New Purpose! from Val's Quilting Studio

My goal for 2019 was to be authentic as my husband and I found ourselves at a crossroad that would find us making an intentional, major shift in our lives both emotionally and physically. It was time to accept what was truly no longer a healthy option for us and recreate a new life for ourselves.
Welcome 2019!

Life's journey is full of hills and valleys.  
But we can't give up when life get's hard.  I'm rebooting my blog after almost a year long sabbatical with a new face-life and mission. It is my hope to provide weekly ...

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