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December 14, 2017
I Like Thursday # 67 inspiration to laugh from Not Afraid of Color

I tend to clip things out of magazines, newspapers, menus, wherever there is an inspiration I want.

I also love to laugh. One of my early memories is being a first grader, just able to read, and clipping comics out of the Tampa Tribune to make my own humor book! I became allergic to hydrocarbons so I can't really get the paper anymore but I looked through a pile of clippings before the move.

Some of them for paintings, or art quilts. The above is four clippings.
Top left was saved for a valentine quilt one day
Top right ...

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December 7, 2017
I Like Thursday # 66 ---- moons X 3, race cars, and a poodle from Not Afraid of Color

from one of my art quilts, "at night the ferns danced"
Welcome to this week's list of likes! 
since I wanted a picture of the full moon this week, but didn't get one because of the haze, I put in a close up of one of my art quilts. I painted the leaves and appliqued them to the top. I painted the face, covering it in layers of sheers. Heavily quilted and beaded. One day I might show the whole quilt... it's one I share in lectures. 
On to the list of likes... 

Starting with the brilliant ...

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November 30, 2017
I Like Thursdays # 65 Dishing it up! from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes

 It's officially the start of the Christmas Season, according to these salt and pepper shakers given to me by my friend Nancy at pugmom

Although it's been in the 70's here near Annapolis... we walked past the marina in our neighborhood Sunday and this lovely view caught my eye
There are reasons we're leaving this neighborhood, but also things we'll miss that we've come to take for granted. We can walk past one of the three rivers off the Chesapeake Bay every day, and feel the ...

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November 28, 2017
I Like Thursday #64 Thanksgiving! from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes... Thankfulness edition (that image is from my flannel Thankful quilt made from scraps. I used a combo of 9-patches, 4 patches and solid squares all the same size, then inserted areas to applique. I believe I showed it on the blog at some point.

On to the show...

The above image is the amazing sunset sky over the Sugarloaf craft show last weekend. We have gone to these high end shows every year since we moved here, and it never gets old. Never. 400+ artists, some of whom have become friends.

I ...

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November 20, 2017
I Like Thursday #63 Quotes, Quests, and Quilts from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes. I did a post with a lot of likes a couple days ago... please go there for a better list. It's been a challenging week again but even when life is throwing stones at you, there is usually a number of good things to like as well.
My other "I Like" post is HERE!
On to the other likes!

I get the daily emails from The Writer's Almanac. I haven't had time to read them lately but this caught my eye...
Robert Louis Stevenson, who said, “There are no ...

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November 9, 2017
I Like Thursday #62 New haircuts, old homes and shoes from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! 
I Like grand old homes!
This one in Whethersfield CT had a little fairy village in the side yard next to the old iron fence
 Any of you have a fairy village in your yard? I heard it's all the rage.

 I like odd architectural details on a house...
 if you can, squidge this one bigger to see the odd bowing out peak at top. I also love a big porch!

I LOVE the tiara/Fascinator bought in Frederick last weekend.

 Drew said I must have it, so he got it ...

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November 2, 2017
I Like Thursday #61 chips, trips and Turkey Tales from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
There are too many since we went on a walkabout to CT and I saw tons to like. It will become two posts so stay tuned y'all.
I learned I love antique shops. Quirky stuff, history, variety. Why just look at the little lady above!
A pin cushion extrordinaire. I can't imagine why I didn't purchase her... wah! The house was awesome and I chatted to the owner for a long time about it.
I LOVE Fall! Look at how the sun illuminated this tree, already glowing from a ...

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October 30, 2017
I Like Thursday # 60 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to another week of likes. It's a small list as it's been a very difficult week.

I Like the dolls I've made including this pair of fallen leaves girls!
Like my pin cushions, they give me a sculptural sense, and are a great place for beads and tiny extras.
I get to choose fabrics, play with scraps, sew, turn and stuff, needle sculpt, paint faces and bead!

They are sitting on the front porch amid real leaves, but they live on the banister above my antique sewing machine, amid flamingo lights.

Just look at their pretty ...

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October 19, 2017
I Like Thursday # 59 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to another I Like Thursday post!
Let's get started shall we?

I like Mums in the Fall! These were on sale today at ACE for $2 a pot. I got 4 colors!

I liked this Halloween display on a house near me
 Simple really large spiders!

I Like finding treasures while excavating the basement.
this shirt I made before I was really into art quilting. It was a way to express myself before I studied painting.
9 things to love about Tampa... all that and a flamingo on the shoulder! 

And this one made for Christmas

And ...

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October 12, 2017
I Like Thursday #58 Renaissance Festivals and Other Diversions from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Of course there are lots of normal everyday things to like each week but I am so distracted, busy and terrified of the changes happening to me that this week I will focus on diversions from all the decisions! Renaissance Fest, tv shows, videos and books.
I LOVE a Renaissance Festival. LOVE!
I worked the festival in Largo Florida, much like the village here it was a permanent site that created a magical moment for visitors. I was a magicians assistant one year, and a street personality the other 12 years. For ...

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October 9, 2017
I Like thursday #57 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome again, to this week's list of likes! 
While looking through a lifetime of saved objects I have been finding some that I forgot about.
The mushroom was hand stitched by my hands as a teenager.

I always loved sewing and crewel work. It is a tablecloth full of garden and mushroom images! I went through a moment when I tired of it and luckily did not toss it since I love it again.I do not like people to say "if you haven't used it in a year, throw it away un-looked-at"

Oh no, that does not ...

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October 4, 2017
I Like Thursday # 56 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I liked this bowl with a poodle in Fall enough to buy it despite having to pack and move it cross country!
If you like it too, I got it at Pier One. I also loved a lot of their current furniture and when we settle if there is any money left for furniture, I will go see what's there.

I forgot I liked Pier One!

And they welcomed Milo in Columbia whereas the Pier One in Annapolis said, no dogs! In a shopping center connected to condos that have many ...

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September 21, 2017
I Like Thursday #55 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

This picture is the underside of the chandelier in the Illinois Old State House  where Abraham Lincoln was a member of the house of Representatives. He gave his first anti slavery speech here. More about that in some travel posts to come. I liked walking on the same floors he did. I liked the hostess of the building. I love history.

I Like America's got Talent this season!
Image result for america's got talent
If you only watch once, find the one from Tuesday night's final competition. Each person is unique and so very talented whether ...

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September 17, 2017
I Like Thursday # 54 Scenes from CO from Not Afraid of Color

I'm on the road, but here are a few images for I Like Thursday... more later on all the likes and adventures but for today...

I Like wildflowers in a mason jar. This was seen in a historical society of Arvada CO house built turn of last century.The women I met were just lovely and I may come work there when I move to CO. I used to work at the Archeology lab in Historic Annapolis. It's a passion of mine.

I liked visiting Wooden Spools quilt shop  in Englewood CO. They allowed Milo to chill while ...

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September 7, 2017
I Like Thursday... cross country part three from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes... and continuation of our cross country trip. 
And we're still in the van! Day four!

Of course we stopped in Goodland Kansas to see the world's largest sunflower painting!
 I don't know the whole story but It's a story I'm sure!

See Milo and Mama at the bottom? Makes me look petite doesn't it? lol
It's flat here. Note the blue sky and location.. right next to Bubba's Meat Block
and the pizza hut. Better take advantage of finding food around here... few and ...

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