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June 1, 2023
I Like Thursday # 352 we all scream for ice cream from Not Afraid of Color

welcome to this week's list of likes, starting with one of my morning sketches, I love ginko leaves

also while making dinner this weekend, I looked closely at the salmon...

 Isn't the skin pretty, silvery, triangles tessellating next to each other... 

 we like it pan sauteed with butter, salt and pepper... our meal completed with mushroom risotto from Amy's and sauteed spinach. Neither of us is comfortable cooking fish so this always feels special.

another love is roasted peppers, here ready to stuff with cheeses

and freshly baked moist banana muffins...

we also love these peppermints from ...

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May 26, 2023
I Like Thursday # 351 are you going somewhere? from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes... kind of short on likes this week but here goes

I like rain now that we live out west.... except the flooding. This is our back yard recently... I like that birds can have a bath, and drink water, and find floating worms for breakfast! 

I like that the Zen Stitch workshop is over, I enjoyed it but even pleasurable hobbies can drain you...

I liked sewing this week on my portal quilt, and the center is done now.... I liked the colors, designing it, and sewing the blocks together. I love ...

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May 19, 2023
I Like Thursday # 350 celebrity crush from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes.... starting with painting and drawing. I'll show the whole picture on Saturday's creativity round up post, but Iris mean spring to me, still, even though there are NO spring flowers in our 'hood in Colorado.

We have had rain, which should help our new grass plugs to root... I'm rooting for them! 

I loved doing a quilt pattern with my friend Cindy this week, as well as the Zen Stitch workshop (online hand stitching fibers)  I also loved that Joy is back, and we zoomed this week! 

I Loved ...

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May 11, 2023
I Like Thursday # 349 music soothes the beast from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes... that's the calendar page from May... and so true

this week, our prompt is continuing the music theme, and I like that I found so many good, really good videos this week because of thinking about the prompt... like Angelina Jordan... truly amazing talent


"do you have a favorite musical style?  For fun:  what kind of music calms you, makes you want to dance, or stimulates you creatively? "

You know what? these are my favorites, yours may and will differ from mine, and it's OKAY to have different viewpoints ...

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May 5, 2023
I Like Thursday # 348 Sing, sing sing! from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to our house, and to this week's list of likes

the picture is a tease for my Creative week post  on Saturday. An older quilt, and this is the center

I like quilt making...

this is my latest finish, hand sewn hexies, now quilted and on the family room table

I spent time painting this week, during morning coffee... here is one painted over one of my other likes, Kakuro puzzles, and I wondered what it would look like to paint over them

Fine dining

I made homemade cream of mushroom soup and Keto Almond flour biscuits to ...

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April 30, 2023
I Like Thursday # 347 from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes.... it's a short list this week so let's get started...

I liked having plantain chips again, even if they are a bit thicker than the ones from Trader Joe's. 

I like the books by Ellery Adams, I finished the audio book from last week, and am on the final one in this series, 

I got into one of my kindle books, 

Halfway to You: A Novel by [Jennifer Gold]

after not liking the last 2 I started from the library, but now two books I had on hold at the library have come in... shall I put ...

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April 21, 2023
I Like Thursday # 346 from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with a spring quilt I hung up in the stairwell...
I like to sift through finished quilts to decorate


on ebook

Halfway to You - Audiobook by Jennifer Gold

Lately I've started and sent back several books including ones I mentioned. That being said,  this one is new to me, so I don't know how it will be. 

listening on audio: loving this next book in the series about Perveen a lawyer in India in 1920's


I liked this breakfast one morning at the crack of 10... I don't like to eat too early ...

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April 13, 2023
I Like Thursday #345 from Not Afraid of Color


last year's table topper with my canoe from Lake Placid
welcome to this week's list of likes

... starting with a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth with elastic to keep it on our patio table! I think I found it on amazon but can't remember. The wind in colorado is no joke, and I've watched the table and chairs skitter along the patio from winds so finding a table cloth that stays put??? priceless!


 our prompt, are you a morning person or a night owl? When are you most alert? What do you like about being the way ...

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April 6, 2023
I Like Thursday # 344 easter baskets from Not Afraid of Color

welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with the quilt project I worked on this week... 20 colorful sweaters I'd like  in a size I could wear! More on Saturday's post!

We needed sweaters this week, It was hot, then dropped 70 degrees and snowed two days and is headed back to 80F this week. Crazy town! While it was cold I made some treats for us 

cinnamon buns, this scent should be bottled!

before frosting with cream cheese icing

a bit of work, two risings, full of calories, but just before the last baking you ...

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March 30, 2023
I Like Thursday # 343 from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes.... I like lights and roses on my mantel with my fabric butterfly hanging there. 

The weather is bizarre, we've had both snow and nearly 70F temps this week.

What better thing to do than find the little things to like this week, but before that, I am sad to the core about school shootings.. 23 people killed or injured at 13 school shootings in the last three months alone. The vast majority of American's want some kind of limits put on firearms, including people who own guns. and yet... 

now ...

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March 23, 2023
I Like Thursday # 342 from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like pretty easter pastel fairy lights, and put them along the stairs with some green leaf garland, and around the family room window too. So pretty!

I've been under the weather, dealing with a very poor back, several migraines (from yard chemicals neighbors put out) and the burst of cold temps started my chillblaines again (blistering on fingers) so this might be short...


audio book, just finished, was really good. Imagine writing a new ending to stories and having them come true in real life... recommend it highly!

 now ...

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March 17, 2023
I Like Thursday # 341 from Not Afraid of Color


 welcome to this week's list of likes, and since our prompt is  

"  do you like Spring flowers? Which ones are your favorites? Do you plant them in your yard? is there a particular color you like? Any interesting story to tell about seeing Spring flowers emerge? Is there a time you were stunned seeing a whole collection of them somewhere like I was at Longwood Gardens?"

Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in D.C. in 2023
cherry blossoms in Washington


My opening pic is of  cherry blossoms... we lived in the Washington DC area for many years. Just being that far north allowed me to enjoy and grow Spring ...

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March 9, 2023
I Like Thursday # 340 dreaming of a dream studio from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes! This pic is of a shelf in my studio... I love hula, poodles, flamingos vintage images and books! 

let's start the party, shall we?


 Fine Dining

 two fails this week, both keto biscuits (scones for the english among us) one from almond flour and one from oat flour, both tasted like cardboard would, flavorless with odd texture. 

dh reviewed that even with butter and marmalade they steadfastly remained tasteless

can't win them all

 O. M. Gosh these kitchen shortcuts are simply amazing to me. I actually do one of them ...

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March 3, 2023
I Like Thursday # 339 talk about your studio from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's short list of likes... starting with our prompt, what do you like about your studio or whatever you call the place you create art.  Do you wish it was different or want to change it?

When we moved in this nice house, I thought, but the studio rooms are so leetle !!! 

and they are, the one on the left is 12X12' (might be smaller as I used my feet to decide) and the one on the right, or Studio One is about 11' X 13" but also has a walk in closet. I quickly decided ...

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February 24, 2023
I Like Thursday # 338 it's the little thoughtful things that count! from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes! Starting with a morning sketch. As few lines as possible, two colors of watercolor, painting only negative space. 

Sometimes you can convey a concept in very little time... 

It's cold and snowy... went from mid 60'sF on Tues to below 0 and snowing all day on Wednesday. 

Weather whiplash! 

Reading this week: 

finished Golden Girl on audio and just loved it! Now on audio is one recommended by Wendy


intriguing look into a different life, Bangalore in 1920's and a terrific reader. I'd listen to everything she reads ...

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February 16, 2023
I Like Thursday #337 from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with watercolor painting. 

This was a tutorial on how to paint a droplet of water, and mine doesn't look much like one but it's a heart and I like hearts. I believe this is a phrase that Jesus used... 

So let's get on with the list...

I like reading,

 and indeed the prompt for Project Quilting is books, and I made something special. Tune in Saturday for that please.

My ebook for the week is the same as last week, along with this one. I've been listening ...

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February 11, 2023
I Like Thursday # 336 V-day from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes, starting with a little painting I made in my recently hand made book... 

I cut up one of my paintings to make the cover
more pics on Saturday's creativity this week post, I liked the book making workshop this week...

I like hanging up a selection of my Valentine quilts, this one used to live in our Dining room. It is made of lots of 2" squares, and appliqued hearts on vines, and is probably about 20 years old. 

I like the book I'm reading now, free from Kindle, it ...

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February 2, 2023
I LIke Thursday # 335 Magenta anyone? from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's list of likes, starting with baked goods and a Valentine Kitchen towel

complete with poodle! and so you can celebrate, today is Ground hog day AND Tator tots day! 

Funny Groundhog Day Memes You Can Laugh at No Matter the Forecast

 On with the list...

 I liked this quote this week from Alexander James

I sewed two small quilts this week, but need to show you one of them tomorrow. The other one is this year's Valentine quilt so that will be revealed closer to the 14th...a sneak peak of the first one, for the challenge to take a prompt and make a finished quilt ...

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January 27, 2023
I Like Thursday # 334 from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like snow, good thing! It's snowed several days since the big one foot of it last week. I looked out to see these mighty icicles on my neighbor's roof and realized snow tends to evaporate before it makes icicles here. But it's remained cold while being sunny this week. Yea!


I like the new blanket we bought at khols during Christmas sales...

it feels like the softest toy... and is warm. We all love it! I admit at night to putting my arm out of the flannel sheets ...

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January 22, 2023
I Like Thursday #333 from Not Afraid of Color

 welcome to this week's list of likes....

I like putting out Christmas decor and packing it away. At least it's off the tree and mantle and onto the dining room table. I adjusted the mantle to be snowy, with snowflakes and icicles and white lights 

the big snowflake sparkles in the light!!!
and a couple of my origami things

 and I wanted to keep some lights for V-day... red and pink on the tree...

I just wound two strands of pink on the tree in a heart shape, and put red lights around the window

don't you ...

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