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August 8, 2014
Yogurt Maker from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

When I made the “how to make your own yogurt” post, someone left a comment about their Cuisinart yogurt maker. You think I get you in all kinds of trouble with the things I share but you readers sometimes cause me to rush out and buy things too. I’m not much of a shopper so […]

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May 27, 2014
Homemade weekend from Love Laugh Quilt

It is SO satisfying living a homemade life.
I love using the things I make
and eating the food my husband grows.
The past weekend was FULL of homemade over here.
We ate outside on the thrifted table cloth
that began life as a shower curtain.

I Pickled the beets from my husband's garden.

I also ate a few blueberries off the bush he has on the patio.
It's the PERFECT snacking tree!

Living a homemade life is also knitting between things.
between cooking.
between computer.
during computer...??
while waiting for school buses....
During picnics talking with friends ...

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March 28, 2014
Basket Busyness from Summer Sadie

So Easter is right around the corner, can you believe it?  In some ways this year has gone incredibly fast, and in some ways it seems like January 1 was a lifetime ago.  It’s also been a whole year since I last posted.  A whole year!  Crazy.  It’s definitely been an eventful year for me.  Eventful last 4 months, really.  We moved cross country, and I had another baby!  But those are all stories for another time.

So back to the point, Easter is right around the corner.  I’ve been wanting to make an Easter basket for ...

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March 27, 2014
Weight Loss Wednesday- Episode #6: What I drink from Crafty Gemini

In this week's episode of Weight Loss Wednesday I'm telling you about what I drink on a daily basis. In future videos I will share some meals, recipes, and more. But let's start with the drinks.  I'm not very good about staying on top of my water intake but in this video I share with you two ways that I'm getting better at it. I also tell you about two different ways I prepare my water for drinking, what I drink on a daily basis and a few other drinks I make at home and ...

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February 11, 2014
Heart Bunting Cake Topper…and a Cup Cake from Incomparable Buttons

The paper heart bunting from my previous post has come in handy over the past few days…and as fast as I make a new string I find another use for it. I used it as a stencil for dusting icing sugar onto this passion fruit curd roll cake I baked. And now I've hooked it up as a nifty and pretty cake topper. Simply take your paper heart chain and attach it to the ends of two

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April 28, 2013
Court Jester from WAR QUILT


In fifth grade, I played a court jester in a school play. My mom looked at a Norman Rockwell painting of a jester and made a costume from scratch with no pattern. She's good! We found the costume recently, and I wanted to share her ingenuity.

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January 16, 2011
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls from I Love Baby Quilts!

It's raining and freezing here today so I'm making the most comforting thing I can think of, homemade cinnamon rolls! I'm using this recipe if you get inspired to join me. The dough is really beautiful and easy to work with. I also think I'm going to drizzle with a powdered sugar glaze and I left out the nuts because I didn't have any.

Here's a process shot. Definitely not a diet dish! My two tips are: use real cinnamon, not Cassia cinnamon and use quilting thread to cut the rolls. It says to ...

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March 1, 2010
1st Entry from Queen B's Quilts and Crafts

I'm so excited to embark upon this new endeavor! My cousin Vicky and I will post pics and descriptions of different crafts and quilts we're in the process of making. We'll let you know about any upcoming projects we have going on. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Queen B

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