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August 2, 2020
Hand Appliqué, Knitting and Y-seams from The Cozy Quilter

I have been working on a secret project this week which cannot be revealed until October.  It involved some hand appliqué so here is a sneak peak:

I will continue to work on this project behind the scenes for several weeks.  I am waiting for inspiration to hit before I do the next step. 

In the knitting department, I made a simple dishcloth out of some leftover yarn from one of the facecloths.  I thought there would be enough left in the ball to make the dishcloth, but I ran out before finishing so I just cast off.  This left ...

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July 26, 2020
Challenge Met and UFO done! from The Cozy Quilter

Back in January, the program committee at the Oxford Quilt Guild issued a challenge.  Each person that wanted to participate was asked to bring in a yard of batik material and a pair of scissors.  We stood in a big circle and listened for instructions...  Fold the fabric in half, snip it at the fold, rip it in half, drop half in front of us and pass the other half to the person on our right.  "Fold it, snip it, rip it, drop it, pass it!"  This was repeated with until each of us had 7 pieces of batik fabric ...

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March 13, 2020
Weekly Sewing Report from The Cozy Quilter

True Confessions:  I started a new project this week.  As I have been cleaning out my sewing storage area, I discovered that I have a large collection of batiks.  They had not all been stored together so I put them in their own (large) bin as I found them here and there around the room.  I decided that I needed to make a batik quilt or two in an effort to use them up.  Pulling out an assortment of blues, greens, golds, oranges, reds and purples, I decided to make Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips pattern.  Here is one of ...

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December 6, 2019
Sneeze Challenge from The Cozy Quilter

The Oxford Quilt Guild issued a challenge at the September meeting...we were each to chose a Kleenex box and made a quilted item using either the colour scheme or the pictures on the box as our inspiration.  They called it the "Sneeze Challenge".  Today, all of the projects were revealed and we had to match the boxes with their respective projects.  There were 30 challenge projects completed and it was fun to figure out the inspiration for each quilt. 

The flattened Kleenex boxes were on display above the quilts, but not necessarily near the quilt that they matched.  

My ...

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October 6, 2019
ANOTHER MISSED PROJECT! from The Proficient Needle

During our June meeting, our out-going guild president announced a challenge.  Those who chose to participate, pulled a box front from a large brown envelope, and had to complete a project of their choice, using all the colours on the box.

Of course, I forgot all about it until a couple of days before our meeting in September.  They only work I had done towards the project, was to pull one piece of fabric from my stash.

I spent some time planning the project using EQ8, and I even printed two parts so I could paper piece them. 

My quilt ...

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