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March 19, 2020
Makers' Manifesto + Typecast Fast from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

IMG_2290-mockup-crop-tight copy
Hello Makers, Sewists, and Quilters!

My name is Sheri of Whole Circle Studio and I am a designer, independent quilt pattern publisher, professional quilter, and teacher. I’m super excited to share the evolution of my latest quilt block pattern—Typecast Fast and some fun projects that Art Gallery Fabrics and I collaborated on.

Typecast Fast is a foundation paper pieced (machine pieced) pattern that includes all 26 letters of the
English alphabet, all the numbers, punctuation, and special characters — a total of 50 block designs!

I made this quilt, incorporating all 50 blocks included in the pattern, with Art ...

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March 18, 2020
Making Us Laugh Blog Hop - What Does the Quilt Say? from Creatin' in the Sticks

Welcome to Creatin' In the Sticks
my day in the 
Making Us Laugh Blog Hop

trying to at least make you giggle.

one of the funniest gals I know,
invited me to make you laugh
with a quilt project.

What better time to hop around and see some smiles?

Paper pieced letters

 and improv blocks.
(I have a mountain of white scraps)

So I hope my quilt top makes you giggle.
I named it, What Does the Quilt Say?

Be sure and visit all the other smiles in the hop.

Wednesday March 18

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February 17, 2020
Octagon baby quilt from Granny Maud's Girl

With all the attention focused on my stepdaughter and her baby in 2019, I failed to make her cousin, my husband’s niece, anything for her newest arrival. Better late than never, right?

In December, I showed hubby a couple of pattern ideas from my scrapbook and pattern collection. Of all the options I showed him, he chose ‘Cameos’ by Fig Tree & Co. I do not know how many years that pattern has been sitting in my cupboard, so it is great to finally use it.

Baby quilt featuring octagonal design

There is a big crease down the middle, but you get the idea.

The ...

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February 12, 2020
New Pattern: Kawaii Cupcakes from Blossom Heart Quilts

Fun fact: Did you know that in Japan (and in other countries in Asia, too) they have two days to celebrate love? Valentines Day on February 14, and another a month later on March 14 called White Day. Traditionally, the girls give the guys little chocolates, candies or cakes (especially the homemade variety) on Valentines Day, and on White Day, the men reciprocate… although usually with something bought.

Another fun fact: I sketched up a series of different food groups as kawaii quilt blocks over two years ago featuring adorable little eyes… hence the kawaii (which means ‘cute’ in Japanese ...

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January 31, 2020
welcome 2020 from easypatchwork

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us today. I would like to welcome everyone into the new year 2020! May you all be safe, happy, healthy and prosper in your endeavours in the new year and the new decade.

We rounded off 2019 with a second sew along - The Enchanted Paper Doll Fall Sew Along. I hope you were able to follow along and soak in the beautiful angels, fairies and princesses made by all of the participants in our sew along on Instagram. A great big, wonderful thank you to all who did. I enjoy seeing your creations. Please ...

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January 29, 2020
enchanted sal - lilly from easypatchwork

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us on this last Sunday before Christmas and the last edition of the Enchanted Fall Sew Along. I am so happy you could make it. Get your cup of coffee, tea or morning breakfast ready to take in a little reading this morning. Today, we are introducing the lovely princess, Lilly. She is a modern day princess and only wears her crown on special occasions and state

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December 22, 2019
enchanted sal - katharina from easypatchwork

Hi and thanks for joining us today on another edition of the Enchanted Paper Dolls Fall Sew Along. I am happy you could stop by. Grab a cup of coffee and read a little bit about the next figure in the sew along. We are looking at Katharina today. This name is the mother of all names for me just like Catherine or Katherine. Why? Both my name and my sister's name is a derivative of this

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December 8, 2019
enchanted sal - isabella from easypatchwork

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Enchanted Paper Dolls Falls Sew Along. I am really happy and excited that you are joining us today. I see there aren't too many followers of the sew along, but I am happy nonetheless. There are a few diligent participants that are sewing along. Let's all applaud them, shall we?! Today, we are introducing Isabella, the ninth figure in the Enchanted mix and match

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November 30, 2019
enchanted sal - gigi from easypatchwork

Hi there! Thanks for joining us. Today marks the seventh week of the Enchanted Sew Along. A great big thank you to all who are sewing along. It truly warms my heart seeing what you make with the patterns! We will be looking at the beautiful, Gigi in this post. She hasn't been shown yet. She remained a bit of a secret as well as four other figures.  Before we get into the blog post, I

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November 10, 2019
enchanted sal - eva from easypatchwork

For those of you who are following our sew along, thank you for joining us and reading this post. It tickles my heart. Today we are taking a look at Eva, a beautiful garden fairy with short wings and a knee-length dress. Each week a new figure will be highlighted from the Enchanted Paper Dolls pattern book. I may even give some tips and tricks about sewing the figure as well. ; ) If you

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enchanted sal - fiona from easypatchwork

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by. I truly am tickled that a few are actually following the sew along posts! Thank you for your interest and support. This week we are taking a look at Fiona. This is our sixth week of figures. We are not halfway through our sew along. I have been gathering prizes for two winners and will be showing them in the next weeks. Each week a new figure will be

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October 29, 2019
enchanted sal - celeste from easypatchwork

Hi again and thank you for joining us on our third week of the Enchanted Sew Along. If you are new to our sew along, let me give you a quick recap. Each week a new figure from the Enchanted Paper Dolls booklet will be introduced and highlighted. I will be giving a few tips along on how to sew it together. You can purchase the booklet here or purchase the individual PDF's of the figures here.

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October 17, 2019
Quilt Tools 2019 from Carol Lyles Shaw

Using the right quilt tools makes all the difference when you are quilting.  Good tools help you cut and sew more accurately and generally make the entire process more enjoyable.

And, you don’t have to spend a lot of money–just focus on a few high quality items and they will last forever.

Here are some of my favorite tools.  No affiliate links–opinions based on personal use only.

Shop Local

As always, please check with your favorite local quilt shop or local shops with online shops before going to ‘big’ retailers. Note:  there are NO buying links in ...

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October 5, 2019
‘Christmas Tree Skirt’ from Granny Maud's Girl

I finished this tree skirt three days after last Christmas, or 362 days before this Christmas (as I prefer to think of it), but it has taken me a while to get the pattern written and finished.

Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl
Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl

‘Christmas Tree Skirt’ pattern by Granny Maud’s Girl

The project started a couple of years ago when I realised that I had sent our only tree skirt to our family’s holiday house on the other side of Australia. It was only a piece of cheap satin that I had hemmed in a circle, and I had sent it away because I ...

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December 3, 2016
Samoyed Quilt Success! from The Quiltopians

After a big Friday evening and Saturday of sewing I finally finished the Samoyed Quilt for Auctions. I have called it Never Too Many Samoyeds.  It uses the friendship star (sourced from a book called 500 rotary cut blocks- and what a gem that book is) and the Samoyed foundation pieced block by silver linings designs. I used fabric by Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler and Cotton and Steel with a few pieces from my stash as well. It turned out so beautifully with quilting done by Kyeen Marie Quilts a friend from my quilting group. Kyeen appropriately quilted Snow flake ...

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December 14, 2014
Two 6" blocks = 240 pieces from Jerusalem Notes: Fiberwork by Debbie

I'd been doing a lot of knitting and came across problems that were bothering me in two projects. I decided to put them aside (temporarily), switch gears, and do some FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing). That's always a fun process for me.

About a month ago, Carol Doak designed a new block for the members of her CarolDoakQuiltingGroup yahoogroup. It's called the Holiday Star and it has a total of 112 pieces. I love blocks with lots of pieces! Carol provided the pattern for a 12" block. I made it smaller, 6", printing out the pattern using Mona ...

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