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April 18, 2020
Beyond Beer Mats from Road Home Quilting

Remember when we used to make collections on Etsy, what was that called?
Oh yeah, Treasury!
Trying to finish my consignment cat pattern has sent me to Etsy for birthday shopping; because I won't have time to make gifts for the 3 upcoming birthdays in my family, not to mention Mother's Day and Graduation, Teacher Appreciation Week......arg!

But as usual, I have discovered far more treasures than I can ever buy, so I'm taking a moment to share the top ten here with you.  And hopefully I will return soon to share an awesome cat quilt ...

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February 4, 2020
Grommets Decor - Grommets Galore! from Road Home Quilting

I got carried away with the new Home Décor Using Grommets byBillie Steward from Leisure Arts. There are 16 projects in this book!

Most can be made with medium 1-9/16” grommets, so pick-up a large set, you will use them all. And you don’t need any special setting tools for larger sized grommets, did you know that? In fact, the only additional material besides your feature fabric is good ol’ iron on interfacing. Grommet projects are a great way to use up interfacing scraps.

The best thing I learned from this book is that grommets are functional as ...

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