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January 30, 2019
Daisy Chain QAL {Featured Bloggers} from Little Bunny Quilts

We are just a few days away from the kick-off of the Daisy Chain Mystery QAL!

On Monday, the first set of clues will be released: our fabric requirements as well as tips and tricks for picking your fabrics! The fabric requirements will be posted in their own blog post here on the blog but they will also be available to download for free from our PayHip site.

We also encourage you to join our Facebook group -- where we'll be sharing our fabric pulls, block progress, and have an open space for questions and comments! We hope that you ...

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January 19, 2019
Thank You Friends! from Butterfly Threads

Click HERE to see them all!

I'm so honored to be recognized again by this amazing community! My free download pattern Old Money has been chosen again by the readers as one of the top 100 patterns. I really think I need to make this quick and easy quilt again in another color option. What colors should I choose?

And not only that, I've been selected as one of the top 25 quilting blogs again. You guys blow me away with your support and encouragement and kindness. I'm so pleased that you find what I'm sharing ...

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December 31, 2018
social media slump from Charm About You

Charm About You Lucy Brennan instagram

I am feeling pretty fed up with instagram and social media generally. Sure it can be really fun and there's a fabulous supportive community of quilters but the fast pace and option of just hitting like ❤ isn't cutting it for me anymore. There are so many photos, so many great accounts and just so much to see. I don't feel as much joy though. Too much of a good thing?

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Best of 2018 from Creatin' in the Sticks

2018 was a fun year here in the Sticks.

My son and his girlfriend made a coffee mug for me for Christmas
 so I've filled it with coffee and I am joining 
Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs
for the

To participate in the party, I'm supposed to highlight my top 5 posts from 2018
which is hard to do.

My #1 highlight is the best of 2018, for sure!

I'm a Grammy.  
My little Granddaughter was born in January and it's been the most amazing thing.
My blog has had ...

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September 25, 2018
Online Quilting Friends from Butterfly Threads

I've always met my favorite people in the craziest places. I met my husband on a bus! But that's another story for another day, LOL.

I have met some really amazing people online since I began this old blog of mine. It's been so wonderful to connect with such interesting people who all quilt, but who are all so different in so many other ways.

Some of these folks are up to some really cool stuff that I want to share with you. I know their blogs are linked on the sidebar, but I want to share ...

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July 24, 2018
What a year! from Daisychain Quilter

I have been busy this year making quilts for exhibiting national, so my blog has been neglected. I have also been 'sewing up a storm' for my Etsy shop too.  I love making bags, cushions and bunting.

Although I have not published any posts this year, I have a lot of draft posts that also need to be finished and published.  So now that things here are a little quieter for a while, I thought I would come back to blogging and update it.

You will see some of the items I have made listed on Daisychain Quilter Etsy. I ...

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July 20, 2018
Pin It Weekly #251 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Wow, I've posted about five years of weekly pins. Some of my own pin, some from followers, some from pinners who just happen to have great boards and ideas.

Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People | Audubon
From the Audubon Society, find it at:
Five years! 250 posts. I'm quite happy with my stick-to-it ability. (It's a rare thing.)
Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People | Audubon
From the Audubon Society, find it at:
I just had to look back and see when this started. Apparently the Pinterest bug bit me hard in the summer of 2012. By the end of ...

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June 2, 2018
rights and obligations from easypatchwork

With the recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Datenschutz Grundverordnung (DSGVO) and the deadline of May 25, 2018 to get everything up to speed, a lot of panic and heated discussions were on the rise, especially for little businesses such as mine. I made it through and here are my thoughts. So what is the whole General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR

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May 22, 2018
Fons and Burns: Catch up now! from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Mary Fons (Google Images)
For those of you who do not know, I have kind of an infatuation with Mary Fons. She is a fabulous writer and a cute little thing to boot. With any luck, I'll have an opportunity to shake her hand.

I read her blog, PaperGirl, in fits and starts. I may skip her posts for a month or so, but then I have to catch up with her again. That's when I go back to where I left off and read every article posted in the meantime. It may be that I'm obsessed ...

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March 11, 2018
Time to Stitch - A Stitch in Time - Project Quilting Season 9, Project 5 from Creatin' in the Sticks

A Stitch in Time is the fifth challenge of 
Project Quilting.

My entry is
Time to Stitch

She announces a challenge and you have one week to create something quilty.
Prizes can be won and it's a great way to meet new blogging friends.

When the challenge, 
"A Stitch in Time" was announced
my thoughts went back to pre-blogging days 
when I really didn't have a platform to share my projects
any challenges to push myself to be better. 

So I decided to dedicate this challenge to ...

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January 17, 2018
There are Several “Popabilities”! from Lisa H Calle's Blog


I am about to mention a tool that I am sure that I have made reference to previously.   However, if by any small chance you missed the initial reveal of this tool; I will share with you one more time just how much I LOVE my  Corner Pop tool .

During the last couple of months I’ve been in my studio dedicating time to a special project, along with squeezing in time for my four-year quilt.  The Corner Pop tool and technique has made a huge difference in creating this design.

The photograph below shows the beginnings of the design ...

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December 17, 2017
Back from my blogging break! from Daisychain Quilter

It has been a long time since I blogged regularly.  Does anyone still visit my blog and read it?
Life has been busy this year.   I have spent time on Instagram and Etsy.  
So it is time to dust off the blog and start afresh.

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December 4, 2017
30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days from Creatin' in the Sticks

Tomorrow a new challenge begins here in the Sticks.

I've created quilt blocks that are fast to make, easy for a beginner, and perfect for fabric scrap busting.

This challenge became a reality when I joined Cheryl Sleboda's

31 Day Blog Writing Challenge
where  all you have to do is post once a day on your blog for 31 days!  

I realized while I have a lot of projects to post this month, I don't really have 31 days of information I think is blog worthy.

But the idea of the challenge is to build habits that ...

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September 9, 2017
C&T Blog from Butterfly Threads

Do you visit the C&T blog? If so then you've seen the post I shared over there yesterday. If not what are you waiting for? Click HERE and go see it.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe Florida friends!

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July 1, 2017
Bird is the Word* from Indigo Threads

"Bird" is the word I drew for the Animal Challenge by the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild.  

"Bird is The Word"
19.5" w X 18" h
The word brings to mind so many possibilities....owls, penguins, emus, cardinals, eagles and so on.  But I knew immediately that I wanted to make my bird with Lynn's tutorial.  Lynn blogs at Patchery Menagerie, and her tutorial is available on her Etsy site.  I've long admired Lynn's way with improv and especially her fabric choices.  So I bought both the bird tutorial and the tutorial on making your fabric work ...

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