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December 20, 2021
Divided Basket from Monas Creativity


This basket was made for my mom as a Christmas present, filled it with yarn, tea, chocolate and other small usable stuff.
The pattern and grey fabric was purchased at Katrines Quiltestue in Oslo.  

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August 14, 2021
A cool spot in the heat from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, from a very warm and very wet Baltimore! It was more than 100 degrees on my home thermometer twice this past week, and 104 degrees on my car thermometer. I've said it before, but God bless Willis Carrier. Plus, we had some storms with spectacular lightning and very loud thunder. It was quite exciting. As of this week, we have now lived in Baltimore for two years, so I'm trying to think of the flashes and banging as a celebration, kind of like fireworks.
This is when I'm happy that my sewing room is in ...

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December 21, 2020
Crochet Basket from Becca's Crazy Projects

What does one do with entirely too much cotton yarn? Well, you make a basket. 
I discovered this YouTube video that sparked my interest in this project. I grabbed my hook and got to work. 
This was a quick project. Likely about five days. Granted, a couple of those days were Saturday and Sunday which always means more time to crochet. 
After a while I was using it to hold my working yarns. The base is about 13" in diameter. Plenty of room!
This is a great crochet project basket. Put your yarn inside and get going!

Tools and supplies ...

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August 12, 2020
wee boxy basket from Charm About You

There are quite a few things I have made recently that haven't yet been documented here. As a note to myself and to share what I've made I do like to write about the process and will be trying to catch up with blog posts over the next few days. This is the first, the very adorable Wee Boxy Basket pattern by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses
Having made nearly all of Laura's patterns before, they are so cute and well written, I offered to pattern test this one before it was released. I didn't ...

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June 12, 2020
Colorful trio from The Academic Quilter

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Hanging in there?  I ventured out into the previously-closed world once this week, and it was odd.  There are a lot of empty shelves at Target, folks.  Thankfully, Mr. Academic Quilter now has a replenished supply of essential snacks, so it looks like we may be good for a while. I did go to a farmer's market, too, which was a very happy experience. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!

I also made my way to the sewing room a few times. I may have finally gotten all of the fabric that I ...

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April 6, 2020
Nesting Basket Pattern Launch from Expect Moore

Launching a new pattern is one of my favorite things. While it has been tough to manage all the deadlines during this global upheaval, making progress, if even on the little things, feels like a big thing. The Nesting Basket pattern has been in the works since 2016. I’ve made them for friends, for fabric […]

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February 29, 2020
Leaping over orange from The Academic Quilter

Hello all, and happy leap day! I know why we get an extra day in February every four years, but wouldn't you all rather have an extra day in June? We had a minor snow squall here today, so I'm going with yes on June 31 instead of February 29.

There is a *lot* going on in my life right now. I mean, a LOT.  We went to my grandson's 4th birthday party and got to see all the grandkids, and as soon as we got home we both got hit with the worst colds ever, the ...

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January 29, 2020
Drawstring Baskets from Quilting Stories

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Since some time I wish to sew drawstring baskets for my grandchildren. After searching on Pinterest and on various blogs, I was lucky to find a really great tutorial on this blog : Threading My Way. I must say that I never found such a perfect tutorial, so well explained that you cannot make any mistake. I followed step by step the explanations and had not the least problem. I sewed the orange basket first, and was so satisfied with the result that next day I did a blue one. Tomorrow a pink one! Thank you Pam for Australia!

I chose ...

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December 29, 2019
More quilted gifts, an OMG and a Christmas runner from Quilting & Learning

I can't believe that I've got so many posts this month! I've been busy finishing up my two Christmas gifts. Actually there was supposed to be one, but a squirrel came for a visit!

More quilted gifts

My December One Monthly Goal (OMG) was another free motion quilted (FMQ) fabric basket. I used some incredibly lovely Japanese fabric for the FMQ.

The light was at its best outside on the snow :-)

I took an indoor shot the next day
I also created another journal cover. Unfortunately I misread my notes and didn't cut the fabric big ...

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December 20, 2019
Making a few gifts from Quilting & Learning

I'm really trying to avoid deadlines and I didn't decide to make a few gifts for Christmas lightly since I don't want these to be IOU gifts!

Christmas gift exchange

I am going to a potluck with my colleagues and of course there is a gift exchange. You know....unisex and under $20 (not including taxes). Personally I usually go for something edible but this year, I had a Christmas mug rug that's been hanging around my sewing room for the last year since I made it after Christmas. That seemed like a good way to ...

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December 4, 2019
Learning to make a fabric basket from Quilting & Learning

I took some time to play this week. Since I've signed up to Bluprint (Craftsy) for the next year, I thought that I should actually make something. So here is my experience making a basket from Christina Cameli's Free-Motion Quilted Gifts course.

My first FMQ fabric basket
This is what Christina's basket looks like. Isn't it gorgeous?

Christina Cameli's Free-Motion Quilted basket
As you can see, my basket is shorter and not as firm. I learned a lot though and had fun making it

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November 12, 2019
Juniper Basket in two sizes (new pdf pattern) from Sotak Handmade

Happy Tuesday friends,

I'm over the moon excited to show you my newest sewing pattern :)

This is Juniper Basket, super handy fabric basket with a zipper pocket on the outside, slip pocket on the inside, and a fabulously handy drawstring closure on top.

And, it comes in two sizes.

FINISHED SIZE (wide x tall x deep): 
SMALL – 9'' x 7'' x 6'' 
LARGE – 11'' x 8 ½'' x 7''

+  +  +  +  +

Materials needed to make one small size basket:

FABRIC A (main exterior) – 1/2 yard 
FABRIC B (drawstring closure + handles) – 1/4 yard 
FABRIC C (lining) – 3/4 yard
fusible ...

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