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August 21, 2019
A new handbag from Espritpatch

The last handbag I made has been used so much that it was really really worn out, especially on the vinyl handles. I have been planning to make a new one for a while and it has been on my to do list for far too long... I picked the fabric and pattern: the Carrier's Conquest a long while ago but never got around to get started. Finally I cut all the pieces in June and got started! The bag has a lot of pockets and is quite complex so there are a rather large number of pieces!

The ...

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August 19, 2019
Laptop sleeve - version 2! from Espritpatch

I know I know,  it looks like I'm repeating myself.... but I'm not actually! I made a laptop sleeve last month and used it once but I decided I didn't really like it. I didn't want to make drastic changes but it needed a few tweaks here send there.... so I took it all apart and started again more or less!

The main 2 things that bothered me was that it was too wide compared to my laptop and that the flap should have been a little narrower than the sleeve. So I cut a strip ...

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August 16, 2019
I Remember that Bag from Romany Quilting

We met up with grand-daughter Emma for coffee this afternoon and she had her “work bag” as she called it, slung over her shoulder.  I remember that bag, I thought to myself, and when we returned home I checked out my book recording items I had made.  The bag was stitched for her for Christmas, way back in 2013.  The pattern was purchased in Hokitika during our epic three month South Island trip.  Emma was obsessed with horses, still is, as a matter of fact, so I made her bag from a horsey print.  I’m so pleased it is ...

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August 15, 2019
A fast little project from Espritpatch

I have lost my coin purse about a week ago.... I think it's in the house somewhere but can't locate it... anyway in the meantime I'm left with nowhere to keep my coins so the best thing to do was to make over quickly, right?

And of course,  there's enough material in my stash to do just that! I retrieved a lovely deep red textured faux leather and a pretty lace zip to do so.

I attached the pretty zip to the outside for maximum effect.
Finished the bottom sides
Et voila!

Another OPAM for August ...

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August 8, 2019
Minikins: Charm School Wallet from Liz Makes Crafts

The Charm School Wallet is my 3rd wallet of the year, and possibly my favorite so far. It is designed by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness as part of her Minikins Season 2 collection. I absolutely adored the fabric I used, which is one of those rare finds in a quilting store when I wasn't even looking for it. It's from Starlight by Katia Hoffman, and my only regret is that I didn't buy more at the time. I paired it with a black Moda grunge, which is a lot more interesting than a solid black fabric ...

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July 29, 2019
Laptop sleeve from Espritpatch

With all the faux leather I had bought, my first idea and plan was to make a laptop sleeve for my work computer. And it actually was the last project I finished before I went on my business trip. I wanted to make it in the light green fabric but the piece was not quite wide enough so I decided to add a strip in the middle.
Assembling the piece was easy enough but of course in the inside the seams allowance were visible so I thought it would be better to line it, which I did with fabric from ...

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July 19, 2019
Another book bag from Espritpatch

My son is leaving middle school and also the school he has been at since he started! He had the same form tutor for the last 2 years and she has been great. So we thought we would gift her a bag too. He picked the colour as she likes teal apparently.
I used exactly the same method as for the other one I made. Starting with 2 rectangles of outside fabric and 2 rectangles of lining fabric 15.5' by 13.5'. For the straps I used rectangles 1.25' by approximately 12'. 
The straps were made by placing ...

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Taking it easy, and a knitting finish from Romany Quilting

I’ve been rather occupied this week with my medical (day) procedure.  I packed my “hospital bag” with a few things which I may have needed.  This lovely bag was a gift from Jean who blogs at All Points of the Compass.  She sent me this batik bag three years ago when I was having treatment at the hospital for several weeks, and it accompanied me each day.  Thanks so much Jean, I have called it my hospital bag and use it for appointments.

My special bag for day hospital visits

“What’s my name and date of birth” I ...

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July 16, 2019
Book bag from Espritpatch

With soooo much faux leather stash to play with, the kids have been spoiled for choice when it comes to pick colours and ideas for their teacher's gift. My youngest picked this lovely apple green to make a bag for her teacher who is sadly leaving the school. She also picked the grey patterned one for the handles and I had this lovely dwarf print in my stash which worked perfectly well with the green. 

I had cut all the pieces about a week ago, hoping that it would be an evening make but the evenings disappeared before I ...

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July 14, 2019
Pencil case from Espritpatch

It all started with an ad on Facebook, and a bit of jetlag...and it ended up with nearly 50 rolls of faux leather each with between 1 and 2 m of fabric on them and a lot of scraps too... Hubby was a little taken aback when I got home with all this stash... but he kindly helped me to put it all away....

So with so much new statsh it was time to think about how to use and what to make. The first thing on the list was a new pencil case for my son because his ...

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July 13, 2019
Fremont Tote from Liz Makes Crafts

I'm about to go on a 2 week trip (including a 14-hour flight with a 7 year old ... wish me luck) to Shanghai, and I wanted to make a bag for the trip. I wanted something that was roomy, versatile, and able to withstand the rigors of weather and travel.

Enter the Fremont Tote designed by Ellie Lum of Klumhouse. I was in love with this bag as soon as I saw it, because there's lots of hardware (which I love), it has a great look, but feels very hardwearing. That's probably due to the materials it ...

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July 10, 2019
Scissor case from Quilting and More...

Some time back, I watched a webinar that featured a pretty scissor case in two sizes. The design came from Sweet Pea, whose designs I’ve used in the past. Yesterday I made the smaller case from fabrics, threads, etc., that I had in my stash. The design went together quite well, though turning it right-side […]

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July 3, 2019
Lucky Wallet from Becca's Crazy Projects

I picked up this cute little wallet pattern from Michelle Patterns a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I grabbed some fabric, designed a simple embroidery and got cutting. 
This was a quick project and a great use of scraps, even all the pieces of interfacing were leftovers from some other project. I see a scrappy version of this wallet using the quilt-as-you-go method. So many options. 
I used coordinating Kam Snaps to close the flap.

PatternTwo Pocket Wallet from Michelle Patterns.

Tools and supplies (affiliate links):
Creative Grids 6.5" x 24.5" Rectangle

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June 29, 2019
Selvedge Bag – Finished! from Romany Quilting

I’m so pleased my selvedge bag is finished – now I can cross it off my list.  I had the top bands to complete, and the lining to sew in to the bag body.  It always seems strange to stitch the lining and the body of the bag together around the top edge, then turn it right sides out through an unstitched portion of the lining.  But this method works, just like magic, it seems.  With a good press, some top stitching, and a little hand sewing to complete that partial seam in the lining, the bag was finally done ...

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June 27, 2019
Socializing this week plus a little Sewing from Romany Quilting

Once again, it’s been a busy old week.  Plenty of outings – Sew Wots on Tuesday, Morning Tea on Wednesday, and a ladies Lunch today, Thursday.  In-between all this socializing I rolled the dice to see which of the projects on my List of Six.  It was number 4, my selvedge bag.  Last time I worked on it, the bag was up to this stage. 


I’ve now stitched the the pieces for the top of the bag, and made the lining.  Hopefully I’ll get it all assembled tomorrow.  Watch this space! Then I’ll be able to cross ...

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June 25, 2019
The Colour of Music: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Colour of music colour scheme at Clever Chameleon

Today I finished my Island Batik Ambassador project for June </p>
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June 24, 2019
Idea Pouch from Becca's Crazy Projects

I've been looking at this pattern from Michelle Patterns for a while. I don't know that I need a pouch to hold a composition book and pens but I wanted to make the Idea Pouch.
Michelle Patterns are easy to follow and this one includes templates for all the pattern pieces. I prefer a cutting list to pattern templates but I know there are many people out there that prefer pattern templates. I really liked that the pattern included directions for cutting the excess interfacing in seams. I always trim the interfacing 1/4" smaller than the pattern ...

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June 21, 2019
Project Bag Testing from Becca's Crazy Projects

I've seen several different project bags for knitters and crocheters and wanted to try something new. Like any design, the first one is always the hardest. I made some notes and got busy.

I cut out my bag panels and interfacing. 
Then, I fused the interfacing and pressed all the various bits. 
I almost failed to attach the bag handle before sewing the bag outer to the bag lining pieces and the drawstring channel. 
I used some inspiration from the It's a Cinch Bag pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I liked how the drawstring channel was attached making ...

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June 11, 2019
Sew Melodic: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Sew Melodic colour scheme from Clever Chameleon
Try it button

June is “Try It” month for the Island Batik Ambassadors, where we get free rein to choose a technique that we haven’t done before and give it a whirl on any project. New technique, Island Batik fabrics; that’s it for the rules.

So, I thought – “It is about time I tried the traditional method of paper-piecing”….. you know the one….. the method with the actual foundation paper. </p>
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June 9, 2019
The Slow Saga of the Selvedge Bag from Romany Quilting

I’ve never been good at jigsaws, and I’m not much better at putting the pieces of my selvedge bag together.  This is in spite of having an illustration on how to lay out the diagonal pieces in rows with setting triangles at the end of each row.  What I got completely wrong was trying to fit the setting triangles onto each corner to square things up.  Mind you, the instructions had this step shown quite clearly, but I hadn’t read them thoroughly!

Finally, I got it all sorted out and started sewing the rows together.  As I ...

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