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November 18, 2021
Stitchy and Small Appliance Shopping, Foundation Pieced Trees from Canadian Needle Nana

It was a banner autumn for mushrooms.  I photographed many around the trails and especially liked the tiny little one I spied growing inside this log.

You all know how I love my small appliances! 
 I've been wanting a Yogurt Maker for a long time. Hubby ordered this Electric Yogurt Maker below and it came a week ago. Only then did I remember I need the starter mix too.  So that has now been ordered.  I'm anxious to try it out this week.
I had one years ago when I lived in the far North and used it ...

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November 15, 2021
Growing from From the Strawberry Patch...

There are lots of things going on, and growing on, around here. Despite my best intentions, my "to do" list is one of those things that grows out of control, like Kudzu, and thwarts all attempts to keep up with posting here. Gregory has turned eleven years old this month. Eleven! One thing that doesn't seem to to grow is available time: that shrinks! Seriously. How can it be November already?

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Growing from From the Strawberry Patch...

There are lots of things going on, and growing on, around here. Despite my best intentions, my "to do" list is one of those things that grows out of control, like Kudzu, and thwarts all attempts to keep up with posting here. Gregory has turned eleven years old this month. Eleven! One thing that doesn't seem to to grow is available time: that shrinks! Seriously. How can it be November already?

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November 7, 2021
Sunday Chat and Fall Color from From My Carolina Home

Fall is coming into some color now, and the turkeys are back. This bachelor flock of four are coming by frequently now. It is fun to see them appear, pecking around for tidbits and acorns. They are a bit shy, only one will come close enough to get a bite of whole grain bread thrown out onto the lawn.

A second flock of mixed male and females has nine turkeys in the group. They are still just a bit skittish about coming up for bits of whole grain bread, too, but a few will brave it. The rest hang back ...

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November 1, 2021
Halloween Sampler Quilt Finish, Penny Patch Quilt, Sunday Dreaming from Canadian Needle Nana

Our little pond last week...with all the rain lately it is overflowing. 

That made me think of this quote by Rumi. I certainly won't be swimming into my little pond as it is the domain of so many frogs, turtles and other critters. 

Am I ever happy this one is done, my Autumn Sampler Quilt, as Marion who doesn't have a blog, suggested I call it. In 2020...

 It only took a year; well not really but two falls to get it all quilted and ready for use. Too bad it is a dark and gloomy day ...

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October 30, 2021
Five Fabulous Things to Like on a Late October Thursday from Canadian Needle Nana

 So many things to like and share this Thursday!

Daughter and Robbie made these spooky gingerbread cookies and dropped them off on their way to Saunders Farm last Saturday. That's a popular spot here known for their haunted hay rides and a kid friendly one too. 
At the Flosstube channel, popular Elizabethanncanstitch (who has an infectious laugh) shared how she made this Halloween pillow.  I thought it a great idea...appliquing a Halloween motif onto a background of autumn fabrics.
Btw, many of the flosstube folks also quilt so include a separate section in each video relating to their ...

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October 29, 2021
Sewing Retreat from Humble Quilts

Retreats, regardless of what kind of retreat is really about the friendships forged and renewed. If you don't have girlfriends who are positive and encouraging you need to find some! 
Several have asked about how we do our retreat. We look for accommodations on Airbnb and VRBO, then when we find a place that will have enough beds and space for us to spread out a bit. Split 4 ways makes it very reasonable. We stayed 3 nights and I made dinner one night and 2 gals made dinner the other 2 nights. The other made side dishes and ...

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October 27, 2021
finally caught up . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

What a weekend! Friday afternoon we headed out to make things ready for the 5th annual Pastor & Wife Appreciation banquet and retreat.We had about 36 pastors and their wives.  It was a great evening with fabulous food, worship and fellowship—not to mention a terrific speaker who spoke great words of encouragement.  We had about nine couples who were able to spend the night.  There was a fabulous breakfast that morning, and then we broke out into groups, for some more encouragement.  I think it was a success!

But I was itching to get home, because I knew what ...

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Halloween Redwork and Quilting, Garden Regrowth from Canadian Needle Nana

     So are you ready for the Trick and Treaters? Have you bought the little bars or bags of chips?  We don't get any little folk down our laneway but I always buy one of those boxes of tiny bars just in case. You know who winds up eating the chocolate.

Most welcome in the garden.  This pretty bloom has the unlikely name of Toad Lily. It made a very late appearance in the garden blooming in late September and was sustained because of the humidity of the first two weeks of October.

Below is an example of the regrowth ...

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October 26, 2021
october's here . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Got an update on June this week; she saw her shadow . . .
. . . four more weeks in the cast. But this time she got a pretty bright blue one!  And a side trip to the San Diego zoo!  Sweet girl.  She's handling it all very well.  She is getting a little antsy.  She misses her gymnastics!

Also got an update on this sweet kiddo . . . 
Pictured here celebrating getting two parts in The Nutcracker! One is a solo dance (one of the gift toys in the early scene of the Christmas party) and the second is a group dance as one of ...

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October 24, 2021
Autumn's Palette, Halloween Hand Quilting, Birthday Cross Stitch Start, Teeny Tiny Things to Like from Canadian Needle Nana

Sally at Crafts, Cavies and Cooking posted about things found on the floor in her house. Being a quilter it included threads. I have threads migrating all over the house too it seems. There are a couple of hall rugs that they particularly adhere to and fingers are the only things that can get them out. A nuisance.  It made me think of the time Hubby found one of my threads in the fish aquarium thus proving my threads really are everywhere. 

I got to see older grandson this week which was wonderful.  He's working weekends on the same ...

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October 12, 2021
Feeling Like Fall! from Needle and Foot

Oh how I love autumn. It means the summer heat is over, the possibility of rain is coming closer, the fire dangers might soon reduce greatly. Colorful leaves, cooking comfort foods, baking bread – this is fall at our house.

The first maple to turn in our yard.

There is no filter or editing done with the photo above. The first of our 1/2 dozen maples has turned to a brilliant crimson color. It is the same each year; this tree turns red first, drops its leaves first, and leafs out first. Then the other two on the front lawn ...

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October 4, 2021
Favorite Fall Quilts from Humble Quilts

Our nights are cooling off and autumn is in the air here in Central Oregon. 
I shared a few of the small quilts throughout the house and here are some larger ones that we have ready to snuggle or on the beds.

Basketweave. The only thing fall-ish about this is the cheddar/orange setting triangles, which I love!

The Old City, Made after our trip to Denmark. 

A Jan Patek quilt designed from an antique. 

One of my favorites. Blue and cheddar is a winning combo!

A lovely round robin that says fall to me.

A Jan Patek design I ...

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September 21, 2021
Farmers Market- our newest collection for The Art of Home Club! from Jacquelynne Steves

Yesterday, we released Collection #57, Farmers Market, to our Club members!

This pattern contains instructions to make a quilt, pillow, and a set of place mats! There are EIGHT applique choices and NINE hand embroidery designs, so there are LOTS of mix & match options! I had a lot of fun sketching out the applique and embroidery patterns- my personal favorites are the Farm Fresh sign and the radishes! Imagine how cute a set of place mats will be with these designs!

The quilt has a repetitive design which reminds me of plaid and a basketweave, which have that classic farm ...

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September 19, 2021
Rule #5, She Keeps Walking, Tiny Scraps Autumn Table Topper, Blueberry Muffins from Canadian Needle Nana

Rule #5 Keep walking...both physically and figuratively. I'm intrigued how the two are linked. The summer after I moved to Ontario was a very difficult one for me. I'd had difficult times before but it seemed nothing had prepared me for the new challenges I faced. Separations are never easy and it felt like new worries were being piled on top of old.  I would take my little Shuffle with my music in my ears and walk all over the small town I was living in.  I would walk fast and return to the house tired but ...

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August 30, 2021
The Birth Place Forest of Silver Springs from Kim Hanson Quilts

Good day everyone. I wrote this piece for Woods Reader, a beautiful, inspiring publication based in Spring Lake, Minnesota. It can be found in their Winter 2020/2021 issue.


The grassy green field was alive with energy and vitality. School children, in groups of five or so, squealed with delight taking turns kicking the black and white soccer ball. Dogs barked; their owners allowing them freedom to run and play. The rush of four lanes of traffic roared by, leading in and out of the neighbourhood. Yet, the instant I stepped onto the spongy path of the Birth Place Forest ...

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August 20, 2021
Turkey Time Quilt Pattern from Jacquelynne Steves

Our latest Collection for The Art of Home Club is called Turkey Time, and it contains instructions to make a quilt, an “interactive” wall hanging, and bonus handprint turkey towels! What a great turkey quilt to make for Thanksgiving! Also included are 7 different applique and 7 hand embroidery patterns- That’s right- it’s an entire collection of designs and projects that you can mix and match and have a lot of fun with!

This is a very scrappy quilt- let’s talk about palette! I know that a lot of us equate an “autumn” quilt with dark browns ...

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June 29, 2021
Autumn Cross Stitch Patterns Just Released! from Kitty and Me Designs

 I just released my newest Autumn Cross Stitch patterns!

First, I have a couple of traditional, classic designs for Thanksgiving:

And this is my latest addition to the Crazy Ornaments series:

And of course, the newest designs in the Colorful Cats series:

Finally, Gingerbread The Colorful Cat is now available through me:

You can find all of my patterns in my Etsy store.  Be sure to use Coupon Code:  STITCH1

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June 22, 2021
Coming Soon! from Kitty and Me Designs


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June 21, 2021
Coming Soon! from Kitty and Me Designs


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