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August 30, 2021
Remembering Chevy from Quilting & Learning

Chevy came to us 5 years ago in June. I remember feeling that she had pushed her way into my heart within hours! 

Chevy - our Warrior Princess!

Last Christmas my daughter and I bought Chevy a new collar from Pooch & Tabby of Toronto. It was called Warrior Princess and it was perfect! Chevy was feisty, protective and full of love for her adoptive family and of food (not sure in which order!)

My favourite picture of Chevy sleeping on her quilts!

Chevy was also part of my Muse. Taking our walks has lead to a few of my favourite art ...

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July 6, 2021
The Gradient Scale of a “Mess” from Where Art & Life Meet

Someone commented on my Youtube channel about messiness, saying that she was happy my work area isn’t pristine as that would be intimidating. And it made me think about the various stages of messiness. The gradient scale of messiness, because this is important.   1. Kind of “messy”, but it’s not a problem and anyway to […]

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December 25, 2020
A Studio Tour from Quilting & Learning

I've been working on my art, sewing and working space for almost a year - the first few months in my dreams and since June, on the real thing. I hope that you'll join me on the grand tour!

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October 8, 2020
Organizing Threads, Stitching & Love from Where Art & Life Meet

Every now and then my work space becomes unmanageable. I’m not the most organized person, but I know where everything is in my little chaotic work area, until it reaches a point when I can’t stand it any more. So yesterday I did what my husband always does (he’s a masterful organizer) when he’s organizing… Continue reading Organizing Threads, Stitching & Love

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June 10, 2020
UFOs and June's OMG from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to this beautiful sunny but not hot day.

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