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September 9, 2019
Some of This; Some of That 9/8/19 from The Quilting Reader's Garden

Doing some slow Sunday stitching prep work. Got this block hand appliqued.  Front view: Cut to size also. Next block copied, templates cut, placement guide made. First flower fabrics chosen and templates ironed on.  These still need to have edges turned under with starch. And coming off my design wall: What are you up to? Link parties linking to under tab by same name under header.

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Paradise No Longer from Canadian Needle Nana

A decidedly chilly air this morning made me glad I'd shrugged on my jacket as I was leaving the basement. Especially dark along the path through the fir trees.  All the talk of hurricanes happening far away make me think twice about further bemoaning the end of our lovely August weather. I hold that thought as I'm shivering in the breeze over the pond. The weather is turning more drastic it seems. Many of these places that seemed like paradise to us here in Canada, no longer appear as wonderful.  The scenes of devastation are so grim and ...

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Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Three!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Hello again and welcome to 
Week Three of the

76" x 86"

Today's tutorials will be 
Blocks Nine - Ten - Eleven and Twelve:)

Here is a link to the 
week one video 
if you would like to reveiw.

Grab your garden tools
 and let's get planting:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block Nine:
4 - I 2
4 - I 14
1 - I 21
1 - I 28
Along with the 9" Circle from the 
Cloud Shabby you will need a
 6" Circle...
both using the Circle Ruler set.

Sew your shapes...

and ...

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September 7, 2019
Layered leaves, Fractured landscape, done and up from Art In Search

     One of my pieces in the Fox Run show is the Layered Leaves hanging, 24" x 30".  It is discharged black fabric, applique leaves (no fusible or raw edge), quilted by machine and hand, and bound. I used Superior's Twist thread for quilting and perle cotton for the hand stitching. 

     Another piece, Fractured Landscape, was made from leftovovers  in my other landscape, Summer Wonder. I sewed the pieced squares to heavy weight interfacing and zig zagged the edges with the Bernina 830. I glued the squares to smaller sized matboard and then glued them to a 10" x 10 ...

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September 6, 2019
hugs not thugs from Charm About You

Gathering together to sew in company is really quite special. It can be lonely and a bit boring sometimes sewing at home by yourself. While that quiet time is still vital for my sanity, recently I have been much more open to getting out and taking part in sewing groups. Partly because I have more time in the evening now, also my anxiety is manageable, it feels nice to be sociable and join in. Also real life is better. 
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Crazed Diamonds: Show and Tell Friday from Clever Chameleon

Crazed Diamonds Victoriana tribute quilt by Dione Gardner-Stephen of Clever Chameleon

Another Successful and Fascinating Royal Adelaide Show

The Royal Adelaide Show is our State’s largest agricultural and horticultural show. It is also our biggest annual carnival with all the rides and show games. I’m a country girl by childhood, so I love the animal and farming parts of the show. I am also a crowd-hater, so the games and rides end of the showgrounds are not for me if I can help it. I really would prefer to pick my way through cow dung than buy fairy floss. Anyday.

But it is really the handicraft displays and other ...

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

Sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose some, but during this past year, I (Kara) have actually won some! Usually when I try for raffles and giveaways, my name or number is just not called—not the case this year. 

Barbara Blanton and I with my loot!

Every year at the Academy of Appliqué in Williamsburg, Virginia, two lovely ladies donate a full quilt kit to be raffled off. One year, it was a complete Dear Jane kit, and this year it was Kim McClean's Flower Pots. The kit was full of brightly colored fabrics, and the pattern ...

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September 5, 2019
Block #9 - Witch's Night Out from Pat Sloan's Blog

Block #9 is the CUTEST in our Witch's Night Out book Sew Along!

Pat sloan witch block 9

What do you think of this bat? I LOVE it!

** Missed a tutorial for a prior block? CLICK to my Project page **

** Be sure to see all the super cute blocks by YOU at the end! Share your Photos there

Pat sloan witch block 9 pic 1


** Design Boards, this ...

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September 4, 2019
Applique Waterbird Block Design from Stof genoeg

I practiced drawing an applique waterbird in EQ with the Bezier curve tool. I am showing several variations, achieved by resizing (asymmetrically). XXX Annika Continue reading

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September 3, 2019
OLFA's Anniversary Quilt, My FREE Block from Pat Sloan's Blog

Final olfa quilt 40 aniversary sm

Have you been quilting for 40 years? My wonderful friends at OLFA designed their incredible rotary cutter 40 years ago and are celebrating with their 40th anniversary quilt, how exciting is that!

Can you guess which block is mine?

Tick ... Tock... scroll!

Pat sloan olfa anniversary blocks pic 2

The Sewing Basket!

OLFA make THE BEST rotary cutters by far! I own these (and a few more)

Pat sloan olfa anniversary blocks pic 1

I created the block in 2 colors to celebrate the classic yellow and the gorgeous Aqua Splash

article continues below ad



DOWNLOAD the Blocks at the OLFA website

Learn more about the project

** Buy yourself an Olfa cutter, you won ...

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Hello Beautiful!!: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Hello Beautiful Ogre color board from Clever Chameleon

Hello Beautiful Ogre!

Once Upon a Story row-along at Seams to be Sew

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this guy has a face that surely only a mother could love. But he has a good heart, and this much maligned but very amenable Ogre is our feature today because….. this is a sneak peak of a quilt panel I am working on for the Once Upon a Story row-along, organised by Marian of Seams to be Sew. And this row-along starts today! Read on to find out more about it.

You will want absolutely to find out more… there are free patterns and raffle prizes at ...

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September 2, 2019
Block #7 of Winter Wonderland from Pat Sloan's Blog

I'm can't believe how awesome the fabric kit is for the Winter Wonderland's books cover quilt, the Sleigh Bell Sampler! It works perfectly 

Pat Sloan Sleigh Bell block 7

Block #7 is my favorite, the peppermint candy! My Na-Na always had a ton of these in her purse.

**** ON SHARING PHOTOS at the end- I've combined the Winter Wonderland and Witch's Night out in the same as many of you are doing both! If you are on Facebook share in my group. If you are on Instagram let's use ...

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Block #5 of the FREE Ultimate Beginner Quilt Along! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Block #5 of the Ultimate Beginner Sew Along is again a new technique! I thank  you for joining me and  the Fat Quarter shop! 

Pat Sloan Ultimate beginner block 5 banner

Each week I'll have

  • the FREE Patterns to download at the end it's in PINK 
  • The Video from Kimberly at the Fat Quarter shop
  • Tips and tools I find useful

Pat Sloan Ultimate beginner block 5 pic bk

All my tips and photos will be with my Bonnie Lane here are the 5 blocks together.  I'm also make the Solid Version with the Kit and the Blue version with my friend Christopher's fabric, see those after the tips.

SHARE your ...

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Superior Quilts from Road Home Quilting

historic Magma Hotel vintage bar
We made a field trip to Superior for an annual end of summer festival - Prickly Pear Days. 
We found some unique quilt art. But not all of them are actual quilts. See what I mean?

Apologies for the blur - I'm learning new phone/camera settings.
The black and white border is bugle beads in-the-ditch. And the binding is variegated crewel yarn whip-stitch. I like how the quote stitching crosses the background and first border.
There was a series of these mug-rugsized  arts, each with the hound's-tooth check background path. 
Did I mention my ...

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sampling [Flickr] from Karen Ann Ruane

contemporary embroidery posted a photo:


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We are humbled, and please open for a status from Pat Sloan's Blog

Thank YOu (3)

Gregg and I are comforted and humbled by the many well wishes, we don't even know where to begin.  Your words are so kind, and they uplifted us as we remember Gregg's mom Madge with all our heart.  

One person suggested I make a memory quilt and I thought about that.

I like the idea and I have a pattern that my super talented friend Kitty of Night Quilter designed. 


This is a portion of an English Paper Piecing Rosette in her quilt called 'Pollinate'. I've not done a large English Paper Piecing (EPP) project... yet. 

They ...

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September 1, 2019
Block #9 of my FREE Out of this world Quilt Along! from Pat Sloan's Blog

If you have not done it yet... 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 9 button

For my Block #9 is our Space playlist!

When I decided on a playlist for this month the very first song that came to mind with the theme to Space Oddity by David Bowie. I remember being totally fascinated by this song when it came out. It was so different than what I normally listened to .

  • Ground Control to Major Tom
    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Take your protein ...

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August 31, 2019
Applique Quilt Designs from Stof genoeg

Three applique quilt designs, based on a block from the EQ Libraries - XXX Annika Continue reading

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Sleeplessness and Other Stuff from Canadian Needle Nana

Dogs barking in the night, well 4:10 am, woke me. True to form for me, that was the end of sleep. I realize I should develop a different attitude to the not sleeping thing. Perhaps just get up and do something instead of tossing and turning, growing frustrated that I can't nod off. But I keep thinking I can overcome it somehow because the goal is to get more sleep, not more work done.
Here is one of the culprits looking tired because I think he is tired. Poor old boy.
Hubby researched and is now making the ...

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Shine Bright: an Island Batik quilt finish from Clever Chameleon

Shine Bright quilt as a bed runner at Clever Chameleon

I was beginning to think this poor project was slightly cursed!

The advice on this beautiful little quilt reads “Shine Bright”. There were times, however I felt like it should have read more along the lines of “Burn, Sucker!”. haha In short; the quilt is finished and it is good. Actually, it’s really lovely. It is exactly what I wanted and needed. The journey, however, was blessed with a few unwanted twists and turns. The long version of the story goes as follows……

Shine Bright inspirational wall quilt at Clever Chameleon

It seemed every time I settled into this project, something random happened to stop me getting ...

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