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April 7, 2019
Green Hearts 4 Christchurch – Finished Flimsy from Clever Chameleon

Green Hearts 4 Christchurch quilt. Green nine-patch quilt with pieced appliqué hearts at Clever Chameleon.

Green Hearts for the Healing Hearts for Christchurch Project

A quick post to mark a quick flimsy finish. My Green Hearts 4 Christchurch quilt top is finished. I like it – it was a great way to use up some fabric scraps. Admittedly it’s no show quilt – it was made in a mild hurry by two people of very different sewing styles on two very different machines. But it is filled with caring, and it is very calming in colour and form. It has already performed some significant soothing during its construction – hopefully it will continue to weave its magic ...

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April 5, 2019
TulipFest - Tips for Making blocks! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Let's make TulipFest blocks this week!

Pat sloan tulipfest day 2

I'm going for a 4 block purple quilt.  So this week I'll get at least another block done. I really do love the yellow and gingham so I'm keeping that to think on what to do!

I have tips on Sew and Flip and HST this week. 

If making the full quilt make 6 blocks this week. ...or start.. or do the table runner.. or the placemats.

Pat sloan tulipfest day 2 pic 2

For the sew and flip I want to share with you how the amazing Frixon pen line will iron away. These pens are ...

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How about a little Emoji fun? from Pat Sloan's Blog

I LOVE having fun with quilts and so does my friend Gailen Runge.  She designed this super cut Emjoi quilt.


All the ones you know and USE are here!

With 60 mix and match items!


The quilt of them is darling. A fun quilt for a kid or your favorite internet friend!

I can see quilting a few phrases into the it that you use a lot

** Sew EMOJI Book ** 



How about your favorite 3 for a bolster pillow? 

Super fun in the den!

Article continues below this Ad


Of course there is emoji FABRIC... some of it is on ...

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Flopsie Bunny from Quilt Doodle Doodles

We sure have been enjoying the spring weather here in Minnesota. I have spring fever so bad and have taken the time to check out my perennial gardens even though it's way too early for me to uncover anything. Since I can't be outside yet playing in the garden, I have been designing some springtime designs to applique. I have another fun one for spring or Easter.... Flopsie Bunny. 
To make the design, first trace out all of the pieces onto the heat n bond fusible interfacing. (Or what ever brand you like to use) Iron it onto ...

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Flopsie Bunny from Quilt Doodle Doodles...

We sure have been enjoying the spring weather here in Minnesota. I have spring fever so bad and have taken the time to check out my perennial gardens even though it's way too early for me to uncover anything. Since I can't be outside yet playing in the garden, I have been designing some springtime designs to applique. I have another fun one for spring or Easter.... Flopsie Bunny. 
To make the design, first trace out all of the pieces onto the heat n bond fusible interfacing. (Or what ever brand you like to use) Iron it onto ...

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Colourful Thursday and Spring Strings from Canadian Needle Nana

I wonder how many of us love a blank page and have a favourite pen. I am a little particular about the pen I write with-must be black ink, for instance (always have been...may be a Virgo thing?).  And a blank page always beckons me.  And black is a colour too.

Hubby was looking for a pen he could write upside down with, specifically complete his anagram puzzle in the paper from a reclining posititon.  After auditioning several, he settled on this one which when I tried it out, lo and behold, I liked it too. (Cannot say that ...

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April 3, 2019
Christmas Figs Sew Along Block #16 a bit early! from Pat Sloan's Blog

** FIRST ** 

Februrary favorites american jane

I have fallen in LOVE with quilt from my good friend Sandy of American Jane!

There is the kit, pattern and her wonderful fabric line

** BUY HERE **

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Pat Sloan Christmas Fig block 16 pic 2

The Christmas Fig Book is Required

I'm doing this post easy as I have have some fun book tours on Fri & Saturday for you! And with Block #16 we are almost done, so I think we can do the next blocks a bit quicker and I've updated the schedule to every other week.  I've also started sewing my rows, I'll show you ...

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Meadow Quilt Finish from A Ditchin' Time Quilts

I just finished the quilt and I just love it.  It's Meadow Quilt Pattern by Michelle McKillop for Jen Kingwell Designs.  I am in love with this quilt.  Look at IG for all the other beautiful quilts done with the pattern #meadowquilt  You can find the pattern and kit here. 

This quilt is a gift from my co-worker/friend who has worked with me for the entire 32 years I have worked at my job.  She has been there 45.5 years!  

quilt top complete

quilt top with my kitty Boris

center blocks

Long arm quilted

Backing with personalized ...

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April 2, 2019
Tropical Sunset Quilt - An Aussie Hero Quilt from Samelia's Mum

Tropical Sunset Quilt - Original design by Anorina Morris

I just looked back at my previous post and it's been over a month since I last posted here on my blog. Gosh, life has been super busy and time is just flying by. I feel like I'm a permanent taxi driver, ferrying kids around to various activities at all hours. They say life with toddlers is full-on, but I say toddlerhood had nothing on tween/teen life.

I did manage to start and finish a quilt this last fortnight, so that's something. For the longest time I've ...

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No FOOLING Charity Block #5 is ready & Block #4 of Out of this World! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Some people are SO good at April fools things.. me.. not so much.. so you might have lucked out as I'm not playing any tricks today.

There are 2 articles today, this is the Charity sewa along. And  there is also one later in the day for my FREE Block of the Month Out of This world. 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 4 banner

Block #4 is Space Crazy!

When we love something we put it everyone!! Space is no different. I image it started during the 50s when the spac shows came out. You'll see my lunch box at the article.  From party themes ...

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Green Hearts: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Green patchwork colours at Clever Chameleon

Green for Solidarity and Caring

Several days ago I found out about the Healing Hearts for Christchurch initiative. It is a drive to make and distribute quilts to the people most affected by the recent terror attack in Christchurch.

I decided that I would like to support this group of caring quilters on their quest to show love, respect, acceptance, and support to those affected within the Muslim community. They are also reaching out to the first responders, emergency services personal and ongoing support workers of Christchurch. So today, my friend Susan and I started turning our green fabric scraps ...

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Vibrant Wild Birds: Applique Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Inspired by the incredible applique of Kim Mclean, I set out on my own vibrant wild birds applique journey. Her pattern that put me on this path was Lollypop Tree. (You can grab the original Kim...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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Appraisals, and workshops and QUILTS, Oh My:) -part 2 from Nestlings By Robin

So in between all the appraisals and training, I have lectured and premiered my new, Fabric Collaborations, workshop to glowing reviews (not that I was shaking in my shoes or anything:)!

Have I told you yet that I will be teaching in Houston???  !!!!  Can you hear me squealing with delight?!

FABRIC COLLABORATIONS will be one of the workshops and the other will be my SWIMMING SEAHORSE which I recently taught to the West Pasco QG.

Here are some teasers to wet your whistle so you will come play with me in Houston...

Fabric Collaborations:
I revealed this last year in ...

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April 1, 2019
Podcast this week is EPP, lively fabric, traditions and more! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Guests Ann Shaw, Karen Tripp, Kristy Daum, and Jyane Willis join Pat for a chat!

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 415 -- My favorite find at the end!

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 415 Ann Shaw - Copy

Ann Shaw is an amazing quiltmaker. Her quilts are filled with lively images full of color! If you have always wanted to understand how to develop a design and use lots of fabrics you’ll love to hear Ann’s tips

Visit her at

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 415 Karen Tripp

Karen ...

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Sunday Sundries from Canadian Needle Nana

This far past retirement, I marvel that I had a working life.
Really I  did, but now it is tinged with a dream like quality-was it really me with all that endless doing and forever the sense of busyness that consumed and sometimes overhwhelmed me.  Did I accomplish it all that I was supposed to?  Perhaps my days were longer then for it is true that I cooked, went to aerobics (remember that!), needlepointed, taught Sunday School, read heaps of books, took night, correspondent and summer courses, constantly French braided two little heads of hair and for a time even ...

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Swapsies from Granny Maud's Girl

I had not taken part in a swap in a very long time, so when I spotted the call for sign-ups for the #petitepatchworkswap, I put my hand up even though the sensible side of my brain knew that my time is limited and I should not. The swap organiser, @jasminesews, asked everyone to make a pouch and a small placemat or large coaster – small and manageable, I thought.

I know some people avoid swaps like the plague, but I genuinely enjoy them. I like the challenge of making something small for someone else and playing with techniques that my ...

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Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - The BIG Finish and a Farm Sweet Farm Animal Stack!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Today is all about the 
big finish of the
 Farm Sweet Farm Quilt:)

I'm sew excited to 
show you my quilt finish...
I took a lot of photos at
 several different angles 
so that you could see how it
 looks all put together and 
also see the awesome job 
that my friend Juli Stubbs 
did with the quilting.
She always goes above and beyond 
and I'm thrilled with
 how it turned out:)

Scroll through each and every photo
 and when you get to the end
 I have a surprise tutorial for you!

I'm so happy that ...

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March 31, 2019
Did you check out my fireside chat? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Thank you for watching my Fireside Chat! I taped this on Mar 30, 2019, I'm so happy to have you as in my quilting neighborhood! LISTEN to the end for my GIVEAWAY and leave your comment below. 

**Go to  >> and subscribe to my videos, click the BELL to get notices of new ones!

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**See more on the Baby lock Jubilant and you can purchase it online. 

Also you might be eligible for free shipping and sometimes you get a discount code for signing up for ...

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A Time For All Seasons - April Blocks (secret post) from Creatin' in the Sticks

Hi all!
I am supposed to be sharing the new blocks for the 
A Time For All Seasons
Block of the Month 
on April 1st.

BUT, lucky you, 
you follow my blog and here is a perk.

The patterns are here for you today.

April Showers is available by clicking HERE.

Basket Upset is available by clicking HERE.

The official launch of the April quilt blocks is tomorrow
I'll have an official launch party too.

So, come back tomorrow for that.

In the meantime.  enjoy your little perk
if you want to whisper it to your ...

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Discovering Project Quilting - Chocolate Cravings from Quilting & Learning

Do you know about Project Quilting? I just found out about it through Sherry of Powered by Quilting's post. It's 8:30 pm here and the project needs to be finished and posted by noon Central Time. According to the little countdown clock, I have 16 hours to create a project that is related to "Craving Chocolate".

Project Quilting - Craving Chocolate

As I'm writing this, I'm frantically thinking of what I could finish for this challenge. I don't know if you remember but in the Instagram event, 100 hexies in 100 days, there was a ...

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