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September 16, 2020
How it all started - the quilt shop.... from Appalachian Quilts

 I will warn you, I foresee this being a very long post.  But, there is a lot to opening a business.

The name "Appalachian" family is from West Virginia.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will remember that my 'real' father committed suicide a month before I turned 3.  My brother was 6 months old.  When he died, Momma didn't have a driver's license nor did she even know what they had in their bank accounts.  It was a hard reality check for her.  As a way to pull some of the ...

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July 13, 2020
Monday Morning Garden Stroll 07.13.20 from Appalachian Quilts

Macedonian Neighbor's daughter came over yesterday to see my garden.  She was telling me about the 5 gallons of pickles she did this week and various other harvests.  I felt so incompetent.  My green beans have flowers but no beans.  My tomatoes are not ripe.  There I was, again comparing myself to another gardener.  Just stop.  My garden is fine, just not as far along....

We had a few pretty good storms come through this weekend, so I had to go out and check the damage.

The sunflowers out by the pumpkin patch held up pretty well.

We have ...

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July 11, 2020
Koala from Appalachian Quilts

Back in the 90s, I was one of those Craft Mall Vendors.  I also did a lot of craft shows.  I made a lot of wreaths, fabric dolls, fabric bunnies, painted wood items, birdhouses, etc.  I guess I have always been a crafty one.  I remember Nurse Daughter coming home from school one day and finding a bag of my supplies on the kitchen table.  She was upset that I was using eucalyptus.  It would seem that my crafting career was starving the koalas in Australia to death.  Whenever I smell eucalyptus now, I remember her devotion to their habitat ...

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July 7, 2020
Chevron from Appalachian Quilts

I couldn't help myself.  I went through my old e-mails from fabric sales reps until I found the video on how batiks are made.  I'm literally on my 6th batik quilt in a row, so there must be some interest in them.  :)

99% of the batiks in my shop are from Hoffman.  They have a high quality standard and I love their fabrics.

This batik quilt that I quilted is called Chevron.  It also looks like you could bust through some serious stash.

This customer chose to have an allover design quilted on it called Chinese Dragons.  I ...

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June 29, 2020
Monday Morning Garden Stroll 06.29 from Appalachian Quilts

Last week was the anniversary of my paternal father's suicide.  It also would have been my step-dad's birthday.  It's always a tough week for me and especially my Momma.  When Pops was alive, I would always have to plan his birthday party as Momma just wasn't feeling it.  I never minded.  I'm usually pretty withdrawn, not in sadness but I get wrapped up in memories.  I was blessed to have a step-dad who loved me as much as, if not more than, any paternal father could  Today I again reflected on how happy he would ...

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June 17, 2020
In a World Full of Roses, Be a Sunflower! from Appalachian Quilts

I had to wait to post this one, as it was a gift for my Daughter In-Law "Auntie Mo Mo".

For her wedding Nurse Daughter bought her this banner (in the background):

She wanted to be able to use it and make it last longer, so she dropped it off for me to work my magic on.

She is the sunflower queen and wanted to see that theme continued.  I ordered a cute bolt of sunflower fabric with a blue background, because she likes bright colors.  I auditioned it.  It looked awful.  I found another bolt I had at the ...

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June 14, 2020
Road Trip! from Appalachian Quilts

For about a month (maybe longer) I have been needing to go to Lehman's.  Something has always come up and I haven't gotten to go.  Yesterday Hubs loaded me up and off we went.  We took the back roads up and back for a nice peaceful day.  I guess I should put a bit in here about us....we enjoy quiet.  It's not that we don't enjoy people, it's just that when we go somewhere like Gatlinburg or Amish country, we aren't in to the touristy things.  Gatlinburg finds us on the artisan trail ...

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May 26, 2020
Finally, the Moment I've Been Waiting For! from Appalachian Quilts

I was patient.  I waited.  I was chomping at the bit to get the garden planted.  I am, however, so glad I waited because of this crazy weather we have had.  I would like to start off by saying how thankful and grateful I am that Hubs built me all these raised beds.  Had he not, we wouldn't be planting until June!  Our yard is still like a wet sponge.  There are still ponds everywhere and we still can't even mow.  It stresses me out to see how tall the grass is....but I digress.

Flats of flowers ...

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May 24, 2020
ANOTHER New Addition to the Farm from Appalachian Quilts

I would be fibbing if I said we don't think about the grandkids when we consider adding new animals to the farm.  That is why I want some of these:

Thank you Google for the pic
These are called baby doll sheep.  While I do not have any yet....aren't they just the cutest?  The ones that are black and white look like a poodle.

Hubs came to me and wanted me to start looking locally for rabbits.  I had a traumatic experience harvesting rabbits with Princess Sassypants (aka Momma) when I was in high school.  I don ...

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May 20, 2020
From the Manshop from Appalachian Quilts

Hubs had been making things to take to all the homesteader gatherings we were going to.  We were vending and in addition to the things I would be taking, he was looking to jumpstart his business.  As an increasing number of them have been getting cancelled, I was feeling a little pressure to get his items listed on the website. 

It's not easy being me - I am webmaster, order filler, buyer, quilter, soapmaker, candle maker, gardener...I wear a lot of hats!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  

So, I bit the bullet.  I had already ...

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May 18, 2020
O Christmas Tree from Appalachian Quilts

We try not to do any 'work' around the farm on Sunday.  My grandparents never let us plant or work in the garden on Sunday.  There were other strange things we weren't allowed to do, and Hubs and I try to keep it as our day of rest.  We were getting ready to watch our online church service yesterday and we kept thinking and talking about all the things we needed to get done.  We are workaholics.  The best option was to get in the car and leave.  We decided we would take a drive.  We loaded up Princess ...

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May 14, 2020
Holiday Stars from Appalachian Quilts

With the crazy weather patterns here in the Midwest, you have to find things to do to resist the temptation of planting too early.  For me, that is usually quilting, soapmaking or making candles.

I decided to finish up another UFO.  I was going to start a new project, but Hubs actually made a remark about me finishing up more.  He doesn't do that much, so we will just chalk it up to him being 'excited' about me knocking down another UFO.

This quilt is called Holiday Stars.  It is made of batiks.  I love how batiks "modern up ...

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May 4, 2020
Swarming from Appalachian Quilts

Friday night we got a call from Army Son.  There was a bee swarm by his pond.  He called to see if the Hubs wanted to try to come and get it.  It was nearly dusk so time was of the essence.  Of course Hubs wanted to give it a try.  We lost both of our swarms during a warm snap in January.  They packed their bags and left.

We rushed to pack up the beekeeping supplies and off he went.  Army Son has a run off culvert from his pond, and of course the swarm was on the tree ...

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April 8, 2020
We're Growing! from Appalachian Quilts

C'mon.....walk through the garden gate with me.  I'll show you what we have going on.  All the soil has been amended.  These raised beds are just waiting for Mother's Day.  Mother's Day is traditionally when I can start planting without danger of frost.

This first bed is our garlic.  We use a LOT of garlic.

The bottom left is my thyme that wintered over.  Across the top is my sage.  We use both for more than just cooking....

These are Puddin Pop's peas.  They are actually a little bigger than they look.  In the ...

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April 4, 2020
Soulful Girl from Appalachian Quilts

One of the things I truly enjoy about longarming is watching a quilt flimsy come to life once the quilting has begun.  This quilt was no disappointment.  The more I worked with the fabric, the more I fell in love with it.  Not to be prideful, but I absolutely adore this baby quilt!!!

I had auditioned that stripe fabric as sashing and in the little strippy part of the quilt, but it was just too busy.  It just screamed to be the binding.

The allover I chose with Retro Flower.  It just complemented the patterns in the fabrics.

Here is ...

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March 22, 2020
Binging & National Quilting Day **SALE** from Appalachian Quilts

Most of the women in my family are/were gardeners.  I'm sure it's because Granny raised them that way.  In the winter, my Momma and my Aunt Sis always had a 'puzzle going' on a spare table in the dining room.  There would be that one table where you couldn't sit down to eat.  They would sit down for an hour or so here or there and work on their puzzle.  I'm pretty sure it was an attempt to keep their mind busy while dreaming about gardening.  :)  Hubs and I were talking about it and he ...

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February 8, 2020
Hit It Like It Owes You Money! from Appalachian Quilts

Hubs is a blacksmith.  Some of you already know that.  I bought him a T-Shirt last summer similar to this:

I've really been trying to get him to push farm work aside and play in his blacksmith shop.  He IS retired afterall.

He got a few more things done that will be going up for sale on the website.  The first is a hanging rack I somewhat designed, but not really.  I just told him something like this would be nice...

I took this pic the right way.  I don't know why Blogger chose to turn it, but ...

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