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January 29, 2021
The Mid Century Aesthetic on Off the Wall Friday from Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre


Every person over the age of 50 knows that if you wait long enough everything will come back in fashion.  This wisdom came to me as I saw all  the same mid century furniture my mom got rid of in the

1970's popping back onto design shows on HGTV.  I mean  you can't watch a show without the words "Mid Century" popping up.  In fact, it's everywhere from furniture design to Christmas wrapping paper.  

So for those not in the know, mid century is a style of design that roughly spans from the 1930's to 1960 ...

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December 20, 2020
Never underestimate the inspiration caused by a group project from Art and Quilting in Camden

Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view. -Paul Klee, painter (18 Dec 1879-1940) 

So I’m part of Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild, one of two local groups. This chapter, part of the MQG (Modern Quilt Guild) is the smaller of the two and is almost completely comprised of members of Coastal Quilters (the other group) which is part of the statewide Pine Tree Quilt Guild (Maine is the Pine Tree state). For once, I decided to participate in a round robin sort ...

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September 2, 2020
Pin It Weekly # 330 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories


The weather has been quite blue/blah and gray/icky since the hurricane. We absolutely can't trust the sky. However, the temperatures make up for that. We absolutely CAN trust the temps. 

Hand Painted Oil Painting Abstract Indigo Wall with Stretched Frame 7 Wall Arts® – CAD $ 119.53

So I've been feeling a little gray and blah. I did load a quilt top on the long-arm and I've gotten in the groove. I had forgotten I had this top. It was in the bin waiting a turn. Apparently, there's no rhyme or reason to taking turns in my world. This is neither the oldest or the newest in the bin. So... 


But ...

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June 5, 2020
Considerations on Abstraction for Off the Wall Friday from Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre

The feeling of Joy in Worship

Recently, I had a reader email me a question on abstract quilting.  She wanted to know how I made the jump from my traditional roots and figurative working more in abstraction.  My answer was not easily.  It seemed to me, looking back, that I took the long way around.  At first I admired abstract work greatly.  It all seemed random chaos to me....but a chaos that was  pleasing and interesting. The more I learned about abstract design, the more I realized that there really wasn't anything random or chaotic about it.  Really ...

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