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February 18, 2019
Visible Medning Review from Road Home Quilting

Much has been said about Visible Mending:  Artful Stitchery to Repair and Refresh Your Favorite Things, by Jenny Wilding Cardon. It's started a mending movement!

As I am forever mending jeans, I thought this book would add some excitement to the chore. But it is much more than that. I found this a handbook for challenging your creativity in a new functional turn.

To begin with....yes, the beginning is the best part of this book! Only a page, but artfully challenging you to "see the beauty in the broken."

From the start Visible Mending is more than a ...

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June 12, 2018
Sewing Mermaid Sequins from Road Home Quilting

I had no idea this mermaid sequin fabric would be so impossible to sew. It even bent my sew machine needle:(  Turns out, the interwebs advises unsewing the sequin rows from seam allowances. 
Get real, I just wanted to make a simple headband project! So I figured stitching by hand would be just as fast, and more accurate. And I was right. Here is what I learned:  Forget about any sharp tools

  1. Use a blunt cross-stitch needle:) It had no problem finding its way between the "scales." Plus, as the ultimate ball-point needle, it didn't tear the knit backing ...

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