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February 23, 2021
Needle Plate from Quiltnotes All Blogs

The needle plate, sometimes called the throat plate, covers the area near the needle. There are 2 commonly used needle plates: the zig zag plate, shown above, and the straight stitch plate shown below. In this article you will learn about the differences in these plates and why you might want to have both of them on hand.

The straight stitch plate has a single hole for the needle to enter the fabric and is used for straight stitching only. The zig zag plate is used for zig zag stitching as well as other decorative stitching that requires the needle ...

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January 20, 2021
Machine Applique from Quiltnotes All Blogs

Applique means "to apply" and applique in quilting means to apply one or more fabrics on top of the other. Apply the applique by machine or by hand. This article looks at two machine applique techniques: raw edge applique and turn under applique. The two most popular machine applique stitches are the zig zag stitch (also known as the satin stitch) and the buttonhole stitch (also known as the blanket stitch).

Close-up of button hole stitch in machine applique. This is a decorative stitch that you want to see. Instead of matching the thread color to the background applique, the ...

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