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January 14, 2018
So about nobody being interested from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

I was out for lunch yesterday, and chose a table by the window so I would have good light for stitching when I finished eating.

I had been doing so for a little while when my light was suddenly blocked. I looked up, and there was a woman standing there, looking interestedly at what I was doing.

So I held it up so that she could see.

She gave me an enthusiastic smile and made "applause" motions with her mittened hands. I smiled back, and mouthed "thank you".

"Happy new year!" she mouthed back.

"And to you!" I said.

And ...

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January 9, 2018
Go Bag from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

Because I'm going to be doing hand work on these pieces, I'll be bringing them to work with me and working on them instead of reading at lunch time. 

Doing handwork like this in public always feels a bit uncomfortable for me.  It seems like showing off somehow, but I also feel criticized (without anyone ever saying a word!) and want to offer an explanation to anyone who happens to glance at it: "Oh, this is just the beginning – it's going to look much better in the end!" Or talk about why I'm doing it as ...

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turtle quilt progress from Making A Lather

These fabrics are for the turtle quilt. I picked fabrics for this quilt from my green scrap bin. The pattern was wonderfully written. I had it cut in a short afternoon at my Friday group ( including much talking and listening)  and everything was labeled and ready to go. I was impressed with the cutting directions. Little things matter - everything for each block to be cut was on one page. I didn't have to flip back and forth.

The quilt pattern is one I won from Susan at Quilt fabrication for a blog anniversary. I am planning on it being ...

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January 8, 2018
The WIP from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

About ten years ago, I got four prints of hand-painted bird panels from Laura Kemshall.  I thought they were gorgeous, and the quality of the printing was incredible, but I couldn't figure out what to do with them. So they've been sitting around in a basket since that time.

The other night I was looking for an "easy" project, and I thought I'd pull them out. 

I decided that looking through my stash of hand-dyed fabrics would be the likeliest place to start, prior attempts to work with the prints had been kiboshed because of my inability ...

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January 7, 2018
Trying something... from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

EDIT: So, blogging from my phone with the app didn't work. Bizarre spacing, and the picture didn't attach!
So, I had a bit of a conversation with someone on FB today about blogging *waves* and she directed me to a site where the person talked about why it was important to blog every day. (Austin Klein)

There were some links in that article, and more links in that one (and so it goes); the most interesting of those (to me) was one called "Is Blogging Dead" (short answer: no - it's just changing from the way oldies like ...

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January 4, 2018
W.I.P. Wednesday {1.3.18} from Material Girl Quilts

Toward the end of 2017 I took a serious look at my WIP list and decided that I needed to

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January 1, 2018
Brutal Honesty {January 2018} from Little Bunny Quilts

It's that time again! December was not terribly productive as far as my WIPs go, but it's December and I was busy eating cookies. Here are the ladies of Honey, Bunny, and Doll all dressed up for Christmas Eve church:

Honey (Mom), Bunny (me), and Doll (Amanda)

These were my December goals:
1. Finish both Blue in Bloom quilts - Done and done!
2. Finish Farmer's Wife quilt - I still need to bind this one but the quilt IS in my possession.
3. Decide if I want any quilts long-arm quilted - I took my Top Spin to be ...

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December 17, 2017
Stash Stuff for Week 50 of 2017 from Life In Pieces

Christmas Eve is a week from today!  New Year's Eve is two weeks from today!  So the year is winding down fast.  Supposedly, I'm on vacation till January 2nd, but one of the downsides to going back to supervision is that you aren't really ever completely off work.  At some point today I'll have to log onto the work computer to deal with a last minute assignment and the normal weekly reports.  But at least I can do that at home in my pjs if I so choose. 

This week definitely saw more productivity in the ...

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December 1, 2017
Brutal Honesty {December 2017} from Little Bunny Quilts

We're less than a month from Christmas! I think that I've fully recovered from Thanksgiving but I am still not quite ready to break down and wear my winter coat yet.

These were my goals for November:

1. Finish quilt for Moda Bake Shop - Quilt is finished and will be published soon!
2. Start December IBA project - The project is well on its way and I'll be posting about it next week!
3. Start quilting Blue in Bloom Quilts - The green version is about 50% done!

I reorganized my list into categories to help me keep better ...

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November 1, 2017
Brutal Honesty {November 2017} from Little Bunny Quilts

Yep, it's that time again already! October wasn't extremely productive but I did finish two quilts!

These were my goals for October:

1. Finish Stash Bee Star Quilt - done!
2. Finish October IBA project - done!
3. Start quilting Meadow Mystery Quilt - didn't even touch this project!
4. Put together Top Spin top - done!

1. Farmer's Wife Quilt (RSC 2016 project) -- Hoping to pick up this quilt from Michigan soon.

2. Traveling Quilt Bee (2016) -- My sister has this quilt to add on a section of her choosing.

3. Coast to Coast Bee -- My "quilty wish" was ...

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October 4, 2017
Brutal Honesty {October 2017} from Little Bunny Quilts

I can't believe it's October already! Let's get down to business and go through this list.

These were my goals for September:

Here are my goals for September:
1. Make and complete my projects with September deadlines
     a. Benartex Amanda Murphy Hop project - Done!
     b. Fat Quarter Shop project - Done!
2. Finish Stash Bee Star Quilt - Not quite finished but lots of progress!
3. Start October Island Batik Ambassador project - First post here!

Not a lot of progress was made on the other WIPs, unfortunately:

1. Farmer's Wife Quilt (RSC 2016 project) -- My mom picked this ...

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September 26, 2017
So What Is Happening In My Studio from Quilts + Color

I am working hard (OK, not real hard) finishing many pieces that have been in progress.
Some might be as much as 30 years old.
I have some that are even older…some of those that I am not super excited to finish are 40 years old which is when I became a serious quilter.
These are all miniatures. I developed a technique for making miniatures. I taught it throughout the US. The strips are 1/4 inch wide.
This quilt started with fabric I painted and you can see it in the 9 patches. The sashing came from one ...

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WIP No More from On The Go Quilting

I borrowed that title from A Quilting Reader’s Garden blog.  She was just showing something that she had finished and I’m so proud of myself for the finish I have today that I decided to use that for a blog post name too.

If you have followed me for the past 7 years (oh my gosh, 7 years of blogging-mostly regularly), then you remember I used to write a lot about projects I was working on and sharing with my Threadbias quilty pals.  That group was a big part of my quilty life and I still miss that ...

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May 28, 2017
Welcome, “Laverne & Shirley II”! from Seams to be you and me

I had this big, gaping hole in my sewing room for 3 weeks. At 8 AM on a Friday morning a couple of weeks ago, this delightful sight showed up at my front door! That’s right! Accomplish Quilting traveled all … Continue reading

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April 28, 2015
Multi Tasking from Quilting Lines

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. 
Helen Keller

I know you have been waiting with baited breath to see what else I have been up to or when I would get around to posting about it.  Well, you need wait no longer.

I now have 12 Scrappy Trips Around the World blocks made.  I put them on the design wall to see if they would be big enough to border for a charity quilt.  Nope, not liking it that small ...

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April 13, 2015
Stars in the Technicolor Galaxy... from Simple Sewendipity

I know that you can scarcely believe it, but this master procrastinator has stayed on task for two months in a row with the Technicolor Galaxy BOM!  Block #2 was a big task and I've actually held off quilting them all until next month when there are only 4 blocks to complete and the load is a bit lighter.

This month covered all twelve Star Point blocks that surround the Color Wheel.  Each block is foundation paper pieced and has 14 different pieces.  They were very easy to assemble but it was keeping track of the progression of color ...

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