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March 6, 2020
My Favorite Prewound Bobbin for Longarm Quilting from Quilted Joy

Prewound bobbins are a hot topic among machine quilters. Everyone has their own opinion about them – some people love them while others won’t touch them. Personally, I love prewound bobbins! It’s hard to beat simply reaching into a box and pulling out a perfectly wound bobbin. Here in the Quilted Joy showroom, the team and I have a few favorite prewound bobbins. Let’s take a look at those and why we love them!

Choose the Right Bobbin for Your Quilt

Before we dive too deep into prewound bobbins, let’s go over some good bobbin basics. Your ...

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November 1, 2019
Tongariro Crossing (and the Peacock Party) from Wendy's Quilts and More

I've finished my Sue Spargo quilt and I love it.

Sue Spargo has called this pattern "Nature Trail", but my quilt doesn't look anything like a walk in the woods.  The colours in my quilt make me think of a volcano, so I'm calling my version "Tongariro Crossing".

The Tongariro Crossing is 20km (12 mile) hike across an active volcano in the middle of New Zealand's North Island.  Click here for details.  There are trees and birds at the start and end of the track, but up at the summit it's very barren and you ...

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