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August 5, 2022
Lorenda's Sampler from Night Owl Quilting

Lorenda brought this lovely jewel toned sampler.  She wasn't sure if she wanted an all over design or custom quilting so we discussed both options.

The final decision was to add a simple all over design.  Many of the seams within the sampler blocks were pressed open which makes custom quilting, specifically stitching in the ditch more challenging.  I think the Windswept pantograph recedes nicely into the background and lets the piecing be the star of this quilt.  Less is more on this one.


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June 16, 2022
Pair of Simply Dashing Quilts from Night Owl Quilting

Reneta made these great Canadian themed quilts for the exchange students that have been staying with her this past year.  The pattern she used is Simply Dashing from Highway 10 Designs.  The fabrics are from the Northcott's Stonehenge Collection- Oh Canada 10.  

Reneta selected the Windswept pantograph for both quilts.

The second quilt uses a fabric from Northcott's Canvas line for the background of the quilt.

These quilts will be a great memory of their time in Canada and their host mom who is a talented quilter.


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May 27, 2022
Modern Thinking from Night Owl Quilting

Wendy made this gorgeous batik quilt using a pattern called Modern Thinking from Blue Underground Studios.  Wendy just pulled all these fabrics together from her stash, as like me she has a soft spot for batiks.

Wendy selected the Windswept pantograph and a lovely deep turquoise Magnifico thread called Lilly Pond #2136.  I love the sheen of the Magnifico thread against the waxy batiks.

And to finish it off Wendy supplied a beautiful turquoise Fireside backing that shows off the quilting so well.


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May 5, 2022
Urban Legend from Night Owl Quilting


This beautiful quilt was made by Audrey. The pattern is called Urban Legend by A Quilter's Dream. 

 When I first saw this quilt, my first thought was what thread choice would look good across the whole quilt?  Then after looking at the layout I had a bit of a different idea that I proposed to Audrey - a different thread color for each of the three sections of the quilt.  I also suggested some different pantographs that were well suited to this idea.

Audrey chose the Windswept pantograph and gave me the go ahead for my three thread idea.  Truly ...

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December 20, 2021
Sammy Quilt from Night Owl Quilting


Wendy made this "Sammy" quilt from the Stripology Mixology 2 book by GE Designs.  

Wendy chose the Windswept pantograph to add come contrast to the graphic lines of the quilt.

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December 18, 2021
3 Batik Beauties from Night Owl Quilting

Batik quilts don't seem to come into my studio very often these days, so as a Batik lover deep at heart I was thrilled when Wendy brought these three batik beauties by.  First up is the fun Jelly Roll Race quilt in a beautiful color palette.

When chose the Gingersnap pantograph and we used a turquoise thread on the top and on the back.  I love how the quilting shows up on the fireside backing.

Next up is the gorgeous "Emerald Forest" quilt that comes from the book "Inspired by Bali"  in a palette of  brown batiks with more ...

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November 8, 2021
Three for Patrice from Night Owl Quilting

Patrice recently sent three lovely quilts for me to work on.  First up is the beautiful king size BQ quilt that is going to stay in her bedroom.  Patrice selected the Flirtatious pantograph and black thread for the quilting.  The BQ pattern from Maple Island Quilts is just perfect for showcasing a special fabric.

She other two quilts are for Patrice's grandsons.  I love how she made them just a little bit different with her backing choices.

The quilt with the green backing received the Raindrops pantograph.

The blue backing received the Windswept pantgraph.


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October 20, 2021
Dianne's Quick Quarter from Night Owl Quilting


Dianne made this dramatic bargello style quilt.  The pattern is called "Quick Quarters" and is from the Eleanor Burns book called "Quick Trip Quilts". 

Dianne normally rents time on a longarm and does her own quilting, but this time out she was happy to pass the King Size (102 x 115) off to me. 

Dianne selected the Windswept pantograph, and the extra wide Quilter's Dream Blend batting.  I think I surprised Dianne with the thread options I presented.  She loved how So Fine 512 - Medici which is a lovely green-gold color than blend nicely across all the colours in ...

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September 20, 2021
Pink Batiks and a Pretty Christmas Throw from Night Owl Quilting

Sherry sent this lovely pink themed batik quilt.  She told me she just cut some squares and rectangles from her stash and arranged them until she was happy. Sherry is stash busting and decided to tackle the pink pile this time.  Simple and lovely!

Sherry selected the Lilac pantograph that is becoming a  favorite around here.

Next up is a lovely Christmas quilt made by Dianne. She left the pantogaph selection up to me, and I added the "Windswept" pantograph.  Sometimes I see wind and sometimes I see ribbons.


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September 6, 2021
A Pair of Seahorse Quilts and a Newfoundland Theme from Night Owl Quilting

Reneta made this pair of Watercolor Seahorse quilts for her sister.  Last year I quilted Reneta's first Seahorse quilt (that you can see here), and Reneta's sister loved it so much that she asked Reneta to make a pair for her.  This time around they got a border to make them more bedsized, and by request, I repeated the custom quilting plan I used before.

Reneta made this quilt from a special fat quarter pack that she picked up in Newfoundland that highlights so many special Newfoundland themes - blueberries, boats, moose, puffins, sea glass and of course the ...

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