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August 2, 2019
Recent work- on paper from Art In Search

     I shared some of my Maine sketches a few posts ago, so I will be brave enough to post some recent watercolor paintings. I love waterlilies and I take photos of them in the Adirondacks around Old Forge, NY. I am ready to leave for our yearly one week stay. Last year's photographs were used as reference for this year's paintings. Keep in mind, I probably shoot over 200 photos, and maybe 10-20 of them are useful for paintings.

Painted on Arches paper that was brushed with gesso first.
Arches bright white cold press 140 lb paper
A ...

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July 26, 2019
Dog Days of Summer - Misc from Sew Sunshine

Dog Days - from = 

plural noun

the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star,rises at the same time as the sun: now often reckoned from July 3 to August 11.
period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence.

Bits from my dog days: 

BeeUtifully Modern Bee mate Liz picked an open theme for her Bee blocks. Sort of "a day in the life" or "inspired by Gwen Marsten-ish" or "whatever makes you happy" combo. The fabric colors she picked were way cool. I put off doing mine for a ...

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June 30, 2019
Watercolors from Ruth Powers Blog

My focus seems to have shifted somewhat lately. I’m very busy with gardening and have done a few quilted pieces recently. Volunteering is taking up a lot of time as well.

Yesterday I brought these two watercolors to the SouthWind Gallery in Topeka to be part of their upcoming Watercolor show. I have not been exhibiting much lately so it is nice to be getting some things out there.

Visiting the Garden
Cat Nap

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November 9, 2018
Friday from Pinkadot Quilts

 Today is a perfect day for sewing, gloomy and now raining.
I love 4 patches! The centers are very easy to swirl too. They are so versatile and so easy to make. If they are scrappy they will also give you an interesting design.

There is something soothing about matching the pairs and chain piecing them under the foot of the sewing machine. Almost automatic. Before you know it they're done!

If you haven't learned how to chain piece go find a You Tube video now! It will save you time and thread. Once you are set up ...

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October 12, 2018
Random Stuff from Pinkadot Quilts

This was a really fun quilt to make!! It is called Sewology. I love all the sewing gadgets and it's the first big quilt I made that is all solids. Quilting is done by Carolyn and Jamie. I love the pattern they suggested.

These are some close ups before it was quilted. It sewed up pretty fast too!

I have been painting a bit too. The top one I made for myself and the bottom one is for my friend, Cynthia who lives in Arkansas. She loves color so this was an easy one to make!

I took a ...

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June 1, 2018
Random Post from Pinkadot Quilts

It has been almost 2 months since I blogged. The easiness of Instagram has made me lazy! If you are on Instagram you can follow me @pinkadotquilts. You will see more of my everyday things along with sewing, book recommendations and painting.
Sewing has been on the back burner with family things, gardening and my new found love painting going on. I dug this Farmer's Wife UFO out yesterday to get the border on and call it a day. For goodness sakes 80% of the work is done!

I am changing the border from what was in the book ...

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December 23, 2017
All delivered and scattered from Art In Search

      Every year I make my Christmas cards (an birthday cards, etc.) I could not get a good fabric idea in my head. I no longer silk screen. The idea I got in my head from an old Latin Hymn, "Creator of the Stars of Night" inspired an image, but the only way I knew to get it out of my head was to paint it. I knew if I painted it, I would have to paint many for all the cards I give. I tried one year to copy my painting and put it on the card, but the painting ...

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December 20, 2017
A New Direction from Ravelly1

So, I'm in a down spot when it comes to sewing anything these days. I think it's the winter doldrums. So I've decided to to try my hand at painting using watercolors. I use to do this when I was teaching but it's been at least 12 years since I've picked up a brush.

I chose a scene and started to pencil it out.

I'm using a #2 pencil lightly.

Now, the fun starts. Watercolors!!!

I know that this first scene is going to be rough but I'm loving the process.

I've ...

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