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April 16, 2018
Make Your Own Washi Tape from Mulberry Patch Quilts

Have you ever used a strip of Wash tape to embellish a card, or add to your journal page or scrapbook? They’re beautiful, but although they’re not terribly expensive, if you want a variety to choose from it can add up. Plus I never seem to have exactly the color or style I want.

Well, my friend Carol gave me a tip for making my own…and Since I already had everything I need to make them, I had to try it and share it with you.

What you’ll need:

  1. Scotch tape (matt works best, but shiny ...

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January 18, 2018
Finding my focus with the Scrappy Project Planner from Carried Away Quilting

One of my goals for 2018 is to become more focused in my quilting life. I have a tendency to get carried away with numerous project ideas bouncing recklessly in my brain, each competing for the top spot on my mental to-do list.  Sometimes, I admit, it makes me feel scattered! I know I’m not alone. Other quilting friends in this new social media age have told me the same thing.

My first step toward quilting focus was to purchase Lori Holt’s Scrappy Project Planner.  I ordered it from my friend and sponsor, Allison of My Timeless Day ...

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