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August 2, 2015
ModeS Fabric Review ~ Reversable Tote/Crossbody Bag Tutorial from Tea Rose Home

Are you familiar with ModeS? They are an online shop selling cute stationery, fabrics, bags, accessories and more. If you are a big fan of Kawaii products from Japan, you will love to visit their website.

I was contacted by them to review their fabrics and I was more than happy to jump in and enjoy this opportunity. The fabrics I chose are grey Daisy Chain flower Canvas fabric Framework and coral red corners angle geo Canvas fabric Framework by Kokka. One day, I had a happy mail day...

The nice blend of 85% Cotton/ 15% Linen is perfect for ...

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July 31, 2015
DIY Origami Crane Mobile Party Favour Tutorial from Ella and Nesta's Little Room

When I was about four years old, I became very good friends with a girl at school, Rie. Her family came from Japan. Her Mummy organised a birthday party for her and it was the first real birthday party I went to as a child. It was great fun and when it was time to leave Rie's Mum gave each of us a present: an origami crane mobile. Would you believe I still have that mobile after nearly 40 years (time passes, no calculations please!) and it is in really good condition, even though it is made out of ...

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breezy summer cushion ~ Rodgers of York #MyHomeMade series from Charm About You

Today I am making up a simple cushion, perfect for a quick make to help brighten up your space! This is a basic tutorial suitable for beginners and there are useful tips for everyone to ensure a great finish.

2 x square pieces of fabric measuring 50cm x 50cm
30cm zip
sewing kit
cushion inner

I used my sewing machine for a fast finish but you could hand stitch if you don't have access to a machine.


Firstly you need to decide which direction your fabric is going, if it's stripes do you want them ...

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Free project: Caroline’s beachy picnic mat tutorial from The Village Haberdashery

Caroline and I came up with a rough idea for a beachy picnic mat to go in our summer shop window. We wanted to show off our new denim and the fun Beach House charm packs, which together make a fab, hard-wearing outdoor mat for playing and picnicking!

And then she went away and made it and just crushed it! This mat is so bright and fun and so full of cool details – it’s a showstopper for sure. So I’m thrilled I can finally share her pattern with you along with some snaps of those details!


This isn ...

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July 29, 2015
Fabric Coaster Tute from madebychrissied

Last week when I used these two panels to make my Santa Sack tute for the Benartex blog Sew in Love {with Fabric} I promised you there'd be no wastage.  Keeping my promise here's a Fabric Coaster Tute to make good use of those sixteen left over Christmas Scene squares.

Don't worry, even if you don't have this panel I'll include instructions to make Fabric Coasters in general, they don't even have to be Christmas themed!

If you're using different fabrics click here to jump to the instructions for all fabrics.

Happy Holidays ...

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July 28, 2015
Awkward Paper Piecing Angles?? from Factotum of Arts

I love paper piecing and have been doing a lot lately. Previously, I blogged about some useful tips and lessons learned when paper-piecing. I have another tip, for those awkward angles.

You know those angles that the fabric starts off not in line with the shape you want to cover, at all. The one you can just cut a really big piece of fabric to make sure it folds over and covers the whole piece.

What about trying these few steps to make it easier.

1. Place fabric covering the shape you are piecing. In the photo I have the ...

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Speed Cutting from A Pieceful Journey

Hello!  Hope you all are having a great week.  I wanted to give you a tip about cutting out a quilt as fast as possible.  I would way rather spend my time sewing than cutting.  Using this method, I can cut out a queen size quilt in about an hour, or maybe even a little less.   Make sure you have a fairly fresh blade in your rotary cutter for this method.

For this quilt, I need 144 3″ red squares.  I sure don’t want to cut these out two at a time.  Instead, I will fold the length of ...

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The Sweet Cherry-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters! Do YOU prefer sweet or sour cherries?  My family is split…but one of our favorite places to visit is Door County, Wisconsin known for it’s sour cherries and delicious cherry pies, salsas, salad dressings, etc.  Since visiting The … Continue reading

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Oh Holy Night – Week 3 from Seams To Be Sew

So, we are in Week 3 of the Oh Holy Night BOW.. Today, we’ll be covering the Tree patterns, and adding the borders.

Oops!! I messed up the Palm Tree download, if you downloaded this before, it was a jpg file and should have been a pdf file. Please redownload it.

Unfortunately, due to my image loss on the flash card last week, it’s put me in a tailspin to get caught up. I simply can’t do it and meet a weekly post. Sooo… I’ve rescheduled the BOW to a post every two weeks. I’m ...

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July 27, 2015
A Second Charming Handbag from Alamosa Quilter

Over the weekend I finished a second Charming Handbag. 

For the lining of this one I used a cute black and white shoe print. 

It has two interior pockets. I used the same invisible sew-in magnetic snaps for this one as I did for the first one. For this one I add interfacing to the lining. I like it and will interface the lining of any futures ones I make too.

Click here to see my first one

Click here to go to the free pattern on the Moda Bake Shop.

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July 24, 2015
My First Charming Handbag from Alamosa Quilter

I bookmarked this tutorial back when I first saw it. It is called the Charming Handbag and is on the Moda Bake Shop. Click here to go directly to the tutorial.

I recently saw some of these on another blog I read, Happy Quilting, and decided that I needed to make at least one. So here is the first one. 

This is the project I showed you the quilted back side of yesterday. I'm really pleased with how cute the quilting is on this!

I say the "first" one because I'm sure I will make a few more ...

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New Friday Tutorial: The Disappearing Pinwheel Five Quilt from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Disappearing Pinwheel 5 Pinnable

You just can’t have too many pinwheel quilt patterns, right??  This week’s tutorial is another brand new take on the pinwheel and it’s called the Disappearing Pinwheel Five!  It’s amazing what you can create from a basic classic pattern when you add a couple of extra cuts!  It’s easier than it looks and you’re just going to love watching the pattern transfer before your eyes!  Enjoy this week’s tutorial and be sure to share your versions on or on social media! :)

dis pinwheel 5 infographic

Click on the button below to WATCH THE TUTORIAL ...

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Gnomes and Trees quilt block from Flying Parrot Quilts

Have you started your Christmas sewing yet? Ha, ha. Funny. I generally start Christmas sewing on about December 15th, but I’m way ahead of the curve this year because I asked members of my Stash Bee hive to make Christmas blocks for my turn as Queen Bee last month. I realized I hadn’t shared the tutorial here and thought I would do so!

Gnomes & Trees quilt block tutorial | Flying Parrot Quilts

This block was inspired by this quilt, but a wonkier version. It’s a great block for using up some of those scraps, and other than the open squares, doesn’t require any sort of ...

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Tie One On! from On The Go Quilting

Last night my cousin and I made ourselves something to stay cool.   We have both had these cooling collars before; both were store-bought.   While we were at Vermont Country Store we found some for $7.95.  We agreed that this price was lower than when we got ours.  We both think they were about $12.95 back then.

Why spend $7.95 for one when you can make a lot of them for just a little bit more.  Are you interested?

Here is what a cooling collar looks like.


IMG_4149 Here’s what you need to make one cooling collar.

4 ...

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July 23, 2015
Double wave crosshatch - a tutorial from Field Trips in Fiber


After Mom finished her quilts last weekend I was a little jealous of how quickly she got 4 quilts done. I’ve been working on Mura’s Choice for a couple of months and it’s not even half done! I decided to take a break and quit a couple of quick quilts before I reload Lura’s Choice.

The one I’m working on first is Snaps. Now that I’m teaching free-motion quilting to new owners at Virginia Longarm I make sure that I quilt all of my quick quilts free-motion  I started this one off thinking I ...

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So, do ya’ll remember Bertie ? from Seams To Be Sew

Bertie has come homeI am loving Bertie, she just sews so nice and smoothly, she listens when I chat with her, she doesn’t ignore me when I take care of her and she’s always happy to be cleaned, given a new needle and a lovely rub down…

She’s so happy she just coos when I buy her a new toy. She has lots of extra bobbins now, some great new feet to be used and now, she even has new lighting.


Yep, that’s right, my post is all about the lighting and how happy Bertie is with all her ...

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Tutorial: Early Bird Baby Quilt from Craft Gossip

Early Bird Quilt TutorialI cannot resist making baby quilts for family members. Pressed for time, I often make a simple one-block. Next time, I’m going to try this sweet quilt, Early Bird, created by Becky, from Patchwork Posse.

It’s beyond simple; she combines piecing and applique, and in fabrics that play nicely together, yet keep the viewer interested. Best of all, according to Becky, it will sew up fast. Brilliant!

Click the link, Early Bird Baby Quilt, to get started.

{Image credit: Patchwork Posse}

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english paper pieced plus quilt from Ellyn's Place

A while ago I hinted at a little project I was working on, using Mollie (Wild Olive)'s tutorial for English paper piecing plus blocks. This is genius! Those of us who love to have a hand work project going at all times salute you Mollie!

What started off as a collection of Aqua/gray/low volume pluses evolved into this sweet mini that will forever hang on my studio wall.

Here are my 21 original plus blocks all sewn together....

When I got to this point I was perplexed. What to do next? Appliqué the funky shape to a ...

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Tutorial~ Half Circle Skirt {Skirting the Issue} from Tea Rose Home

Hello everyone, I am participating in "skirting the issue" blog hop today! What is skirting the issue? It is a month long event where you are invited to sew along with Liz and Elizabeth of Simple Simon & Co and other participant bloggers to sew skirts to donate to local Foster Care centers. They have a goal of 1000 skirts to donate this year, so that the girls in the foster care have new skirt to wear on the first day of school.

I am sharing the tutorial how to make a half circle skirt today with knit fabric. The half circle skirt is one of my most favorite styles, because it still has a look of full circle but less drama and actually stays with your body lines better (full circle skirts tend to blow up more with the wind!). It is a perfect mix of prettiness + functionality which is perfect for school! There are a couple things before we begin.

{Fear of Knit fabric}

I know, I have been there. You don't have a serger? Not to worry, you can still sew with knits if you know some tricks to work with them. I wrote a tutorial on how to sew a knit skirt with tricks you need to know a while ago, please head over to the post and see what kind of needle and working foot you need to use.

{Drafting a Half Circle Skirt}

It is a lot simpler than you think. Once you know how, you can customize a half circle skirt for anybody! There are many great tutorials in blog land, but some are harder to understand than others. Here is a very simple explanation of how I figured out the numbers to customize a half circle skirt for my daughter.

1. Measured her waist.

2. Take the measurement and do a little math problem.

Waist ÷ 3.14 = inner circle radius

My daughter's waist was 23", so I did 23 ÷ 3.14 = 7.324.... round the number. I decided to go with 7 1/4".

3. Start drafting the pattern. I used my measurement, but when you are drafting a pattern you can use your number that you figured out for the inner circle and apply the number ...

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Trick to binding a quilt from Craft Gossip

Peta Quilt Binding TipDon’t throw up your thimble-clad hands when it comes to binding your quilt. Let Peta of She Quilts Alot show you her secret for making binding behave. The trick she explains is knowing where to start.

Click the link, Binding — Where Do You Start?, to get the know-how.

{Image credit: She Quilts Alot}

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