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March 15, 2019
Writing prompt a story of love from Not Afraid of Color

Mountain Climbing Poodle Puppy

The words today come from a new source, The Sunday Whirl.... they reminded me of how lucky we are to have a poodle in our lives!!! We love our Milo-Baby!

"Throw the stick"  Milo barked at her!
"Throw it again"

His long legs ate up the ground between her and the thrown stick. His instinct to chase was stronger than his instinct to return the stick however.
He was a baby still at two. He lived life at such a fast pace, has to be the first at the door to greet the Daddy returning each ...

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March 4, 2019
happy B-day 2-you Milo from Not Afraid of Color

I was about 3 months old!
Happy 2 you Milo puppy!

Always Mama's baby... I did the best retrospective first year post last year... please go see the baby pictures here.
at 2 months, that leash weighed more than I did!

He's grown this year, gained height and weight to be a big poodle boy now!

4 months old
At age 2 he is now 28" + at the shoulder, 35" to top of head, and 60 lbs.

He wags his tail when I laugh, or when he wants something from ...

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February 22, 2019
The informer from Not Afraid of Color

I've decided Milo's role is that of

"The Informer"

Cole-buddy was the policeman. He hated conflict, he maintained order in every situation. If his playmate ran through my flower garden and I yelled get out of the garden, he turned to look at me, saw the source of the conflict, and ran over to nip at heels til the offender had left the area.

Milo is the Informer. He would loudly bark to alert us to the garden trampler but would not go over to enforce the law. He's a communicator. Like the commercial on TV he ...

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February 3, 2019
I Like Thursday #126 Old stuff is new again from Not Afraid of Color

Do you know what time it is???
It's I Like Thursday time! Time to don your tiara and let us know what you liked this week. Nothing is too small or too large to list...

First, the weather people said we'd get a trace of snow Monday... er... 5" and it's still here turning into ice fields in the sun. I like my windows bringing in light, and enjoy opening the blinds around the house each morning. I like my elephant watering can.
We went to the Vintage Market last weekend

so I'll show you some ...

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January 24, 2019
playing the sock game from Not Afraid of Color

Who, me???
Milo: whatcha doin' Mama? Playing with socks??? I LOVE playing with socks!

Mama: No darling, I'm sorting and folding the laundry from yesterday. I am folding the pairs of socks into little origami packages to put in the drawer... see?
Milo: Oh, I want a sock drawer! Me too! I want one of my own! I LOVE playing with socks.
Mama: um, keep out of that drawer Milo.
Milo: Okay, that's okay, there is a whole pile of them over here on Daddy's side, I'll just get some of those, no need to go ...

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January 18, 2019
I Like thursday #124 from Not Afraid of Color

 Welcome to this week's list of likes. The 7" of snow last weekend was apparently perfect for snowmen building. They're all over the 'hood! And this one was spotted in our library...
made of plastic cups and wool stuffed in some of them! Clever!
not so clever...

I liked going to a drawing exhibit with my friend Rose, who is a graphic designer. She knows all about drawing techniques...
At the Parker Pace Arts Center
I liked this artist a lot, for whimsy and technique. I can sketch... like a 4 year old but this was simply amazing ...

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January 5, 2019
I Like Thursday # 122 from Not Afraid of Color

My new calendar says it all!
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I liked these mint tins at the Art Museum in Denver

I am enjoying my red carnations on the table. Red is a good color for me, so I'm keeping it around a bit longer
I like the perfume DH got me for Christmas... a tiny little pink bottle of Nanette Lapore... one of my very favorites! Her graphics are adorable too. And the Lancome box holds four miracle creams guaranteed to make me beautiful and youthful.
The box is so cute!
We found the ...

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December 28, 2018
31 days of posts... I Like Thursdays # 121 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes. Boy this week passed by quickly didn't it?

I loved the full moon this week, very dramatic!
even my little point and shoot captured the magic!
 along with the interesting clouds we almost always have, it was gorgeous!

I liked the neighborhood church doing a Christmas Eve service in the park so we could walk to it!
singing, a few prayers, kind of a sermon. It was very cold, but they had hot chocolate for us to sip, and all were welcome!

I love singing!
Earlier that day we had gone ...

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December 26, 2018
31 days of posts Dreaming of bones from Not Afraid of Color

Milo here... if this is my tree, why can't I pee on it?

this post is brought to you by:
Milo here, again, I wanted to speak! today to say Happy Christmas to all my peeps! And their peeps!
I sure enjoyed all my time with you this year!

We went to a big city this week, and I went for a "rideinnacar" too, and when we got out there were a lot of people and cars and noise...
My peeps kept interrupting me when I was shopping...
and I had just found a tasty morsel ground into the ...

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December 20, 2018
31 days of posts The strong connection between us from Not Afraid of Color

Today, as a follow up to yesterday's condolence card quilt, I offer an older story, but my favorite story.

I now have the irrepressible puppy Milo as my companion.

yep, he's holding a flamingo in his mouth
At this holiday, with only the three of us as family, I am remembering my labradaughter Chelsea and my poodle son Cole who are in Heaven now.

Their bodies wore out but their spirits remained.

When Cole passed I thought I might perish from grief. So sad, I walked a million miles seeking comfort, and along the way found love in ...

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December 15, 2018
31 days of posts outside ornaments from Not Afraid of Color

There are people who decorate inside their house, and people who decorate the yard with tasteful small one candle-per-window displays, but... it's the people who go all out with lights and crazy funny decorations that give me joy!

A lot of people in our neighborhood have inflatables, from grinches to nativity scenes, hissing and puffing all night, melted during the day.

There are a lot of people putting cute ornaments on outside threes too, that I just love to see.
It's so doggone windy here on the edge of the plains, I don't know why they don ...

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December 14, 2018
I Like Thursday #119 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Happy Thursday Y'all

I'm really enjoying sewing with Christmas fabrics in the season....

I like having the new Christmas tree up in the Family room.

It's 9 feet tall, and now that it's fluffed out, it looks really pretty. I made an executive decision to just have white lights, a simple metallic star garland, and any icicle ornaments I can find. It shimmers like a tree in the forest after an ice storm. Of course I can't find the box with the majority of icicle ornaments... I ...

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December 7, 2018
I Like Thursdays # 118 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes...brought to you by the color combination of red and green.

I respond to red, in all it's mixtures. Bright red, blue red, pinks, coral, all the way to slightly orange.
I love the soft plaid blanket we found at Khols... perfect for keeping toasty while watching tv...
Milo likes it too
I like finding decorations in the mess of moving boxes, and seeing lights going up little by little

 I like timers that automatically provide pretty lights each evening.
I even saved this pretty kleenex holder from last year, so ...

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November 30, 2018
I Like Thursday #117 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like these Christmas-y flowers from Trader Joes on the now cleared off kitchen table with it's red tablecloth

Wouldn't it be a little Christmas miracle if it stayed cleared off?
I like a the pops of red in Christmas decorations, and the new "old" ornaments I found at Michaels on black Friday
Santa is driving up in a 1960's car this year! 

 Look at that Rudolph mug! and of course Santa Cow!
We got a new green fake tree that day but haven't set it up yet ...

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November 25, 2018
I Like Thursday #116 Happy Thanksgiving y'all from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes... Thanksgiving Edition
 I'll miss Fall... it's already snowed about 6 times, and we still have some from two weeks ago, but I caught this lovely leaf during a sunny day this week. I love it and the shades of it. Makes me want to paint one, or quilt one.
the weather's  been so squirrely that the grasses haven't had time to comb their hair

make the most of the last of this year's pumpkins because if stores are to be believed, it's Christmas season! If Hallmark ...

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November 22, 2018
I Like Thursday # 114 from Not Afraid of Color

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!   I guess I enjoyed how pretty the 4" of snow was in the back yard on Sunday. (I can't believe I got the series number wrong! It's #115 but can't change it now!)

Luckily we went to a craft show on Saturday. I'll show you a few pictures, and although I interviewed several people about their inspiration, I forgot some of it.. I laughed at this booth of crocheted hats...
the maker said her favorite one was a gray one for an older woman! Her friend dared her ...

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November 11, 2018
I Like Thursday #114 Quilts, shadows, books and a poodle from Not Afraid of Color

look at my old phone... my Barbie phone that's great for a purse!
Welcome to this week's list of Likes... Short list this week folks but I'm here. First of all I've written two posts already this week: Monday Happy Homemaker and Tuesday's Poodle with a Pearl reveal of my challenge piece.
That post is HERE
I liked finding Marshmallows made with tapioca instead of corn starch at Trader Joes! Got several bags for recipes then got home and noticed the soy protein... uh oh... I'm allergic to Corn and Soy.

I liked the ...

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November 5, 2018
I Like Thursday #113... spooky! from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Ahhh so that's where my tiara got to! On my pumpkin pin cushion!!

Halloween took center stage this week, with lots more decorations in the 'hood to enjoy
 this guy sways while playing  creepy organ music... I stopped and listened for several songs
this is what happens when you give up sugar
Let your freak flag fly!
even scarier at night

Now About quilting,
Sewing is so much fun! I had a ball picking out fabrics for this year's halloween quilt
the post with better pics of this Halloween quilt ...

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October 22, 2018
I Like Thursday #111 from Not Afraid of Color

this little piggy still has flowers!
welcome to this week's list of likes. Mostly just pictures for this week's list.
blue skies, yellow leaves
blue skies with snow capped mountains appearing overnight
Apparently they moved in to the 'hood overnight. We haven't seen them since we moved in June, but maybe the wildfire smoke is finally out, and it's not raining right now so....
leaves painted on every edge
Guard Ghosts
small town America
small town cemetery
Peek-a-boo scarecrows
Like Peek-a-boo Snow-mingos
and Peek-a-boo cows on bikes after a snowfall
lindor truffles in a fall dish ...

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October 14, 2018
I Like Thursday #110 Easy as 1,2,3... fall snow festivals and a poodle from Not Afraid of Color

It's as easy as one, two, three! Welcome to this week's list of likes! Each week I try to focus on the small fun things to enjoy. On a walk this weekend, I happened onto the wee little pine cone, then the twig. One, two.
three. From a lovely bright golden tree. I was pleased with this, although Milo thought I should give the twig to him, then saw this across the street from our house... Four/ Fore!
We live in a golf course community
 I like doing a Monday Happy Homemaker post that is fun! (here) and ...

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