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August 31, 2020
Celebrate with me!! from Lily Pad Quilting

You may remember my posts about needing a stabilizer/foundation for backing my hand embroidery. I was commenting, er, lamenting, well, OK!!! I admit it!  I was whining!!

First, I found WhisperWeft and loved its drapeyability (yes, I just made up a word) and then realized that while it WAS a wonderful option, it was definitely not easy to source here in the Northern Hemisphere. (Grin)

When I went to a box store (that shall remain nameless) all I found was a stabilizer that seemed to resemble the stiffy-starched parchment paper I use in my baking. Certainly not what I ...

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Part II - Stick n Stitch! from Lily Pad Quilting

Stick n Stitch review, Part II!

Spoiler alert!

This stuff is awesome!

Guess I just gave it away, huh?
Oh, is the stitchery just finished. All of the embroidery is done, and we are ready for the Big Experiment. 

I included this as a close up because there IS a warning that I need to give you. 
Stop hyperventilating.
It will be OK.
It's just that I noticed when I took my project outside, the product shrank a tiny bit. Now, if you don't stitch outside like I do (in the Southland, and in high ...

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