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August 10, 2018
Heritage Story: Green Strip Quilt from Nestlings By Robin


You have met Kay before here on my blog.  I adore working with her to finish these lovely works of art.

Heritage Stories
This quilt had rows of pieced swirl blocks and I wasn't sure at first how to best showcase them.  There is a suggested rule of thumb that using curved quilting on geometric and geometric on curves are good ways to accent a design so that was what I leaned on to quilt these blocks.  They are a variation of a Snail Trail so I decided on large concentric swirls coming from the centers ...

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March 22, 2018
CHARITY AUCTION from Nestlings By Robin

I know the title, CHARITY AUCTION, isn't very exciting and naming is NOT a strength of mine, but it is exciting if you are a quilter and like to get caught up in the action of a good deal:)

When I moved to Florida (almost 7 years ago now-WOW!!), I joined a guild named Hidden Stitches.
I loved the name and that it is an Applique guild...How exciting is that!  Then I learned that their philanthropic outreach is for a program that one of the members had founded and once a year they hold a Live Quilt Auction ...

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January 24, 2018
Star Quilt from Strips: 3D Groovy from Pink Doxies

3D or '70's Groovy Star Block

This 36" block was created to pattern test an EQ7 project I was working on. When I pulled fabric from my stash, it had a definite 70's feel, and I was transported back to the summer I had a sundress in these colors. How vividly I remember the colors and patterns of clothes my mother made for me growing up! I'm sure my early memories influence a lot of color choices without me realizing it. Have you found this too?

First Design Choice Using a Dark Center Star

I used the ...

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