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February 12, 2020
String Quilt Number 2!! from Humble Quilts

Last years was our stringalong adn I have them both completed! Whoop!Whoop!

Thankfully Diane's schedule was open and what these quilts needed were all over patterns.

Thanks for stringingalong in 2019! 

If you are looking for a long arm quilter, I can recommend Diane, Butterfly Threads Quilting. 

I'm having a great week and I hope you are too!

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February 5, 2020
BasketWeave 2020 Quilt #2 from Humble Quilts

Binding and label is on and sewn! 

It is such a busy quilt, Diane and I decided an allover pattern would work great.
 Diane's quilting info HERE. Please consider her if you need to send out quilts for quilting.

Here's the backing I came up with.

The binding looks great with the cheddar!

A quick shot after washing.

Porter likes to come upstairs when I'm sewing but coming back down is a little harder with his age, He was barking at me to come up and help!!

More training hikes! This was a steep one- Gray Butte ...

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November 22, 2019
Stringin' on a Friday! from Humble Quilts

 Actually I'm done stringin'!! I eliminated 2 rows from my original size and added a border.  This was copied from an unusual setting that I saw on
The blocks finish at 4". I really could have made them 6" and been perfectly fine. 

Look at this beautiful day we had yesterday! 
 Because I will be trekking in Peru this spring I need to keep moving as much as possible! I'm not super excited for the forecast of snow next week, so I'll keep getting out and exercising as much as possible until then.
Our high ...

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October 28, 2019
Stringalong Month 10 and Finale Linky Party from Humble Quilts

Hey Look! I did manage to get my top put together! I eliminated 2 rows and am planning on adding a border.  Gotta stay flexible!

I think I'm going to use this and will make the top and bottom border a little wider since this quilt is "almost" square. That is kind of annoying to me.
I saw this on the Quilt Index and thought it was such an unusual and fun setting- this was my inspiration. 
String or Streak of Lightening. (Maker not recorded). 1901-1929. From Connecticut Quilt Search, Connecticut Quilt Search Project. Published in The Quilt Index ...

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