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November 8, 2018
Nancy Sonneborn's Fabulous Fandango Quilt! from Selvage Blog

This stunning Fandango quilt is a recent finish by Nancy Sonneborn. What a beauty! Her blocks have a lot more pieces than mine. I love it! See the pattern for Fandango in the sidebar on the right.

This is what Nancy had to say about her quilt:
My fans started out a little wonky but improved as I kept at it.  They are all in the quilt and now,  I cannot tell which ones I questioned the execution of.  All the blocks are from multiple scraps I cut before beginning.  No blocks are identical but because I only used the ...

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October 28, 2018
Here’s the New Workshop Schedule!! ; ) from Cultured Expressions

Hey everyone!  Check out all of the Fabrigasmic African fabric and beads featured in our just-published  Nov/Dec/Jan workshop schedule!  Your favorite classes are joined by three new ones:  we’ve added String Quilts, Bordered Batik Panels, and Waistbeads, all inspired by our recent buying trip to Ghana!

Have you been to the Cultured Expressions studio yet?  Be sure to visit as we celebrate our 1st Anniversary, which is officially December 1 but will last all season long ; ).  If you’re traveling some distance, we can help you put together a complete overnight trip, including hotel choices, restaurants, and ...

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October 11, 2018
This week and another hurricane from Stitchin' Therapy

   Not a lot of sewing done as I have been waiting to get my eye exam done.  My old glasses were just not helping and quilting is made difficult when you can't focus :)   So the exam went doctor because my very reliable doctor has retired....sure am missing him.  And new glasses are ordered for reading.  At the optometry section, Scott suggested low mag generic readers for watching TV or driving......tada!  They work great and saved me money.  Just waiting on the close work reading glasses to come in. 

 In compensation, I pulled out a small ...

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October 3, 2018
One thing leads to another from Stitchin' Therapy

   It's been slow around here....or I have been moving slow.  We are still having summer temps, as the predicted front never made it this far south and moved north of us.  So no fall inspiration has appeared on my porch yet :)     
  I am still getting thru and sorting strips and strings.  I found another bin tucked under something else.   I decided to just piece up some colorway units.  I cut up some  4'' by 8 1/2'' foundations to cover.  Only one orange unit out of the whole bunch.....guess you can guess I don't use that ...

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September 24, 2018
roll roll from Making A Lather

As part of my mystery quilt challenge, I have finished roll roll cotton boll, Bonnie Hunter's mystery from 2010, and her 7th mystery, and my 11th finish.
I want to have it in the guild show this  October, even if I did lose most of the points on the border, so I still need a sleeve and label, but I count it finished. I really like the neutral string background. And the colors are great, very traditional and cozy.

Jo of Jo's country junction is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book ...

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September 17, 2018
piecing orca bay from Making A Lather

The string blocks are finished for Quiltville mystery quilt Orca Bay, so it is time to move on to the pieced blocks. It looks like they are mostly ohio star blocks with alternating black and white corners and a red center. I have an accuquilt die for the quarter square triangles which makes it easier to cut. I need a massive amount. No matter how hard I tried, the little pieces just wouldn't come out in an orderly way.

They are only 1 1/2 inch and fiddley.

The hourglass block is 2 1/2 inches and, oh, so ...

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September 10, 2018
orca bay strings from Making A Lather

I worked on my red string blocks for Orca bay quiltville mystery quilt. Jo of Jo's country junction is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book before the new book is published. I am trying to finish all the mystery quilts as part of that challenge before the new mystery in November.

I had a nice pile of red strings, but I used up most of them rather early in the process, so I took some bigger scraps and cut strips with my rotary cutter.

Then, I just grabbed something and tried to make ...

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September 3, 2018
strings from Making A Lather

More work on my string/mystery quilt challenge as part of what Jo is challenging us to do.
The blue string blocks for orca bay mystery quilt are finished, so I have started to work on the red. I have several pieced and a few trimmed. It is taking a long time, because I don't like string piecing, but I think, it will speed up soon, because I am tired of the mess.

For my one monthly goal this month, I want to finish the strings for orca bay, finish roll roll cotton boll, and I want ...

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August 31, 2018
one monthly goal recap from Making A Lather

 I want to revisit my goals for the month of August and see how I have done. It's hard to believe we are at the end of another month. And today is my 44th wedding anniversary.

For August, I want to continue work on stella cyranna. I have the pieced rows finished, and it is time to assemble and work on the wool applique.
I had trouble with the instructions on the wool applique. I have only a picture to go by, and to me, the amount of wool is not adequate for the color combinations I am seeing ...

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August 27, 2018
mystery strings from Making A Lather

I've trimmed a few and de-papered a few blue string blocks for Orca Bay mystery quilt.

I just can't like string piecing. I try.  But, I don't enjoy string piecing. While I am sewing these, I am planning how I will just take my tub and dump it into the trash.
I need to remember, I don't like a foundations this small -31/2 inch square. I don't like the triangle corners - I have to really hunt for pieces that are big enough. I don't like having one color I have to sort and ...

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August 20, 2018
getting started with orca bay quilt from Making A Lather

Roll roll Cotton boll is in the quilting cue waiting it's turn. And as much as I would like to completely finish it before starting the next quiltville mystery quilt, it could be awhile. So, I began planning orca bay. I was sure I had the string parts finished, but I can't find them anywhere or any mention of them in my master lists. I don't know how I missed this mystery quilt. I've done parts of all the others. Oh well. Time to start at the beginning. I was just going to cut the foundation ...

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August 6, 2018
binding ready from Making A Lather

In conjunction with Jo's string challenge here, I am doing mine as a quiltville mystery quilt challenge. All I did this week for Roll roll cotton boll is prepare the back and the binding. I like to attach my binding on the long arm while I am quilting it. So, when a place opens up on the long arm, I will get it quilted.

I am so impressed with Jo's finish today, and I would love to make it, but, I don't have any scraps from batiks, only yardage. And I don't think I can just ...

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July 30, 2018
July goals from Making A Lather

My One Monthly goals for July might have been ambitious. But, I am pleased with my progress. I wanted to assemble the quiltville mystery roll roll cotton boll, and I did. just this morning. I still haven't pressed it, and I want to get it ready to quilt. I am even thinking I like it enough to enter it in the guild quilt show in September. We will see after I quilt it.

I wanted to assemble snow days and finish the stitching, and I did. I think it needs a border, though.

I had hoped to get one ...

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July 23, 2018
roll roll fixed from Making A Lather

As part of my quiltville mystery quilt challenge along side Jo's country junction string challenge, I am working on roll roll cotton boll. Last week, I had put the rows together creating two halves and there was an oops. It is fixed now, and the center is all in one piece.

I was able to add the inner border. There is a pieced outer border, and, generally, there is a bit of math to decide the width of the inner border, but, the pattern just gave directions for the cutting. I am hoping it will work with my piecing ...

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July 21, 2018
Spider web on my wall from Stitchin' Therapy

   I began to assemble the blocks for the string spider web project.     This is where it began with large triangle sections with a center kite shape piece--the black and white print, and strings on the sides.    It is hard to get the full picture of how it will come together from this, so hang on. 

   I elected to go easy on myself and ordered pre-cut foundation papers from Missouri Star.  A big life saver for me.  The sections are large....13'' on the long side.   Four of the triangle units are joined to create the center "star" and the web ...

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July 16, 2018
roll roll oops from Making A Lather

I was so thrilled to get this far on assembling roll roll cotton boll and, then, to discover something is wrong. hmmm
The middle row is backwards or upside down. bummer... On point settings are always challenging for me.

I do not want to take a whole row off.

I realized I didn't have to take the whole row off and turn it, I just need to take the ends off and switch them. That's not so bad.

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July 12, 2018
Returning to regular programming.... from Stitchin' Therapy

  Sorry for the absence of a few weeks, although I have been reading and following most blogs.
    I have been dealing with blood pressure drops that leave me completely wiped out and exhausted.   My system is very sensitive to any change, and nerve pathways to the brain and organs do not always function as they should.  This is just part of the Pernicious Anemia condition.   The medication adjustment made by the doctor last month we thought would take care of it, but  the condition quickly returned.  Cutting pills in half just doesn't work because nothing is consistent.  So finally ...

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June 20, 2018
Loaning Quilts from Collector with a Needle

My Franklin Stars Quilt
I like to think I am generous when it comes to loaning and sharing my quilts.  Although, some might say I am not when it comes to sharing photos.  It is all personal choice.

This quilt, Franklin Stars is currently on loan at my cities community center.

They have a rotating quilt every month to share with the community.  I chose this one because I think it appeals to men and women.

It also reminds me of my friend Jeananne - who owns the original.  She is very generous sharing her quilts.

The more you look at ...

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A finished star from Stitchin' Therapy

   The star made from leftover string blocks is done!

   The blocks were 5 1/2'' string blocks pieced on light weight shirting fabric.  Some were  all light fabrics, some were half light and half dark, and a few were all medium dark to dark fabrics.  I really played around with the layout to effectively use all the combinations.

  A note on the odd size block and a hint:
  My light weight shirting foundation blocks were actually 5'' square.  I had a big stack leftover from a project with a string border.  So I wanted to use them up.
   Hint:   When ...

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June 13, 2018
Of knots and strings from Stitchin' Therapy

Spider web by Duane Walker
  Once again I got inspired to do something with my over abundant strings.    This quilt was made by Daune Walker  who was our featured speaker at guild this month.  It has a very vintage feel, in part due to the black and white prints, I think.   It has been ages since I did a spiderweb quilt, so I wanted to test her technique.

  I did a quick search on Pinterest for spider web blocks and quilts.  At  Quilterscache  I found the style block she a different size.    And at Quiltville,  I found Bonnie ...

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