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May 19, 2017
Checking In from Needle and Foot

Balance (for me) is never easy. Lately I feel I have ignored my blog slightly as I work to get my fabric shop up and running. There are a limited number of hours in the day and I find myself divided between regular life chores, sewing, writing, listing items on Etsy and shipping a few orders here and there. The other distraction for me is social media. Oh how easy it is to be sucked into it and look up 30 minutes later, wondering how to get that last 1/2 hour back. This week I have tried to stay ...

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May 8, 2017
Modern Star mini from Flying Parrot Quilts

I realized I hadn’t posted the mini quilt I made for the MQG swap, so here are a couple quick photos.
MQG Swap mini | Flying Parrot Quilts

My partner mentioned all these colors as her favorites, and while I was initially skeptical, it turned out that this combination really works! I am going to have to remember it for future quilts.

MQG swap mini detail | Flying Parrot Quilts

I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it was a cute 30s print, which my partner also mentioned as a favorite.

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March 28, 2017
A Cheerful Finish from Needle and Foot

This is quite possibly the most cheerful quilt I have made yet. The colors are so bright, just to look at it makes me smile. I hope my niece and her husband will enjoy it when they receive it. My timing couldn’t have been better as my niece went into labor early this morning and is at the hospital right now. We should hear about baby’s arrival sometime today. How exciting!

The pattern, When You Wish, by Kristy of Bonjour Quilts is adorable. Simple HST’s and five inch squares make it a breeze to assemble. I think ...

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October 14, 2016
TGIFF | Rising Stars from Georgia Girl Quilts

Last week when I was in Atlanta I was finally able to give my little sister her birthday quilt.

I used MSQC's Rising Star tutorial...again. I can't help it! This quilt comes together so quickly and has a definite WOW factor. This is the THIRD time I've made one; but I keep switching up the layout a bit. The first one I made was the mini posted directly below, which was made for a swap between all the Tennessee MQGs. Next, I made a version for my do. Good Stitches group; I'll blog about that ...

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September 30, 2016
Finished: Napoleon plus-sign quilt and some lessons learned from One Million Stitches















I finished this quilt — at long last — a few weeks ago, but for a variety of reasons wasn’t able to get photos until last Sunday. A drained battery led to a long nap, so I didn’t take these until late afternoon, catching the golden-hour light photographers love. I can see why they do. Even with my limited skills and the fact that I shot in a somewhat somnambulant state, the colors in these photos are probably the most accurate I’ve ever gotten with Lola (my Nikon D3200). I still need to work on my compositional skills, but ...

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September 22, 2016
Hexie Rebellion | Blogger's Quilt Festival, Fall, 2016 from Georgia Girl Quilts

It's that time of year again - Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side! If you have not done so yet, definitely head on over to see some beautiful quilts!

This is Hexie Rebellion.

Hexie Rebellion was inspired by A Sprinkling of Hexagons Flea Market Fancy Style”, a quilt by Ashley of Film in the Fridge. I was immediately drawn to Ashley’s use of negative space and the alternate grid work of her layout. With Hexie Rebellion, I utilized bright solids to create my two-toned half hexagons. I opted to use two sizes and straight stitch ...

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Modern Meadow Single Girl {a finished quilt!} from Material Girl Quilts

Guys, look! I have proof that I actually have been doing some sewing this summer :)  If you follow me

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September 21, 2016
‘Glass Half Full’ quilt from Veni Vidi Vicky

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe shift from blogging to instagram has been a topic discussed online for the past two years or so.

I only started this blog two summers ago and had all the intentions to keep blogging, although I’ve been on instagram longer than this blog exists. I still make a point to stage a photoshoot for all my bigger finished pieces, but I rarely write up entries any more. All the action does seem to go down on Instagram, it’s just so more convinient. And so I happen to have my hard drive full of pictures for potential blog ...

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August 27, 2016
Relief Quilting Tutorial – Thread from Needle and Foot

I really enjoyed playing with relief quilting when I made my FABRIC mini quilt a couple of weeks ago. So much so that I decided to make another one! I took plenty of pictures while making it so I could post a tutorial. I hope you will give it a try. The effect is wonderful and it is such an easy process.

This time I wanted to try stitching the word on a piece of fabric with fusible stabilizer and then building the quilt from there. It worked out wonderfully. Since I already had one mini that said FABRIC, I ...

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August 22, 2016
Then...And Now from Georgia Girl Quilts

Devoted Quilter

Leanne from @Devoted Quilter is hosting a linky party titled "Then...And Now". She's asking that we share some of our first quilts along with some of our most recent. The premise is to take a look at where our skills are now as opposed to where we started.

I made my first quilt in 2013 as a gift or my cousin's first baby. In fact, it was the first time I'd used a sewing machine since Home Ec back in the '80s!

My first quilt

I cringe when I look at this shot. To start, it ...

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August 17, 2016
Straight & Arrow from Material Girl Quilts

Happy Hump Day!  I’ve been busy with summer (and that day job) again, but I’m back today to share a

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August 12, 2016
TGIFF | Barcelona Mod from Georgia Girl Quilts

Barcelona Mod was made for the End of Summer event hosted by Mid Mod Collective in Knoxville. When our guild was asked to participate, I knew I had to make a quilt because I love all things Mid-Century Modern.

The only problem was, I needed something I could make quickly. The event was right around the corner and I was knee deep in the middle of finishing two commissions. Thankfully I had a few yards of Kona Snow and a jelly roll of Zen Chic's Barcelona hanging out on one of my shelves.

When I was thinking of what ...

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August 9, 2016
To-Do Tuesday | 08.09.16 from Georgia Girl Quilts

Last week I was able to finish the Mid Mod quilt. It just needs a label, but I need a new cartridge for the printer. I have to get that done by Saturday as the quilt needs to be at the event in Knoxville Sunday morning. I'll post more about this one in a TGIFF post this Friday.

I love the texture this organic crosshatch quilting adds; but it sure did take a lot of
time...and thread!

I am continuing on with the travel themed quilt; I'm about 75% through quilting it. Next time I get the ...

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