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January 12, 2021
to do: make a little progress from Making A Lather

While I am working on my focus projects, I do a little piecing as leader/enders. It helps break the monotony of millions of hsts, and adding loooong rows to tops I am trying to finish. I am bouncing between rainbow scrap challenge quilts, grassy creek mystery quilt, and country roads top. country roads isn't moving along as quickly as I had hoped. The mystery quilt takes time. I really like the piecing, so, I don't mind.

It has been a cold dreary week here, and we haven't been out and about. We need to get moving ...

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December 12, 2020
progress from Making A Lather

I am sewing here and there on my current scrap projects, hoping to make some more progress before the end of the year. Can you believe we are nearly there? What a year.



stash buster and easy breezy

Friday group met, and, I finished all the blocks for country roads. It's time to decide if I want to put it in the ufo closet, or, dream up a layout, and, keep going. Today, I have a sew day, too. I plan on working on my snoopy wiggle quilt and grassy creek mystery quilt clue number 2.

getting ...

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October 22, 2020
leader and enders from Making A Lather

I just wanted to sew a little, so I grabbed the leader/enders near my machine, and made a few. I haven't felt well - it wasn't covid. It has been hard to want to sew.

stash buster

I think I am on the mend, and these cute baskets are part of good medicine.

lil beauty baskets

easy breezy
happy sewing

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October 15, 2020
stash buster from Making A Lather

So funny.... definitely me

I have a few more stash buster 2020 blocks made. If I have a scrap that I can get a 3 1/2 inch strip and a matching 2 inch strip, I will put it back for this block. Then I cut it until I can't get any more matching sets. I have several repeats this way, but then the scrap is gone. 

I have a bin of 2 1/2 inch hsts and matching 2 1/2 inch squares. I cut the wedding ring blocks the same way. I need 16 hsts and 4 ...

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September 9, 2020
stash buster block from Making A Lather

A new block for me. It is the stashbuster 2020 block. It is a great block, and, I am going scrappy with it. I can't use my strip bins for it, so when I have scrap chunks, and, I can get a 3 1/2 and a matching 2 inch strip from the fabric, I have been cutting for it.

We have been canning tomatoes, and, enjoying the last of the garden. We grew eggplant this year, and, had cantaloupe that was yummy.

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