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November 13, 2020
"It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Binds" from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

 ...or sings. Or both—because when I finally bound this quilt, I sang!

This quilt was part of a mystery quilt that the guild I (Teri) belonged to was doing—about 15 or so years ago. There are many details about the project I don't remember, like who designed the pattern, but I can remember many things that I learned about myself doing this project.

First, I am not very good at mystery designing. I remember waiting a few months to get started so that I could see a bit of the design coming together before I chose my ...

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October 11, 2020
More fall color......inside and out........ from Exuberant Color

I don't remember my Redbud tree leaves turning orange before.  Usually they just start turning yellow and we get rain and wind and they all drop.  This year it is dry and they are starting to fall off but the ones on the trees are really pretty.

Here is a quilt block I made in 2017 that matches the photo.

This is my backyard neighbor's front yard tree.  I can barely see it from my house because of all of my Redbud trees so I walked over in her yard to take this photo.

This is one of ...

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June 25, 2020
Quilts with stars and over 50 one-block quilt patterns from Pieced Brain

Quilts with stars and over 50 one-block quilt patterns

I love quilts with stars, whether they are pieced, paper pieced, or appliqued. I have made them entirely with stars, such as this Christmas quilt, or mixed with alternating blocks. Here is my latest star quilt block, which is going into a sampler quilt.

Two of my friends and I are making star quilt blocks which will be later turned into a quilt. We were supposed to meet every month and exchange blocks, but life is getting in the way. I did make another block, though, and I think it came out so cool!

I was looking for 12-inch star ...

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April 28, 2020
#2 finish for April 2020 from Exuberant Color

I chose a black with white floral print for the binding and got it sewn on yesterday.  The quilt ended up 64" x 83".
The floral fabric is nice on the back.  That is 2 large quilts done this month off my list of 16 large quilt tops at the beginning of the year.  In my categories a large quilt is one where the longest side is more than 79".

I also made the remaining 20 masks for my order of 60 for a company and I'll have them on my post tomorrow so I have a reference to ...

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April 27, 2020
Quilting again......... from Exuberant Color

This Seeing Stars quilt top has been waiting since 2013 to be quilted.  The batting was already cut for this one and the backing fabric was on a hanger next to the top.

The quilting is randomly spaced straight lines.  My top thread frayed out at least a dozen times so I need to change the needle before I quilt another one.

I think this backing fabric is at least 40 years old.  It might have been purchased at a SoFro store in the late 1970s.  I have always liked it and knew someday the perfect quilt woud need it ...

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April 19, 2020
An old project............. from Exuberant Color

I might have started this project about 5 years ago when Debbie first posted her quilt and directions for the block.  At the time I pieced these 4 blocks and cut pieces for 8 more blocks.  Somehow the 2 parts got separated and I finally just sewed the 4 blocks together figuring it would be a nice table centerpiece mat.
Two days ago I found the ziploc bag with the pieces in it so yesterday I made the 8 additional blocks.

Then I sewed them together into a really long tablerunner.  The blocks finish at 9" so this will be ...

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April 16, 2020
Snow?.....and sewing progress........... from Exuberant Color

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.  Chicago records say it is the largest snowfall on any April 15th.  Last year we had snow on April 14th.  And to top that we are expecting even more snow Thursday night into Friday morning.
This is pretty typical that we get some snow after the forsythia leaves have started to grow.

The Hostas are peeking up through the snow.

I knew I should have picked the Jonquils Tuesday afternoon.

These 3 squirrels quickly cleared the snow under the bird feeders because I had dumped extra birdseed there the night before ...

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April 15, 2020
Back at it................. from Exuberant Color

I finally got this TAW quilted.  It took a few hours to do and I had a problem in one area of it.  All is well now.  It is off the frame and trimmed.

This one if for my bed so it got a big loose meander.  I haven't chosen a binding yet, that will be done today.

Last night was my 3 hour TV night so I designed the sixth Spring Star and got the rows sewn in one direction.  I have several things to press today so I'll get the last seams sewn after pressing.

I ...

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April 13, 2020
Sunday night sewing........... from Exuberant Color

Two or three weeks ago I sewed African prints with solid 2.5" strips and pressed them and put them on a shelf.  Last night I decided to slice them into segments and sew the blocks.  I have 19 blocks here and will make some more soon.  I plan on alternating them with plain squares of large print African fabrics.
I put my 5 Spring Star blocks back up on the design wall and hope to make block #6 today.  Then I will work on the pieced sashing.

I got a good photo of the texture created by the matchstick ...

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April 10, 2020
#5 star............... from Exuberant Color

Number 5 Spring Star was designed and sewn yesterday.  One more block to go and then the pieced sashing.  It actually felt like spring for a couple days and then snow showers for 2 days, a 30 degree drop yesterday.

In the background are some face mask pieces.
I didn't make any masks on Wednesday and yesterday I was actually feeling a little guilty. There are so many people who don't sew who need a mask.  Patty A had a great idea of cutting 1/2" elastic up the middle to make 1/4" elastic.  It works on ...

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March 21, 2020
One more block................... from Exuberant Color

I got a 4th block designed and sewn yesterday and then went back to playing with the sashing ideas.  This idea didn't have quite the effect I thought it would have.  A friend across the world gave me another idea to try so I'll work on that today.

Here is a closer view at the intersection of pieced sashing strips.  More play today......

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March 20, 2020
Playing with sashing............ from Exuberant Color

I'm starting out with a photo I showed yesterday as I contemplated whether to add sashing between the blocks.  Here I show one color square as a cornerstone.

In a comment Jan from the Colorful Fabriholic suggested making the sashing strips from the low volume squares so the stars would look like they are floating on a low volume background.  I had overcut the number of squares I needed so I thought it was a great idea.  Here I tried something different at the joining of the strips but I think it looks too clunky.

Then I exchanged the ...

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March 19, 2020
Sewing Spring Stars.............. from Exuberant Color

Yesterday was spent designing and sewing 3 of the 20" star blocks (a Carpenter's Wheel traditional block variation).  There are 32 color triangles and 12 color squares in each block so the same fabric is repeated in a  block sometimes.

I need to made a decision whether the blocks will be right next to each other or if I will use a white with black print sashing strip between them.  This photo is simulating a sashing the same width as the squares in the block.  I could also just do a 1" sashing for a slight separation.

My lovely ...

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March 17, 2020
2 more variations............ from Exuberant Color

Same star as yesterday but with Broken Dishes center.

The blocks will finish at 20" so I only need to make 12 of them for a 60" x 80" quilt top.  That is assuming I won't add sashing or a border.

Two changes on this one.  First the center is a pinwheel.  Second the 3 colored squares together on the top half of the block and 2 split squares and 1 whole square on the bottom half of the block.  I originally planned to do them with whole (not pieced) squares and since I have over 400 cut that ...

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December 11, 2019
Going through patterns.......... from Exuberant Color

When I came across this pattern I had to open it and assess whether I would really ever make it.

Added 8 a.m.--this is not paper piecing.  Those are cutting lines and then regular piecing reassembles it.

I know I was drawn in by the colors, red, orange, gold and purple.  I have done some Buggy Barn patterns in the past and the stacks of fabrics were about 8 or more fabrics deep and were hard to cut.  This one has layers of just 4 fabrics and I doubt I would make it of flannel.  This would make ...

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December 9, 2019
Some sewing............ from Exuberant Color

I sewed the blocks with the dotted fabric to add to the kitty blocks.  Now it is up to 30" square.  It is getting closer to baby quilt size.

I finally got around to pressing the remaining sashing strips on the 35 batik star quilt.  I know it is almost 96" long because it is almost end to end on the 96" double design wall.

This is the fabric I have chosen for the border.  I won't get it sewn on today because my art quilter friends are coming.

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December 7, 2019
Fun day, lots accomplished......... from Exuberant Color

My friends and I had a fun day yesterday.  I worked on several things.  One of them was another 12" block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  The needle needs to be embroidered on it yet.  I have some embroidery on a few other blocks so I'll probably do them all at the same time.

I sewed the sashing strips onto the left and bottom edges so this star quilt would be ready to sew together.

In the evening I sewed it all together while watching 2 TV shows.  I hope to get it pressed today.  I have chosen ...

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December 4, 2019
Final layout............ from Exuberant Color

Here is my final layout of the batik star quilt.  I need to sew on the left side and bottom edge sashing strips and then I can sew it all together.  I'm predicting it will be about 69" x 96" when sewn together.  I might consider a light print batik border but I won't know until I sew it together and then look through my fabrics.
I found the dotted fabric that I thought might work for some alternate blocks on the wonky heart quilt but I only have a quarter yard so there is enough for 8 ...

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November 28, 2019
A good sewing day............ from Exuberant Color

I chose the fabric for the cornerstones in my star quilt.  I knew I wanted something a little darker than the sashing strips and that it should be a busy print like the fabrics in the stars.

I cut them and got them all sewn to the second sashing strip and then sewed them onto the blocks.  Now it is time to go to the design wall and decide on the arrangement.  Then I can sew the last sashing strips onto the end of row blocks and bottom row blocks.

I also got the seams sewn the other way on ...

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November 25, 2019
Fun day............ from Exuberant Color

I had friends over to sew yesterday and I got one table cleaned off and cut the rest of the sashing strips I needed for these 35 batik star blocks.  Here is the last time you saw these blocks.  I ran out of the first sashing fabric but found another batik that was a close match and this has been laying there for 2 1/2 years waiting for me to work on it again.  I have the sashing sewn on one side of all 35 blocks and need to decide on a cornerstone fabric now.
Last night I got ...

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