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April 13, 2021
Finally flowers from Art In Search

      After a surprise late snow, it warmed like crazy and the daffodils burst forth. Their sunny faces are immensely cheering after dark days and times.
     I like a variety of daffodils, like scrappy fabrics in quilts, so that is what I plant. I have a small yard, but the flowers do their job well.

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September 25, 2020
UFOs No More from Kat & Cat Quilts

Welcome to the weekend quilters! Friday is my teaching day at the nursing school, it's a great day to end the week.  This week I'm teaching a bunch of 19-year-olds how to given hypodermic injections to hot dogs and oranges so that in just a couple years they can be grown up nurses! I'm crossing my fingers no one cuts themselves this semester ;) Hey, at least I'm not teaching it over Zoom anymore! 

Louise has just shipped back a great big box of finished quilts she made from the UFOs and orphans I sent to her ...

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September 5, 2020
Still Playing With Fabric from Quilty Folk

Here I am with another finished quilt top. This one went together very easily after the details were sorted out.
Spring Flowers
I don't have a lot of time for writing this post, so will try to be brief.

Looking across...
Part of me is unhappy with the harshness of the finished look, but the other part of me is pleased to see something semi-coherent looking. You know how it is when the original idea drifts away on moonbeams. Finished is better than perfect!

Lots of energy in that border...
The bright, chrome yellow inner border is really interesting ...

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August 25, 2020
August Update from Quilty Folk

Decisions, decisions. It was either take the time to go quilt or take the time to actually write a post. Today I decided the post had to come first. 
Seedpod Flower quilt top is done!
What can I say about this quilt top? You already know that the flower itself was kind of an impulse, use-up-the-abandoned-bits sort of start
The full view
You also know that the inspiration pic was one that I fell head over heels in love with a very long time ago. Or did you? Regardless, I'm pretty impressed to actually see this interpretation finally come ...

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August 14, 2020
A Good Finish from Quilty Folk

Not getting very far with the paperwork, but at least there has been time spent there. Just like with quilting, I figure every little bit accomplished equals forward progress. In better news, there's a new quilt finish! This has been such a cheerful quilt to work on. Can't believe it didn't end up in the hoop much sooner. Totally sanity saving, believe me! Why do people tend to believe that yellow isn't a positive mood enhancer?
Sweet Tarts
Maybe it's the combination of yellow and pink that works all the charm? This was a quilt ...

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July 28, 2020
Working Through the Steps from Quilty Folk

It was great to see Antique Crows finally come together for a true blue finish! The hand quilting wasn't always the most fun as I was stitching on the inside of each of the 'points'. That's what I wanted for the look and texture though, so just kept slogging along regardless of extra layers of fabric. 

Antique Crows for the finish!

The backing is a bought-on-clearance, Kaffe, woven, stripe fabric. Makes for a great drape and feel and especially wonderful for summer! I'm already using this on our bed although it's a bit girly compared to ...

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June 16, 2020
'Cuz Applique Never Gets Boring from Quilty Folk

Here I go, once again. trying to gain some ground on all the applique that seems to have exploded around here. Coronacrazy is the most recent one to get some love. My plan of attack was to stitch the underside of every single arch, and then decide how to move forward from there. The stitching does gets fairly tedious, but I've found it's an excellent project for working on while visiting.

Coronacrazy Quilt
I was approximately 2 1/2 arches from that part being fulfilled when I impulsively decided to drag the quilt back into the quilt room ...

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June 10, 2020
Thank God for flowers! from Art In Search

     Spring took a long time to get to Buffalo, NY. There was snow in May. Finally, the tulips arrived and because it was cooler, they hung around a long time. The rain and heat later did the tree peonies in too quickly. 

     When I go outside and visit the flowers, I am in awe of the colors, textures, shades of greens and shapes. I marvel how they are all different and all beautiful (except those no good wild chives that threaten the perennials and garden). 

      I finished potting all the annuals in containers and they are taking off. The rest ...

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May 15, 2020
The Applique Queue is Growing from Quilty Folk

If it takes two months for new habits to form, I might be in trouble. Lots of new starts, especially with applique, but little to no interest in follow-through. Out of curiosity, I decided to post an applique update, or current status? on the ongoing. Lots of hand work taking place at the start of our Stay At Home order, but lately it's been much more fun to chain piece or just sort and stack fabric. So moody.

4-block Tulip Medallion quilt blocks
The Four Block Tulip Medallion quilt has gained a teeny tiny bit of traction {all the ...

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