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September 13, 2020
Hanging In There from Quilty Folk

We're mostly doing fine, just feeling headachy and stressed. Very thankful that so many of the people we know and love have been able to return already to an intact home. Today though, the fires are a few miles away and across the Columbia river. Much closer than we can possibly be happy about. No evacuation notices for our little town just yet, but it could come. Uggh. I've got a file box of important papers ready just in case, but nothing else. We're just tired. Weary. Sick that this particular fire was started intentionally. Some people ...

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June 27, 2020
Another Baby Quilt Getting in the Way from Quilty Folk

Lots of stuff going on around here what with Father's Day, my moms birthday and now, a new little niece to admire. You know how it is with a big family, everyone tries to step up and help out the new parents! So very thankful we don't have to entertain the older munchkins every day though. Wowsers, I am totally, completely out of the habit of running herd on kids aged seven and under!

Sweet Tart Baskets
Regardless of all the distractions, hand quilting did get accomplished, and finally.... it was time to pin the next quilt for ...

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April 29, 2020
Playing With Fabric from Quilty Folk

I seriously thought about not posting this week as nothing very interesting has been happening around here. Life has been very quiet and restrained and as Kyle noted, creative juices seem to be acting rather sluggish. But I still have my quilt in the hoop and it's almost time to move the current one along and replace it with the new.

I Am a Maker next up in the hoop!
'I am a maker' is the next up in the hoop apparently. It's not the one that seemed like the most logical or sequential choice, but nevertheless, here ...

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April 23, 2020
Quarter Log Cabin Quilts Coming and Going from Quilty Folk

As usual, I've been hand quilting in the evenings. It's amazing how quickly the meditative stitching always calms me right down. What's that word again? Oh yes, Woosah.....

Quarter Log Cabin #1 in the hoop
Finished up the quilt top for Quarter Log Cabin #2. The current quilt in the hoop was definitely good inspiration and motivation for round two. This was one of those projects where I kept on plugging and powered through until it was all done, very weird for me. The new name is 'Patina'. Not sure why, but that's the word that ...

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March 12, 2020
Reconnecting With the Process from Quilty Folk

 As usual, getting back into routine is harder than it seems. After my initial enthusiasm about getting back into the quilt room, I quickly found myself wasting a whole lot of time with indecision and dillydallying.
Imperfect circles blocks on the wall
Finally, I started tackling an impulse project started back in December. You know, just to have something to focus on! At the time it was started, it seemed like a potential 'Christmas' quilt, but as the project has moved merrily along, many of the more holiday themed fabrics have been left far, far behind. Go figure.
The test ...

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March 3, 2020
A Hand Work Update and a Finish from Quilty Folk

Lots of hand work in the last several weeks. I finally picked the 'Melon Patch' applique back up and just slogged my way through. Why am I doing this? What in the world was I thinking? And then... Oh my, I just love these colors and fabrics. This is gonna be great! And that's generally the gist of this quilt every single time. 

Melon Patch petals all ready to sew onto the background now
There are 20 sets of 4 pieces each and I figured it takes me approximately one hour to stitch the petals for each block. Ouch ...

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January 31, 2020
A Tale of Two Applique Quilts from Quilty Folk

Once in a great while, I have this mad idea to throw some fabrics together and just 'see' what can come of them. This Home Sweet Home was just such a quilt. Only I got derailed by the idea that it might look better with appliqued words on it. Where have we heard that before?

Home Sweet Home quilt top finished!
Then I paused for a very long time in major indecision. Why am I spending so much time on a quilt that I'm not even sure that I like? But something kept propelling me forward with the applique ...

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January 10, 2020
Christmas Quilt Tops Are Now Completed from Quilty Folk

So I feel pretty good about these two Christmas quilt tops. Yeah, yeah, the holidays are over. I get that. But in my world, finishing these two tops now means I'm that much closer to having completed Christmas quilts by next season. Yay!

Christmas Stars a completed quilt top!
This background fabric was the only red fabric that I had any serious yardage of and truly, I had my doubts about how well it would work. Normally I would choose out a cheery red for a holiday look and this is more of a tomato red with, if you ...

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December 10, 2019
Needing a Creative Lift from Quilty Folk

This past weekend was a rare, quiet pocket of time for us. I took full advantage and was able to get this #AHIQFlowers challenge quilt up on the wall. If you look closely, it's obvious that the left side is mostly sewn together while the right side is still in a state of flux. And yes, some of it is pinned well above the design wall. We do what we have to do, don't we?

U&U quilt interpretation for #UHIQFlower challenge
I've been craving a good boost from creativity time, so it felt absolutely wonderful to ...

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